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Surviving Snow In Seattle

Seattle in Snow

My apologies for a long absence here! It has been quite a crazy couple of months for Matt and I. I’m still recovering from a horrible virus I contracted while staying with Matt at the hospital. It has turned to a sinus and ear infection, which is oh so painful when it’s coooold outside! But Matt is doing well and is mostly recovered, and we feel very lucky.

Here’s our building in the snow – yes, it’s called “The Snowdon”:

Snowdon (our building) in the Snow

Crunchy Chicken wrote the other day about how Seattle shuts down in the snow. We don’t get snow very often here – maybe once a year if we’re lucky – so there are no snow ploughs. No de-icing trucks. Our airport virtually shut down the other day because they ran out of de-icing fluid! And, as might be expected, Seattle drivers are not so good in the snow. Our roads are littered with abandoned cars, trucks, and buses. It is a sight!

Incidentally, the picture Crunchy posted is about 2 blocks from our apartment. Fortunately, all the children in those two busses hanging over the freeway were able to get out safely.

Our Neighborhood in Snow

But Seattle is beautiful in the snow, isn’t it? It’s a wonderful time to relax, to stay home and safe while drinking tea or hot buttered rum. It brings neighbors together, as there are groups sledding (and even skiing!) together down steep closed streets, people are helping each other push cars to safety, smiling at one another as we shiver walking down the street, laughing at dogs in coats….

Lots of Dogs With Coats in Seattle!

Ellis, our rescued pup from Orange County, California, is … not quite used to the snow and doesn’t know what to make of the fact that his grass and bushes have disappeared. He sinks to his belly, generally looks sad in the snow, and prefers to be at home, snuggled up with his “sister” on the couch. Raisin, who has probably never seen snow either, is generally fascinated from inside, but is also very content to snuggle with Ellis…

Ellis Miserable In The Snow

Raisin Looking For Ways To Climb Inside

Ellis and Raisin Snuggling

I hope all of you in the Northern Hemisphere are snuggled up and warm this holiday season. Thank you for reading, and please be safe!

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8 comments to Surviving Snow In Seattle

  • I’ve had this week off and have been envious of everyone I see skiing by my house. Who needs chains, I want skis! Of course, nothing saying will have snow again like this for another 10 years….

    One of my dogs wants the snow to go away (the chihuahua, she’s pretending to be a snow bunny) and the other really doesn’t care. The cat just wants the heat kept on. I’m using up my whole allotment of gas for the year just in this month. :) Better than having the pipes freeze.

    Be well!

  • Acccchh! Ear infections are my worst nightmare, having nearly died from two of them. You two do no have our permission to continue having adventures of this kind. Get in lots of recovery time — I’m thinking blankets (organic fiber), tea or cocoa (your choice, but fair trade) and a good book …

  • Beautiful photos! I love being snowed in. I’m learning something here- for some reason, all these years, I thought that since Seatle was so far north, and near Canada, you must have plenty of snow. I had no idea it was so mild there. I forgot that you have the ocean moderating you.

  • All I can say is, “Wow!”

  • Adorable pics of the animals. Be warm and cozy! The snow is beautiful.

  • Deb G, LOL. Our cat is often nestled right next to our heater – sometimes we can’t imagine how she survived living outdoors for 4 years before we found her! She’s such an indoor cat now! And yes, we are using a whole lot of electricity – we’re keeping it at around 60, but when it’s so cold outside takes a lot of energy!

    Risa B, Ok. Yes ma’am! I used to have sinus & ear infections a lot when I was a kid, but it has been so long. I forgot how horrible this is!! Settling with some tea and a good book tonight… sounds perfect!

    Joyce, Ha! Yes, the ocean moderates quite a bit. We have so many islands and other bodies of water, that we are pretty warm here. But rainy, because we get a lot of fronts coming in from Alaska, bringing loads of water, and then the clouds hit the mountains, bounce back toward us, and let it pour. So in the winter it rains a lot, but only snows once or twice a year.

    Donna, Indeed!

    Electric Goose, Thank you. : ) Hop you’re having a lovely holiday.

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