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The Growing Challenge

There are now three options!  You may continue to sign up for The Original Growing Challenge below, or you my sign up for The Growing Challenge Advanced Edition:  From Seed To Seed or The Growing Challenge Evangelist Edition (click those links for details)!

The Growing Challenge New! The Growing Challenge Advanced Edition – From Seed To Seed! The Growing Challenge: Evangelist Edition

The Original Growing Challenge

Welcome! I began this challenge in January 2008, at Elements In Time: Creating Edible Landscape (my first blog), thinking that for a variety of reasons, it was time to gather together and learn to grow more food. Well, apparently lots of others felt the same way, and we quickly became a great, supportive community of food gardeners!! We have fun together, learn from one another, boast about our harvests, and occasionally we cry on each others’ shoulders when things just don’t work out. And then we pick ourselves up, and start again!

Please feel free to join us any time.

Here are the Rules of The Growing Challenge:


Grow one additional type of fruit or vegetable than you did last year, and grow it from seed. If you’ve never grown anything, well, grow one thing! If you’ve never grown beans or carrots or lettuce or strawberries, try one of those…. And if you don’t have a garden, you can grow in a pot or on a window sill – see Gardening 101: Ordering Seeds for links about how. The goal is to push ourselves to grow a little more food than we have before.


If rule #1 is not enough of a challenge for you, you may make your own rules. For example, I’m going to grow two fruits and three veggies more than I did last year.


Post about gardening once each week. This could be a post about researching different plants, ordering seeds, buying pots, digging beds, planting the seeds, pruning, adding compost, all the way to preparing a meal that includes the food you grew. Please include “Growing Challenge” in the name of the posts – and/or have a Growing Challenge tag in your sidebar – so we can all find them! Also, if you link to this page, the trackback function will list all our posts together right here, for easy access. (If you don’t have a blog, feel free email me a blurb about your gardening progress and/or leave a comment in the weekly Growing Challenge Check-Ins.)


Check In. Every week I will write a check-in post at 1 Green Generation. Please come comment and let everyone know what you’re up to – this is a really great way to learn from one another!!


When signing up, make sure to include your zone and where you’re located. (Find your zone:  U.S., Australia, CanadaEurope, South America, China. For other regions, I don’t have links so give it your best guess.)


Let me know in the comments below** if you’re joining in the fun!

If you ever have questions or anything else comes up, please email me!


The Growing Challenge

To add the button to your blog, right-click on the image and save it to your desktop. Then upload it to your blog as you would any other image, with a link to:

Oh, and once you’ve uploaded the image, check to make sure the link works and the image loads correctly. Feel free to email me if you have any problems and I’ll see if I can help. Sorry I can’t host the button – my bandwidth has been eaten up by the little logo – who knew!

Growing List of Participants:

  1. LimeSarah, Suburban Entwife
  2. Tameson O’Brien, Tameson’s Musing
  3. Green Bean, Green Bean Dreams
  4. Laura, Urban Hennery
  5. Simply Belinda, Belinda’s Place
  6. Melissa
  7. Ali, Our Patch
  8. Lisa, The Tin House
  9. Idaho Locavore, Simply Local Idaho
  10. Sweets, Sweet Southern Knits
  11. The Happy Housewife, The Lucky G
  12. Tracy, Sunny Corner Farm
  13. Jayedee, Life in the Lost World…
  14. Leanne, At the Good Life
  15. Ellen, Ellen’s Grind
  16. Ivy, Shakadoo
  17. Rejin, Urban Botany
  18. Meg, Future House Farm
  19. Emily, Eat Close to Home
  20. Kimberly, Sunshine Alternative Mama
  21. Pattie, FoodShed Planet
  22. Kerry, Wicked Flavory
  23. Farm Mom, Children In The Corn
  24. Rebecca, Sticks and Stones
  25. TamaraC
  26. Kory, Kicking and Screaming
  27. dancingfatcat
  28. Jenny, Seeded
  29. Diana, Thane’s Neck Farm
  30. The Forge Village Farmer, The Edible Landscape Project
  31. Sarah Gilbert, Cafe Mama
  32. Lisa, Natural Gardening
  33. Lori (my sister!), Life in Webster Groves
  34. Mel, Green Gringa
  35. Hannah, The Purloined Letter
  36. SegoLily, Media Knits
  37. Andrea, Heavy Petal
  38. Teacher A, Teacher Anonymous
  39. Emma, Fluffius Muppetus
  40. Craig, Harvistry
  41. Tracey, Life in Sugar Hollow
  42. Kristi, Not So Crafty
  43. Curtis, Growing Thumbs
  44. Anthony, The Compost Bin
  45. Late Bloomer, Soccer Moms and Single Chicks
  46. Gina, My Skinny Garden
  47. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener
  48. Neil Pedersen, Petrogy
  49. Dave, The Home Garden
  50. Kate, Hills and Plains Seedsavers
  51. Susan Harris, GardenRant
  52. Christina, A Thinking Stomach
  53. Jen, Emerald Sunshine
  54. Maltagirl, Shenanigans
  55. Daharja, Cluttercut
  56. Shibaguyz, Life with the Shibaguyz
  57. Jonathan, Votiso’s World
  58. Doug, SeedTraderDug
  59. Diane, Peaceful Acres
  60. Danielle, Savor Culture
  61. Carmen, Who Me? The Adventures of Hippy Goodwife
  62. Janet, Rainy Day Gardening
  63. Sarah Z, Ward Road Garden
  64. Mark, Garden Desk
  65. Tanny,
  66. Tom, My Simple Home Garden
  67. Shawna, This Is Me
  68. Colleen, In the Garden Online
  69. Lissa, Confabulation
  70. Tina, Taming The Garden
  71. Summer, The Tao Of Summer
  72. Earth Heart, From My Homestead
  73. Julie Artz,
  74. Lara, The Crone At Wits End
  75. Melanie, Old Country Gardens
  76. Top Veg, Top Veg
  77. Jocele, Knitting On Call
  78. Kate, Inner City Garden
  79. PumpkinPatch
  80. Vickie, In The Acorn
  81. Angelina, Dustpan Alley
  82. Hatchet, Woman With A Hatchet
  83. Can I Eat It?
  84. Graziana, Erbe En Cucina
  85. Lisa, The Tardy Homemaker
  86. Ceara, Garden of Eatin’
  87. Britt, Britt’s News
  88. Kelly, My Garden Plot
  89. Colleen, These Daily Colors
  90. Ann Marie, Cheese Slave
  91. Deb G, Bee Creative
  92. Nathalie, CWM Goch Chronicles
  93. Jen C, A Garden Experiment
  94. Matt, The Geek Homesteader
  95. Liberty, Liberty’s Yarn
  96. Windyridge, Musings at Windyridge
  97. Melinda, One Green Generation
  98. Hannah, Caminho Da Vida
  99. Kendra, A Sonoma Garden
  100. Carolyn, Waite for Carolyn
  101. Jinx, Hi-Jinx
  102. Sue, Dog’s Little Acre
  103. Naturewitch
  104. Kimberley, The Life of a Garden
  105. Renee, I’m In The Garden
  106. Christina, Coffee Coffee Coffee
  107. Mrs. Mecomber, New York Renovator
  108. A Frugal Life – Just The Two Of Us
  109. Aradiay6, Gaia Community Blog
  110. Erica, One Busy Mama
  111. Pete, Allotment 5 1/2
  112. Carla, Violet Lane
  113. Jen, What’s Your Name, Mommy?
  114. Allie, Allie’s Answers
  115. Jen, Craft Adventures of Stitch Chick
  116. Nature Deva
  117. Erikka, The_Extra_Ordinary
  118. Kim/Blackswampgirl, A Study In Contrasts
  119. Compostings
  120. Dig This Chick
  121. Rena, A Day In The Life… Whew!
  122. Steve Kirk, Making Perfect Sense
  123. Jayne, Our Great Southern Land
  124. Cia007, Whimsical Ponderings
  125. Katrina, What Katrina’s Up To At the Moment
  126. Suzan, Scrub Oak
  127. Hedgewitch, Earth And Tree
  128. Sacha
  129. Jimmy Cracked Corn
  130. Kate, Make-a-(Green)Plan
  131. SuzyQ, Squirrel Chatter
  132. Kate Has Roots, The Root
  133. Heather, As The Mood Swings
  134. Chicharon, ‘Dig’ The Earth
  135. JasonL, Primolicious
  136. Lesley, Lesley’s Gardening
  137. Melanie J, Ember’s Lighthouse
  138. Phyllis, Green Universe
  139. Carolyn, Walnut Spinney
  140. Cheap Like Me
  141. Merlot, Merlot Mudpies
  142. Sam, Loving Green
  143. Becca, Becca’s Musings
  144. Dina, Dina’s Hip Chick Chronicles
  145. Linz, The Pondering Sheep
  146. Cathode, Inner Suburban Sustainability
  147. Grow This
  148. The Late Rob (Often Late, But Always With Style), Rob’s World
  149. Chris, Chez Musser
  150. Abbie, Farmer’s Daughter
  151. Julie, Towards Sustainability
  152. Eco ‘Burban Mom, Eco ‘Burban: Green Living For The Suburban Life
  153. Dana, The Small Piece Of The World We Tend
  154. Rebecca, Rebecca’s Life
  155. Jodie, Jelly Wares
  156. KateF, Picklebums
  157. Monica
  158. Trish, Castles In The Air
  159. Jennifer, Veg*n Cooking And Other Random Musings
  160. Kelly, Taurus Rising
  161. Heather in Oregon, Accidentally Frugal
  162. Milk, Milkweed Diaries
  163. Laurel, Nefaeria
  164. Sonnjea, Slowification
  165. Samantha, World of Wonders
  166. Amanda, A Homegrown Life
  167. Risa B, Stony Run Farm
  168. Viv, Highway Cottage
  169. Laura, Mas Du Diable
  170. Becky
  171. Greenfumb, Footprint Reduction In The ‘Burbs
  172. Duane, The Funny Farm
  173. Ian, Kitchen Garden In France
  174. Mary, Mary’s Florida Garden
  175. Tracy, Sunny S’African Garden
  176. Mama What The
  177. Jacqui Jones, Our New Country Life
  178. Jane, A Nice Blue Plate
  179. BevB, BevB’s Backyard
  180. Sarah, Going Green, In Little Baby Steps
  181. Cammy Harbison
  182. Lorina, Lorina Lately
  183. Jules, The Garden of Plenty
  184. Joy, El Mundo De Mamacita
  185. Trudy, Loving Home
  186. Maureen, Fotos By Meg
  187. Greg, Utah Valley Gardens
  188. Darlene, Stover Lane
  189. Sherri M, Sherri’s Mad Blabber Blog
  190. Paula, Buckets Of Gardening Ideas
  191. Jennifer, Seeds In The City
  192. Deb, Simple Not Easy
  193. Kara, Garden of Eatin’
  194. Allison, Adventures In Container Gardening
  195. Jason, Two Thousand Trees
  196. Krista, Provincial Pie
  197. Bunny, Carrot Wishes And Cilantro Dreams
  198. Chessa, Maybe Local Vegan!
  199. Roz, Gaea’s Box Of Rocks
  200. Mangochild, Living In A Local Zone
  201. Spanishloquat
  202. Wendy, Greenish Thumb
  203. DermaTalk
  204. Bec, Bec’s Green Diary
  205. Ken Toney, Our Mountain Farm
  206. Anne, Powell Cottage
  207. Marlene
  208. Jim, Andrews Education & Research
  209. Bree, The Knittings of Bree
  210. Linda Vate Brattstrom
  211. Kelli, The Eensy Weensy Spider
  212. Melanie J., Ember Madrone
  213. Remote Gardener

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