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What Are You Doing Today (Besides VOTING)?

Make Your Vote Count!

Today is Election Day here in the US. Tensions are high. Concentration is low for anything else. It’s what we’re all talking about and thinking about. So, what are you doing today?

Besides VOTING, of course?

And yes, you must vote. If you haven’t, go hither. Stop reading. Find your local poll here. And as I said before:

  • Research every one of the initiatives, as well as the candidates.
  • Act on your beliefs.
  • Vote in every last category on your ballot.

It’s important. And it matters.

Matt and I have decided that this is a different kind of election. Unique. Unprecedented. And extremely important. So we’re going to spend our evening out, within our local community. It’s a good day to unite.

If you’re in Seattle, here is a list of some things you can do today. If you’re in other parts of the country, check your local newspaper for events around town. Or just walk down to your local bar, or gather together a bunch of friends. It’s a good day to unite with people around you.

What Are You Doing Today?

Please share!  And for those of you in other areas of the world, are you going to be watching?

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11 comments to What Are You Doing Today (Besides VOTING)?

  • Eric

    What a great blessing it is to have this opportunity to vote. Sometimes I get jaded with the political back-and-forth and the shameless pandering. When I realize that millions of less-fortunate people around the world would sacrifice deeply just to be in my position, I realize that I’m a lucky man…and I vote…and it means everything.

    I also want to encourage everyone to bring their kids to vote with you. They need to have the exposure to the voting process and see that voting is important to you!

  • The town I drive the school bus for (not the town I live in BTW) shuts school down on election day because the polls are set up at the middle school so I have the day off. Because of this, I have set aside today to do some particularly dirty work in the garden. The wee one and I will be setting up some new lasagne beds, and planting some garlic. I have to install (construct) a new gate on my sheep pen, and if we have time before the middle kid gets home from school maybe we’ll get some spinach sown in the greenhouse, which finally has plastic on it. Woo Hoo! The middle Kid’s yoga class is right accross the street from the town hall (where my town votes) so we’ll be visiting the polls on the way to yoga.

  • I’ll be walking down to my polling place in a couple of hours to vote (after the before-work crowd clears out). Then back home to bake some banana bread and cornbread for meals and snacks. I have a blog post to work on and I would like to unearth the surface of my desk from a layer of unfiled paperwork strewn about. Nothing more exciting, I’m sorry to say.

  • I agree with you and Matt. This election does seem different. Maybe it’s the optimistic side of me, but it seems like the potential for change really is possible. That there really could be a meaningful change. At the very least, we are seeing history in the making.

    Not sure what today is going to bring, I’ll be spending most of it at work. I’m sure there will be some interesting conversations on the bus. :)

  • I voted early. I will be in class all day long (10:30 – 8:00).

  • We voted on Halloween. Colorado is awesome in that we have a 2 week early voting window.

    Now, I am staying home with the twins while my husband is out being a lawyerly poll watcher. I’m poking around and listening to NPR.

    I’m ready for this day to be OVER! I wanna know who has won RIGHT NOW! Ahhh!

  • Volunteering at my son’s school, returning library books, and doing all the daily chores that need to get done. We voted by mail last week. Finishing Poisonwood Bible, which seems ironic with the Congo being in the news (again). Helping the boys with homework. Life goes on here….

    Although I’ll probably be listening in to NPR or the tube occasionally later on.

  • This is Oregon, I voted almost 2 weeks ago…. work. Go for medical checkup. Homegrown soup dinner (great with Yukon Gold spuds! No leeks at present, though, darn it!). Maybe make some apple juice, sort out bruisers to throw into chicken yard. Early to bed.

  • Rob

    I am not voting today. Now don’t be alarmed- I voted by absentee ballot two weeks ago! As for today I will be going to work, oh yeah picking up a plethora of meds from the pharmacy.

  • I voted on Friday. I’m definitely on pins and needles. I want to know now!!! We’ve waited so long for this.

    I’m home and have no plans but I’m antsy and want to go somewhere. Maybe I’ll snuggle in bed with my son and watch Tom and Jerry cartoons (his current favorite).

  • Joy

    I am canning (by pressure cooker) organic carrots in pint jars. I am waiting til my girls, ages 14 and 11, get home from school because they LOVE going to the polls with me.

    I am also making some rad brownie pops for our school auction. I have already made homemade chicken soup for lunch.

    And I am seeking out other blogs of people who care about living right.

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