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How Do We Choose Between Budget and Environment? Here Are 25 Ways To Do Both!

Change is brewing. Yesterday was a very powerful day for many of us, as we listened to the first African-American president, full of dreams for a better world mixed with the reality of what is at hand. I am thankful that a new hope has spread across the world. I am hopeful that we will unite together and bring our world into a new, mindful era. I have written more about these thoughts here.

The future holds many promises.  But at home, the reality of our economic situation is beginning to set in for most folks. Here in the United States, we’re feeling the effects of the global recession every day. I’ve heard many people use the word Depression who wouldn’t have dreamed of using that word only a few months ago. It is grim. It is getting worse. And it will get worse still before it gets better.

Unfortunately, this poses quite a dichotomy. The Recession makes it difficult to get by, to save, to spend any more than we have to spend.  Yet the pressure of climate change and the ethics we’ve taught ourselves says we must buy what is good for the environment and our communities.

Often doing our best to leave a lower impact means paying a little more, doesn’t it? How do we stay true to our values while simply getting by during an economic crisis?  

So I made a list of the different things we do at home to save money and save the earth.  Some of these may be old news for you – in that case think of this as a reminder! – but hopefully each of us will find some gems in this list. Please do share other ideas that come to mind! 

25 Sustainability Changes That Save Money

Please visit the rest of this post I’ve written at the Simple | Green | Frugal Co-op.  I think you’ll enjoy it, and I’d love your input!!

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4 comments to How Do We Choose Between Budget and Environment? Here Are 25 Ways To Do Both!

  • Joy

    Thanks – I commented on your article. I just wanted you to know that I have some tips here:

  • Hi Joy, thanks for the great tips! Loads of useful info there.

  • I just hope president Obama invests in green jobs. I think that is the wave of the future!

  • The other thing I can think of is “use less”, generally we buy more than we need, we eat more than we have to, we have more clothes than we can possibly wear out.

    Our organic fruit & veg cost more than the exact same amount of conventionally farmed food, but the organics are less likely to come in a packet that forces me to buy twice as much as we can eat. I find when we’ve paid ‘more’ upfront, we’re more careful with it. We don’t throw as much out.

    Ignore most of the things labelled “organic” at the supermarket. You don’t need them at all. The organic shampoo? It’s highly processed and comes in a plastic bottle, and it’s much more expensive than bi-carb, or a bar, or the bulk stuff I get from a small green shop in a reuseable bottle (although now that I’ve moved house I’ll have to come up with another solution for that).

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