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The Green Your Insides Challenge

I'm Green Inside

Welcome! We have discussed building our communities, living locally, growing our own food, and generally playing our part to make the world more sustainable. But the truth is that my quest for sustainability began inside my home, the most local place of all. And once I paid attention to the air I breathed, the fluids I drank, and the environment I surrounded myself with, I stopped getting sick, my thoughts became clearer, and I looked and felt so much better than I’ve ever felt. I am a more effective human being that enjoys my life so much more!

So this is a challenge to start changing your indoor environment. Start at the root of your world, where your children live and breathe, where you family spends most of its time. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned over the years about how to green our homes.

Please sign up! Join us – for yourself and your whole family.

The Green Your Insides Challenge Is:

To start greening your own home.

First, start paying attention to what you put on your body, in your body, and around your body. Right now.

And then over the next few months, put it all into practice: take solid steps to green your indoor environment.

If you don’t know where to start, follow my articles as I talk about what we’ve done over the next several weeks!


I'm Green Inside

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