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Recipe: Delicious Winter Squash Souffle

Winter Squash Souffle

I promised a friend that I would post more recipes from the old blog, and this one seems very timely! Certainly if you’re eating local foods this winter, no doubt you’ll have encountered some squash and run out of ideas. This recipe is delicious, if I do say so myself. And it’s fairly simple, too! Enjoy….

Blue Ballet Squash From Our Garden

Delicious Winter Squash Soufflé

(Adapted from The Classic Zucchini Cookbook)


  • 4 C Winter Squash (approximately one 4 lb. squash)
  • 5 Eggs
  • 4 T Butter
  • 3 T Brown Sugar
  • 1 1/2 t Salt
  • 1 T Grated Orange or Lemon Zest (approx. 2 lemons or one orange)
  • 1/2 t Ground Nutmeg
  • 1/4 t Freshly Ground Black Pepper


1. Cut the squash in half and scrape out the seeds. (You can set the seeds aside for roasting later if you like.)

2. Place the squash halves upside down on a baking sheet and place in the oven. Add about one inch of water to the baking sheet, and bake at 400F until soft (45-60 minutes).

3. Remove squash from baking sheet and let it cool for 30-60 minutes. (Note: you can do these three steps earlier in the day, or the day before and store in fridge. Or while it’s cooling, you can roast the seeds.)

Cooked, Mashed Squash

4. Remove the squash from the skins with a spoon and measure the pulp in a measuring cup.

5. Preheat oven to 350F.

6. Butter and flour a 6-cup dish, or 6 ramekins.

7. In a large mixing bowl, combine the squash, egg yolks, butter, sugar, salt, lemon/orange zest, nutmeg, and pepper. Mix very well (you can do this by hand – rather than using a mixer – if you cut the butter into small pieces first).

Souffle Mixture

8. In a different bowl, beat the egg whites until they’re stiff. Then fold them into the squash mixture, and transfer into the dish or ramekins (see photo above).

9. Bake for 40-45 minutes. The top should be golden brown, and if you stick a skewer into the center it should come out dry, not wet.

10. Serve immediately.


1. If you’ve never made a soufflé before, you should know that it will “fall” if you wait more than about ten minutes to serve it. The taste is the same, but it loses some of its fluffiness.

2. This also makes a great dessert soufflé by increasing the sugar to one cup, increasing the nutmeg slightly, adding a bit more zest, and omitting the pepper.

Tasty Winter Squash Souffle

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4 comments to Recipe: Delicious Winter Squash Souffle

  • N.

    I’m still undecided on squash, I want to like them but I’m not sure I do. I did discover that butternut squash mashes well into potatoes and tastes quite good.

  • I passed this one on to my vegetarian friend! My bunch here at home won’t eat it; I am thinking a 1/2 recipe so that I can enjoy it :-)

  • N., LOL. My husband was the same way until I started cooking them for him. Now he can’t get enough!

    What kind of squash are you cooking with? Make sure you buy from a local grower, or someone who you can ask about the squash: eg, how sweet is it? what is the best way to prepare it? Some squash are sweeter, and some are more savory. Generally, the more orange-red inside, the sweeter the squash. And the yellower the inside, the less sweet they are.

    Do you like yams or sweet potatoes? If you do, you’ll find a way to cook winter squash that you like. The Classic Zucchini Cookbook is a good cookbook for summer & winter squash. Maybe you can find it at your library?

    shawnag, Excellent! Make 1/2 the recipe and then give each of them a taste – you may find out some of them actually like it as a side dish. : ) I would have liked this as a child, actually, because it’s a bit sweet!

  • I’ve never cooked winter squash before. I may get brave enough to try it.

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