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Something Good To Read: Small Is Possible

Small Is Possible

I want to continue to hear your thoughts about how you are doing, and what I can offer you here during these troubled times.  But I know some of you have read that post, and already offered your (amazing!) thoughts, so I wanted to give you something else to read in the meantime.

I’ve written a guest post over at Blogging Bookworm, a site dedicated to spreading the knowledge of books related to climate change, peak oil, environmental issues, food supply problems, and the solutions to each of these.

As you all know, I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about local economies, and how we go about creating strong communities able to adapt and sustain themselves during good times and bad.  I’ve been soaking up information wherever I can get it!  

The latest book I’ve read on the subject is Small is Possible:  Life In a Local Economy by Lyle Estill.  Please check out my words about it at Blogging Bookworm!

Thanks.  I hope you’re able to de-stress and unwind a bit this weekend.  Don’t forget to feed your souls, and those around you!

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7 comments to Something Good To Read: Small Is Possible

  • tom

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll have to check it out. I have the advantage of working in a library. It makes access to books so very easy.

  • monica

    Just last week, I saw on the news that there is a new solar panel factory going in about 50 miles from here. I feel better knowing that the roof that we can’t afford to fix yet will have solar possibilities worked into the plan.

    I am not holding my breath though. . .we bought this house August 31, 2001–less than 2 weeks before the terrorist attacks. The roof has been in dire need of attention, but keeps getting put off.

    All sorts of veggies from our fall outside garden, but not much from the inside garden. We have so much riding on it though. I hate to see it not produce anything. We will give a few more weeks.

    Gas was $2.56 when I went in to get groceries. I nearly sobbed–I just got gas at $2.98 last Monday. Groceries are dropping like crazy too. I am putting a few cases of peanut butter up, though. Who knows what is going to happen? We got our firewood for the season, so we will be warm and have food for the winter.

  • Hi Melinda,
    I always enjoy your posts and their links.
    I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday and wonder if I should catch a taxi or is there a bus or train to your place from the airport?

  • Tom, Awesome. I have really come to love my local library. I hope you enjoy the book!

    Monica, Interesting – I believe groceries here are still going up. Though gas is going down. I hope your indoor garden produces. Have you been hand-pollinating?

    There are some low-income programs for helping to repair roofs – I don’t know if you qualify. You might just give a call to the local FHA office and see.

    I’m glad your outdoor veggie garden is going well!

    Kate, I’ve emailed you – can’t wait to see you!!

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  • Ron Newton

    Just reading my way through this excellent site, and this article really made me think back to my childhood (many years ago) in an English village.
    I still live in this village, and just reflecting on all the changes in 50 some years.
    The village was then almost self-sufficient in most things, just about everything we ate was grown, killed or caught locally. 3 butchers, milkmen, market gardens, farms, a cobbler, 7 small sweet shops, a post office, 4 pubs, 2 co-ops, a grocers, a newsagent, etc. 2 garages. Very few cars.
    Now we’ve got a Chinese carry-out, a Paki open all hours store, a ladies hairdesser, a pharmacy. 1 farm. 1 market gardener. No butcher. No milkman. 2 pubs, one more a restaurant. No cobbler. Post Office in the remaining store. 1 garage/garden centre. A car sales forecourt. Every house has 2 cars at least.
    Sometimes wonder if we went wrong somewhere?

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