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My Wishes For The New Year

Melinda In Vancouver

Normally I don’t make New Year Resolutions. But this year seems different somehow. This year I feel there are more things that need to be made right – with much higher stakes and greater urgency than I’ve ever felt before.

This year I want to make public my feelings, my wishes for the New Year – so that I can be held accountable for working to change them. Actively and effectively, working to change them.

My Wishes For Change In The New Year:

1. There are wars raging around the world. Palestinians and Israelis are escalating their fight. India and Pakistan are at each other’s throats. All over Africa people are dying from AIDS and other diseases, genocide, war and persecution. There are many severe worldwide human atrocities, and they must change. I can’t fix them on my own. But I can make a difference. And I will.

2. Climate change is the biggest and most everlasting crisis of my time. Entire species are dying in great numbers, impoverished people around the world will be devastated more than they are already, soon this amazingly beautiful and unique planet will become much more chaotic and brutal. So we must significantly alter our personal, political, and corporate lifestyles – because they are not sustainable. This issue is not something to be overwhelmed by, because it is far too imminent to do nothing. We must do all we can to stop the planet from warming. Because we can never go back, and right now we’re losing precious time.

3. There are many root causes of these issues, and I can help change them. Wars happen for a number of reasons, including desperation, deprivation, power, lack of compassion, greed, poverty, a finite energy supply, and naivete or lack of awareness. I will do everything that I can. For instance: I can help spread awareness and provoke action, I can encourage compassion, and I can support people, businesses and NGOs who work toward sustainable energy, redistribute wealth and health and power, and help generate kindness and compassion.

4. On a more personal level, I need to be able to support my family while my husband goes to school in the fall. So the pressure is on me in the next few months to find a way to make money while fostering change. What I find may not be exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life, but it will be a big step in the right direction. Full speed ahead toward finding sustainable work that sustains the world!

5. Of course there are smaller things, too. For instance, I will work to: Spend more quality time with my family, become more compassionate and live more sustainably myself, manage time more efficiently, and learn more about issues and ideas that I want to understand deeply.

It’s time to take myself out of denial, away from the paralysis of thinking that these things are beyond my reach, and that I can’t possibly change the world. I can and I must. Not alone, but with others, I can make a difference. And I will. Now is the time.

Throughout the year I will consult this list. I will work toward each of these wishes, sometimes with big steps and sometimes with baby steps, but always working toward them. In this way I will solve a little bit of the world’s problems this year.

Next year, I will solve a little bit more.

What Are Your Wishes For This New Year?

What would you like to change, to solve, to make better? What’s on your resolution list?

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4 comments to My Wishes For The New Year

  • Shannon

    I have given you an award. Come see me and find out more about it.


  • My theme for the new year is 2009: Let the Sun Shine.

    Sunshine in the political sense is transparency. Our only hope is to shine very bright lights on these uncivil, greedy, racist or otherwise corrupt schemes and plans. Or . . . even to be able to see and compliment those who are working in our best interests. It could happen.

    I found the following website. The Sunlight Foundation.

    I also hope to meet with a local politico soon to find out how I might better utilize the resources available to me to watchdog my own city hall. I asked the question during the last election about how to look up voting records and I got no answers. This will require follow-up on my part.

    These and my continued writing (newsletter, blog, letters) are my public area for the Sunshine 2009.

    My private, Let the Sun Shine is simply gather my food from outside in the sun (my garden and the farmers market) NOT the store.

    And the most challenging yet important goal is to be active. Get up and get active in the sunshine. Walk on the beach each day. My last great hurdle in minimalism and sustainability is to step away from the computer.

  • Happy New Year, Melinda!!! I truly enjoy your writing and the work you put into your blog posts… I often stop here when researching ecological and green issues LOL You do such thorough work.

    I posted my “resolutions.” I don’t normal make them, but feel inspired this year. Maybe it was turning 40 that did it **shrug** But I feel time as less infinite and feel the need to move forward with what is important to me.

    And just as a thought–I have posted my resolutions in the present tense using “I” statements… make it harder to them slip away from our consciousness :-)

  • Shannon, Thank you!!! I’m very honored.

    katecontinuted, Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful idea. I love it.

    Shawna, You’re very kind to say so – thank you – it means a lot. : ) And yes, I see what you mean: saying “I am” does make them very definite – I like that.

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