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A Trip To The Hospital

We rushed to the hospital early Tuesday morning, a day after my birthday. Matt had lost about half his body’s blood supply in just a few hours. After a day of tests and procedures, we finally found out that a pretty large ulcer is the cause. They’ve given him a blood transfusion and they’re now watching him to make sure the bleeding doesn’t start again.

I spent last night in a reclining chair at Matt’s side, making sure he got through the night ok. As the day progressed today, some color returned to his face. This evening, we watched stupid television and laughed (and marveled, because tv-watching is so rare for us). His body grows stronger.

Thanksgiving is a strange holiday, and for non-Americans it’s probably mystifying. I’m not sure any of it revolves around pilgrims and Native Americans coming together in peace. Rather, it seems to have become more or less an (over)eating fest, with football and maybe a ‘toast of thanks’ thrown in.

But I feel I have a lot to be thankful for today. I am thankful to be able to feel my husband’s smile and excitement as I walk into the hospital room after being gone a few hours. I am thankful to have wonderful pets with blind love, who jump for joy when they see me as I run home to care for them. I am thankful to have such wonderful people around us who have expressed their love for us in their thoughts and words. I am thankful for my husband’s life, for my life, for our life together, for our friends and family, for my new ventures, and for our future.

I am exhausted and will write more when I can. But I wanted also to mention to you all how important it is to utilize our resources when you need them. Go to the hospital if you think you or your loved one might be in danger. If you have any doubt. A relative of mine died from internal bleeding from an ulcer. So it’s important to act quickly, it’s important to be cautious, and it’s important to advocate for your health and safety and that of your family.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please take a few moments to truly think about all the things for which you are thankful today.

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