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Impromptu Family Trip To Canada

My sister and brother-in-law won’t be able to make it out for Christmas this year. But Lori has been having to work in Vancouver, British Columbia off and on for the last couple of months. Since it’s only about 100 miles away, Matt and I went up to visit her this week. My brother-in-law flew out as well, and we had a nice holiday gathering with the four of us!

Mostly we ate, drank, and caught up with each others’ lives. Isn’t that one of the best parts of the holidays?

We also visited the amazing Granville Island Public Market, open until 7pm, year-round. I love our Pike Place Market here in Seattle, but boy the Vancouver market is a whole other level of goodness!

Vancouver’s Granville Island Public Market:

Place your mouse over the pictures for a description; click on the pictures for a larger version.

Granville Island Public Market Sign and Holiday Lights

Matt, Rob, and Lori


Matt Drools Over Italian Deli

Beautiful Pastas at Italian Deli

Dried Meats and Aged Cheeses

Lori and Rob Admiring The Meats

Stock Market - A great system, where they get the leftovers from farmers for the stock!

Beautiful Stock Made From Market Leftovers

Dried Herb Store

Legume Store

Making Caramel

Caramel, Fudge, and Other Yummy Goodies

In the evening, we settled in and talked, laughed, and partook of our newest holiday tradition: Panetone and local dessert wine. What a wonderful vacation!!

Panetone and BC Late Harvest Wine

I will be back tomorrow to answer all your wonderful comments, questions, and emails over the last several days!

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6 comments to Impromptu Family Trip To Canada

  • How wonderful that you managed to all get together.

    I imagine after the last month a week or so of just visiting and having fun was a relief as well.

    Kind Regards

  • It’s been on my to-do list to get to Granville market again for awhile. It’s been years…. Looks like you had a great time!

    My family is debating how much driving we want to do in the snow (there was more last night!) and my mom and I have decided that it’s not getting together on “the date” that is so important, just that we get together. : )

  • Your photos are beautiful!

    Hope you didn’t get stuck in any of the snow – I think it’s been going for about 36 hours straight…although only about a foot or so in accummulations.

    The market is pretty cool, isn’t it? I used to shop there weekly, but haven’t been there in over a year, since I started getting everything from a CSA share, my own garden, our local food Co-op (delivered to my door!) and the local farmer’s market.

    Your photos from the Stock Market look delicious! Maybe I’ll make a trip over just to get some stock…or to “stock” up on ideas for making my own. ;-)

    Family get togethers are so much fun – thank you for sharing a bit of yours.

  • katecontinued

    How much do I love that play on words, Stock Market? I am just loving it and may have to steal that for a feature in my community newsletter.

    What a good trip for your family gathering.

  • Thanks for stopping by my place. Portland really is the snow-king this season. And eastern Oregon as well. Here in the middle we only have about 6-8 inches. :(

    I have always wanted to go to Pike’s Market, now I think I might be setting my sites a tad low! Great pictures.

  • Belinda, Great point – it was wonderful to get away, have fun with close family, and sleep in!!

    Deb G, It’s a wonderful market – wow, I was amazed! Your mom has a great point – better to be safe and get together when you can! The snow and ice are pretty treacherous out there.

    Late Bloomer, We made it back without getting stuck at all, fortunately. Amazing how much snow there is! I don’t remember it being this snowy in Seattle since I was a kid.

    You have an amazing market – I’m totally jealous! All the pastas, cheeses, stocks, and other yummy goodies. Mmmm.

    katecontinued, The stock market is great, isn’t it? It just looked delicious.

    Meadowlark, LOL – yes, if you have a choice, definitely go for the Granville Market!! : )

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