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Perpetuating Peace In A Time Of War

I wrote a post over at the Co-op that I’d like to share with you.  Please come visit me there today, and leave a comment!

Here’s an excerpt:

The Sustainability of Peace

I’m not sure if I feel it more than most people, or if I just choose to expose myself to it more, but my heart has been heavy with images of war over the last few weeks. War in the Palestinian territories, war in many parts of Africa, war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I feel helpless and hopeless as I see children and innocent people whose lives and beings are destroyed over struggles of power and greed and historical mistakes. Part of my hope for humanity dies with each person whose life ends needlessly.

But it’s not enough to feel sorrow, pain, empathy, is it? Can’t we do more? Some of us call our representatives, become a part of civil protests, and take other political actions. I have done these things. But I think there is more to it. There is a root cause. We are not at peace in our hearts, in our homes, in our beings. Power and greed take over our lifestyles, rather than loving what we have and working together to nurture happiness and sustainability.

So let’s change this culture that creates war. {…READ ON HERE!}

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4 comments to Perpetuating Peace In A Time Of War

  • Well said, I think the only hope at the moment is that as goverments run out of money, they won’t be able to afford to kill people!


  • monica

    A step in the right direction is for the media to stop reporting how many lives are lost in overseas conflicts and natural disaster. How hollow we must sound to foreigners if they happen to catch an American newscast–when the number of the people that have died are in the thousands, yet there is the additional plug for “and among them were 10 Americans.” Do we really think that our lives are worth more just because we are American? Whole villages are wiped away from the face of the earth–families, neighborhoods, hospitals–yet we have the gall to mention that people on vacation also died.


    Get ready for a blood bath Gary because we sadly (even in our economic plight) are among the richest in the world. Look at the news in the evening–people with far less have survived generations through war, starvation, and disease.

    In conclusion peace means that no one is better than any other–individual, family, town, state or nation. Must go now to count to 10. . .before my jugular pops out.

  • Gary, Unfortunately our government has already run out of money, but instead of stopping our wars, they have just gone more into debt…. My fear is that as the world goes into deeper recession, more wars will break out due to issues of food, oil, and desperation. But my hope is that compassion will prevail. Somehow. And we must all do something.

    monica, It also makes me cringe when we emphasize the American deaths over all others in a tragedy. But I think it stems from a larger issue in our culture, that we are more important, that our values and needs and wants come first. With this post I was trying to delve into some of those issues… but the discussions and changes should go deeper, shouldn’t they…? How do we get at that? Something to ponder and ponder and ponder and ponder… and hopefully figure out!!!!!!!!

  • I feel that one of the best things we can do, in times of war, while wanting Peace is: to sit and ponder, especially with the eyes close, and go over the thought below, over and over: Peace be with the Presidents, Prime Ministers and Premiers. This is because it’s no use, in fact it’s horrible, to hate other people, that never worked and never will. Like a meditation, ponder Peace on Earth on God’s Terms, and send that peace. Hopefully, if enough people joined in, then, the leaders of the nations of this world, will learn more Peace and to be more Peaceful. It’s a complex issue, and not easily solved, of course, this planet has had wars for more than 2,000 and that’s mostly because not enough people have been peaceful enough. Of course, Pray, but please do consider praying that even just once a week, you volunteer to sit, at the same time, every e.g. Saturday, sit with a notebook and pen in front of you, close the eyes, and Pray for the best ideas possible for yourself or your family, to put into action.
    Please don’t frighten the young folk, they cannot cope as well as adults. Adults work can be: even just writing down ideas to talk with your politicians about, or other activities too. I have found always carrying with myself a notebook and pen has meant some superb ideas “pop into my head”, and awhile later, days later, or more, I re-read them for practicality and truthfulness. We in New Zealand, love you in America, too. from Jessica Peaches.

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