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A Reminder To Take Local Politics To Heart While Voting

My Ballot

It’s nine days until the U.S. elections. There is my un-opened absentee ballot, sitting on my desk, calling my name. I’m going to spend the day looking into all the initiatives and local government positions on my ballot. And I just wanted to remind you to do the same.

Why? Because change happens most easily at the local level. Because these decisions may affect you, your family, and your community very substantially. Because some of our neighbors are working hard to make our communities better, and we need to support them. And because we can build upon the positive changes made in this election year.

I’m not going to tell you how to vote, because that is your business and this blog is a place where we can all come together regardless of political affiliations. But those of us who are here do have beliefs about important issues, or we wouldn’t be here at this blog. So please:

  • Research every one of the initiatives, as well as the candidates.
  • Act on your beliefs.
  • Vote in every last category on your ballot.

It’s important. And it matters.

If you don’t know where to start researching, you can try here to find out information about local ballot measures. And here, to find your local election office – usually you can find specific information about each candidate’s position, and full text of each ballot measure. Generally your local newspaper will have information about each candidate as well, and if you have one you like and trust, you can check out their endorsements to see if they make sense for you.

Happy voting!

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9 comments to A Reminder To Take Local Politics To Heart While Voting

  • Great advice! Unfilled potholes and lousy local schools are much more likely to bug you day to day than our position on, say, trade with North Korea. Locally, your vote has bigger clout, too.

  • Every last category? There are so very many :( And I really don’t care or know the system as to whether or not we should spend money on adding police forces or drug rehabilitation programs. We have far too many propositions in California. (And I can’t even tell whether or not Prop 2, which all the environmentalists support, is good or not — can’t vote for that just because the green blogs say to. Won’t it be the small, local farmers that get hit harder by this kind of legislation? And aren’t they the people I want to support?)

    I’ve been working on it though… I need to mail my ballot tomorrow.

  • Rob

    I already voted. And i did some research before voting. I learned that Senator Margarita Prentice, usually an instant vote for me, is against Initiative 1000- she was even on the panel that wrote the Against posistion on it. So I voted for her opponent. I really feel it is not a candidate right to put her/his religous feelings on legislation- So i went against the union, against the catholic church, and against the lutheran church and voted for the initiative and against the politicains that don’t support it.

  • Stephanie: From what I’ve read and studied in California, YES on 2, mixed on 1, NO on all other propositions.

    Melinda: You are SO right. I can get my city to start composting food waste and make a big impact. Why? Because here, I’m one of 14,000 fish. To the federal government, I’m one of 300M. I don’t have much pull with Barack or McCain (not that I don’t express my opinion) but locally, you can really get things moving.

  • monica

    I don’t really care anymore who gets the ‘big’ office–both of them have good things to SAY . . . it is harder to determine whose ideas are going to work.

    I just hope that it is positive changes and will create jobs that we are going to be able to feed our families, yet still keep our homes.

  • Joyce, I agree completely. Here we have some mass transit issues to address this year…

    Brice, I’m on it. Thanks.

    Stephanie, Yep, every last category! : ) I have to agree with Green Bean – if I were still in CA, I would definitely be voting for Prop 2. The animals’ well-being is at stake – so it’s the big feed lots that will have to change their ways. Generally the small farmers treat their animals better, so they should not be hard hit by the legislation. But do look into it yourself. It’s an important issue!!

    Rob, Congratulations! And good for you, for standing up for what you believe. And researching so that you could.

    GB, I don’t know what 1 is, but 2 is dear to my heart and it’s a definite YES for me… if I were still voting in CA. I’m glad you agree about having a great influence locally. It’s also inspiring, knowing that if Seattle passes this mass transit resolution, and it turns out to work well in a few years, we could definitely influence other parts of the country, too! A lot of change starts locally and moves from there…

    Monica, I think we all hope we will be able to keep our jobs, our homes, and feed our families. Here’s to a positive change.

  • monica

    I just wish that I knew which has a real plan and is not just blabbing a campaign promise–both have good things to say, but which is actually going to follow though?

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