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Have You Heard? There Will Be An Organic Food Garden At The White House!

White House Food Garden Simulation, courtesy


Michelle Obama is tearing up part of the South Lawn and planting an organic food garden for her family.  How cool is that?


Obama Garden Plan, courtesy NY Times


Michelle Obama has never grown a vegetable garden.  The White House hasn’t had a garden on the South Lawn since Elanor Roosevelt planted a Victory Garden during World War II.  


So How Did This Happen?

The Obamas have been lobbied to create a garden since before they entered the White House – even before Obama was elected! 


Roger Doiron and Kitchen Gardeners International led that cause with their Eat The View Campaign.  Roger created a YouTube video that became viral, a Facebook campaign continued the charge, the cause was joined by Alice Waters and other famous chefs, and people like you and I joined the cause by signing the petition, forwarding the idea to our friends, and so on.

The Obamas’ pediatrician had a hand as well.  You see, the chaotic life of politics led the Obamas to eat out a lot, to have fast food and packaged meals regularly.  Then Malia and Sasha gained weight!  So the pediatrician gave Michelle a lecture in nutrition, and the family began to change their eating habits.

The family’s Chicago chef, Sam Kass – who came with them to the White House as assistant White House chef – is an advocate of the local food movement.  He’ll be overseeing the garden himself.

The White House Executive Chef, Cristeta Comerford, and the Pastry Chef Bill Yosses will both be arranging their menus around the garden.

One of the White House carpenters, Charlie Brandts, is a beekeeper and has offered to keep two hives to provide fresh honey.

And you and I – who have come together to create a movement of local, seasonal, fresh, organic, home-grown foodwe have had a large hand in making this happen.  We have helped make it popular, we have helped make it important, we have helped redefine normal.  Together.

From here, the White House garden will inspire many, many others to grow their own food, to pay attention to nutrition, to support local food systems.  And we will all continue to do our parts as well.  Together, we are changing the world.

When I wrote about my own struggle to “save the world,” many of you replied that it is the little things that all add up together to create world change.  Indeed, this is a perfect example.


Michelle and fifth graders digging the South Lawn, courtesy NY Times


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15 comments to Have You Heard? There Will Be An Organic Food Garden At The White House!

  • I can hardly believe it! It seems like such a huge shift on public thinking. I am thrilled! THRILLED! I hope it is a huge success. Less lawn, more food! I am especially thrilled that is is visible from the street.

  • :-)

    I heard. Congratulations on all those who dreamed, ran and supported this wonderful idea. This should be a wonderful step forward in public awareness..

    I know the Obama campaign was the most internet linked ever run. I wonder if it would be possible to encourage the head veggie gardener to run a blog?

    Kind Regards

  • I heard that, that is so exciting.

  • This is amazing! What a wonderful, high profile way to help educate people about better food, freshly sourced!

  • monica

    I bet they will look around for answers and ideas and end up on this site. Too cool!

    Are they getting chickens, too? I think they could have at least a rooster–a Barred Rock–and call it Barrack. LOL, maybe you don’t get it…

    I am happy to hear they are doing some things that will educate and inspire others to make things happen for themselves.

  • This is perhaps the largest change so far that has been initiated by our leadershipin the WhiteHouse because they are personally setting an awesome example for the world. What is more important than our good health?!
    I am so grateful to Barack and Michelle for standing strong and proud once again to be an American.

  • [...] knitting, lobbying can work, politics, the lad, veggies, whitehouse kitchen garden Woohoo! The Obamas are planting a veggie garden on the front lawn. They’ve clearly been inspired by the good people of Melbourne’s inner north-west, where [...]

  • An amazing example. A sign of things to come I hope. Now to get them blogging about it. Don’t just plant a garden, start a whole movement.

  • Really suprised to see Ms Obama start an old-school row garden that wastes water, offers poor yields, promotes topsoil erosion, and reduces oxygen producing grass.

    Its a shame that they didn’t read on modern gardening and install a nice square-foot garden. A square-foot garden uses 20% of the space and 10% of the water of a traditional garden, but with 100% of the yield. Not to mention they look far nicer.

    Its much easier to convince Americans to install a 3- or 4-foot box of food than the monstrosity they’re building in the South Lawn. Especially since theres no digging or tilling involved.

    Also, the WH garden is not organic as it doen’t meet federal standards for organic. Use of the the term organic by the WH is likely a violation of federal law.

  • monica

    I think that the point being made is that they are trying to do something. They are making positive steps to be role models for the rest of us. FDA certification expects 5 years of no chemicals & no growth whatever? They are at least making the effort. Some huge government pesticide contractors probably aren’t happy. LOL

  • THIS IS WONDERFUL. I know in our area that organic seeds/seeds are selling like crazy. Everyone I know is growing their own Organic Garden this spring/summer.

    I am excited because we have already started our garden. As youth leaders we are growing an organic garden to feed the poor this summer. The Little Grill resturant has closed their doors every Monday for several years to feed the poor and homeless. We want to contribute at Mt Vernon Mennonite Church.

    I pray this encourages many people to think about organic foods and using less chemicals.

    As a Natural Organic Skin care manufacturer, we do not use petro-chemicals, chemicals, sulfates, ureas, artificial colors, preservatives, or fragrances, mineral oil, or other by-products. We are Cruelty Free and numerous products are Vegan.

    We pray for our Country!

    Christy Teter, owner and founder
    Taylor Made Aromatherapy

  • Shelly

    Fantastic – and the surplus? Maybe a vege stall outside the gates with an Honesty box to put your money in …. they were the norm once – still find the occassional one here in New Zealand.

  • monica

    I just emailed the President of the United States! I feel so empowered now! I told him about my inside garden and wanting to have a Barred Rock Rooster named “Barrack.” I gotta go check my email and see if he replied yet!

  • monica

    While he has not emailed me back (yet! he has been in Europe for almost a week now); Michelle spent the afternoon with local children planting herbs in the new garden. I saw it on the evening news.

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