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Recent Awards – Thank You!

Uber Amazing Award

I have received an Uber Amazing Award from Chile Chews recently. Thanks, Chile!

Per the rules, I must nominate someone else for the award. You know I love you all right? Seriously. I love all you contribute here. So I hate to play “favorites” or anything along those lines.

Instead, I’m going to see this as an opportunity to point you to some new blogs. So for the Uber Amazing Award, I’d like to point you to the brand new Green Phone Booth, comprised of five bloggers I love and respect very much. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Brillante Weblog Award

Also, quite a while ago I received a Brillante Weblog Award from both Sunbeam Soapbox and One Size Fits All. Thanks, Stephanie and Beany!

So I must choose seven blogs for this one… yikes! Ok, again, ditto what I said above: I love you all, and I’m just going to take this opportunity to point you to some new blogs. I also know some of you have already received this award, or other awards from me, so I’m going to try to branch out to others. Here we go…

  • These Days In French Life - I love Riana’s writing, and I’m fascinated by the latest twist in her journey to live simply.
  • Dustpan Alley – Angelina has a wonderful voice and doesn’t hold back. She is setting up a new simple living magazine and navigating the tight job market during the heart of a serious recession… yes, she and I have similar battles at times…
  • The Blogging Bookworm – Several great bloggers have come together to bring us a comprehensive listing of green and sustainable books. I think this blog is far too often overlooked for the amazing resource that it is. And psst, they’re also giving away a free book every week. Less tv more books, I say!

  • make-a-(green)plan – Kate is an extremely prolific writer who has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to talk about them. She has a unique and extremely intelligent voice that I value very much – both on her blog and here at One Green Generation.

  • Kale For Sale – Katrina is a former “neighbor” of mine, living about 50 miles south of our Geyserville house in Northern California. She’s a beautiful photographer and a poetic writer.
  • Beauty That Moves – Heather is a fellow writer at the Simple-Green-Frugal Co-op, and I’ve only recently discovered her blog through that partnership. Her blog is a window into her stunningly beautiful and simple lifestyle.
  • SouleMama – Oh boy, I hesitate to share Amanda’s blog with you for fear that you’ll leave me for her! ; ) It’s a gorgeous blog, that has gained an amazing popularity. You may have come across her recent book, The Creative Family.


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11 comments to Recent Awards – Thank You!

  • Melinda, Thank you so much for the awards for both the Green Phone Booth and the Blogging Bookworm.

    As far as the Bookworm goes, we really appreciate the nod. It may not be the kind of blog that one reads every day but we really hope to provide folks with a resource when they are looking for a good green book. Lord knows I’ve invested my book-reading time more wisely since the blog started.

    And, for the Phone Booth, it is a new blog and, while we’re all long time bloggers, we’re just getting going on a cohesive feel. I hope that your readers take a peek inside the booth. There are five of us, each with a different voice, a different perspective. It’s fun! How many bloggers can you fit inside a phone booth? ;-)

    Thank you again! Now of to check out all the other blogs you name.

  • Hey, thanks for the award for the Bookworm! We love you, too. :)

  • Outstanding! Confirmed, Chile has good taste.

  • A free book a week?! I need to go to the Blogging Bookworm more often. I go there once in a while, but probably not as much as I should… although, outside of school readings I really read mostly fiction during the semester. So maybe during summers I could use it more.

    I could use some free books though… heh.

    Oh, and gee, thanks for getting up a list of new blogs to check out when I’m trying to pare down my reading list ’cause I just don’t have the time for it all :P

  • Melinda, you are one thoughtful and inclusive woman. I appreciate your kind words. I love that you don’t mind feeling uncomfortable with strong options.

    Ironically, I just wrote the following this morning in response to a comment about all the racism in the blogs. . . . made me rethink blogging. I don’t think the world needs another white person anguishing about the state of the world and personal angst.

    If I even make it to the end of the year, I think my focus will switch to Activity (I am seriously weak from a sedentary life) and Activisim (because I believe I need to switch from writing to doing).

    You are inspiring in your ability to combine your writing, filming, sustainability life and community leadership. I deeply respect what you do.

  • You’re a sweetheart. Thank you for the awards. How fun and it’s only Tuesday!

  • oh sweetie thank you! i am so glad to have recently found your blog as well… and for our partnership over at the co-op. :)

  • Many thanks, and you have a couple of my favs on your list already! Whoo-hoo! Shan

  • GB, You’re welcome! I’ve certainly read more books lately due to the Blogging Bookworm, and of course I love all you fabulous Green Phone Booth writers. Enjoy the other blogs!

    Donna, You’re welcome & awh shucks. : )

    RisaB, Indeed she does! ; ) Thanks for making me smile.

    Stephanie, It’s a tough world when there are too many good things to read, eh? I believe there are some fiction books discussed there too, but not many… it would be an interesting idea for them to think about…!

    Katecontinued, LOL, I have strong opinions, too. ; ) I will say, however, that your blog is more than personal angst. Much more. I love it for your unique perspective and voice. And it seems like it is something that you really enjoy doing, getting your thoughts out in this way. Maybe write less so that you can do more, but I strongly urge you not to stop writing completely!!!!!!!

    Katrina, You’re welcome!

    Heather, : ) You’re welcome.

    Going Crunchy/Shan, You’re welcome, too!

  • Thank you so much for including me!!! I’m sorry I haven’t commented until now- I am in the middle of dealing with a computer virus which is causing further delays in getting my magazine together. Anyway- I’m so pleased to have been given an award by you.

  • Angelina, you’re welcome – I love what you do. And yikes – how frustrating to have a computer virus!! I hope it… gets well soon. ; )

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