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Recipe: Lemon Soup (Avgolemono)

Avgolemono Soup

There is a little Greek shop at the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. When I was younger and living here, I used to frequent it, getting tasty hot lemon soup to perk up these cold grey rainy days. I left for almost 15 years, and boy did I miss that soup! But ahhh, I’ve recreated it. And, while the memory is not as sweet, the taste is dare I say better than the original! (Plus it’s vegetarian.)

Beautiful Meyer Lemons To Be Squeezed!

Lemon Soup / Avgolemono


  • 3 C Vegetable Stock
  • 1/2 C White Rice
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/2 C Fresh Lemon Juice (we use meyer lemons)*
  • Additional 2T Fresh Lemon Juice for garnish
  • Chopped Fresh Parsley for garnish

*1/2 cup lemon juice = between 5 and 7 lemons = approximately 1.5 lbs of lemons.

Good Local Winter Meal


1. Combine vegetable stock and rice in a small pot and bring to a rolling boil.

2. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for about 20 minutes, or until the rice is tender.

3. In a bowl, whisk eggs and 1/2 C lemon juice just until uniform in color.

4. Slowly stir 2T of the cooked stock/rice broth into eggs and juice mixture.

5. While gently stirring the stock and rice, very slowly pour eggs and juice mixture, mixing constantly. (Note: the slow pour and constant mixing keep the eggs from curdling in the heat.)

6. Ladle into bowls, and top with chopped parsley. Slowly pour 2T lemon juice so that it sits on top and does not mix into the soup.

Makes about four cups, just enough for two people for dinner.

Our tasty dinner of sauteed beet greens and shallots and avgolemono soup

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13 comments to Recipe: Lemon Soup (Avgolemono)

  • Jerry

    1. You can remove the soup from the heat before stirring in the lemon juice and egg mixture. Beginners might find this step prevents your Greek egg-lemon soup becoming Chinese egg-drop soup. :)

    2. You can also use orzo pasta instead of rice (if you get tired of rice) for a similar appearance but different taste. My Greek mother does this, so it has to be “authentic”.

  • thanks for the recipe it sounds lovely, refreshing and a bit different – good to find new ways to use the lemons we get given!

  • Yum. Great taste to look forward to this week. For me it evoked memories of a Lebanese lemon soup my MIL made years ago, called Zaneckle (phonetically). The eggs weren’t included, but to thicken and/or add some substance the soup was filled with small, flattened ballls. These disks were made from presoaking cracked wheat (bit more fine than bulgar) for at least 20 minutes. Then flour was added to until balls could be shaped. The only seasoning I recall is salt and pepper.

    These cook in the same amount of time the rice takes. She also grated some carrot into the soup for some color. Fond memory and lemon is at the very top of my favorite tastes.

  • What a great way to bring sunshine to a cold winter day!

    My mouth is watering LOL

  • Oh wow that sounds so refreshing. A friend of mine is sending a birthday package with some lemons from her tree- I must remember to make this when I get them. My mouth is literally watering right now at the thought.

  • I love lemon, I’ve book marked this page and am going to make it real soon. Thanks.

  • This sounds wonderful! I live south of Seattle and understand needing the pick me up on our loooooooong gray days! I can’t wait to try this, Kim

  • Joy

    Oh, I have to try this!! Sounds delish!

  • Jerry, Thanks for the tips! For me, the slow, steady pour combined with the constant stirring does the trick. LOL lemon egg-drop soup = not so yummy sounding….

    catalangardener, Enjoy!

    katecontinued, Wow, sounds very interesting. I’m sure it is similar. I had a slightly different version when I was in Turkey, too. I believe they used flour instead of rice? Not sure.

    Lemon things make me happy. I don’t know why, but lemons strike fond memories with me, also. Maybe it’s their color, or the fact that when I was little we had a meyer lemon tree. My friend and I used to consume oodles of them. Somehow my mom thought they’d eat the enamel on our teeth, so we’d have to hide beneath the tree as we ate them!

    shawnag, : ) Definitely.

    Angelina, Ah, from today’s post, you now have lots of choices!

    changingways, You’re welcome. Be sure to check out the Recipes page – there are more!

    inadvertantfarmer, : ) I’ve added your blog to the Northwest Resources page – I didn’t know you were so close!

    Joy, It is! Enjoy!


    Deliciosa, para chparse los dedos. Super original. Gracias

  • [...] this is a question I’ve been asked several times in the last few weeks. The tasty soups, the yummy squash recipes, the pancrack… they were popular posts! Why have the recipes [...]

  • Gordon

    Can this soup also be served cold during the summer? If so, is the prep any different?

    I am now on my own and looking for recipes to “wow” the ladies! Hahaha


  • Hi Gordon, I haven’t served it cold… I think the consistency might change, so if you’re going to experiment, I’d do a pre-trial run before inviting one of the ladies to partake! Even warm, though, it’s a nice summer soup – they will be impressed! ; )

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