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The Growing Challenge

Whatcha Plantin’?

Alrighty, the fall is nearly upon us in the north, and spring is springing in the south.  It’s high time we started getting those seeds in.  So have at it:  what are you planting for next season?  Trying anything new, making any big changes?  

What’s The Growing Challenge?

There are currently 168 people who are a part of this challenge. Head on over to The Growing Challenge Page and check out what it’s all about.  And welcome new participants!!

Do Tell!

I’m sure Australian seed catalogs have well-worn pages by now – have your seeds come yet?  North Americans are you planting garlic, onions, and other over-wintering crops?  Cover crops?  Perhaps some cole crops?  Anyone trying something crazy this season?   Also feel free to leave a link to your latest Growing Challenge post!

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14 comments to THE GROWING CHALLENGE: What Are You Planting?

  • Well, in about a month the garlic will go in the ground, to be harvested next summer. The last time I planted my garlic in the spring, and lost everything due to stupidly listening to the experts on when to harvest instead of trusting my own instincts and what I saw. This year it will be better!

    That’s all that’s going in until Februari.

    Anyway, here’s my growing challenge post for this week:

  • Seeds have come and first round are in and sprouting!!!
    I blogged it last week – but now I have watermelon seeds sprouting to add to that list! Yay bring on spring – except it is snowing on our mountain tonight! LOL

  • I’m already planting garlic in my area of Kentucky. I can’t seem to summon up the energy to plant anything else at this time. We are beginning our 6th week of drought, so it’s too depressing to have to water seeds several times a day for them to germinate. Maybe once we get a good soaking rain I’ll be more in the mood!

  • I have my fall garden officially in the ground! Carrots, lettuce, radishes, peas, cucumbers and hopefully white pumpkins! Sadly I went away this weekend and came back to find my cucumbers and pumpkin seedlings in a desperate state being ravaged by cucumber beetles! We haven’t had any problems with pests like that before so I was really upset…hopefully they can pull through despite all the damage. :(

  • Too funny. I just posted about this today, Planting a fall and winter garden.

    I’m not part of the Growing Challenge, but I’ll go check it out.

  • I just posted last night about my fall garden: I planted cucumbers, carrots, green onions, brown onions and radishes… and I had some squash that squatted there from some decorative squash I placed in the garden last year! And there are still things growing from summer. You’ll have to come read to get the full picture :-)

  • monica

    We have a bit of everything–lettuce, peas, beans, carrots, potatoes (baking, and red varieties), sweet yams, broccoli, onions & red beets. The list continues, but I am sure to run out of room! Everything that we have outside, we are also experimenting with growing inside the house too. We are going VERY local and trying to buy only a few things that we absolutely can’t grow in Ohio–like oranges. Times may be tough, but we are at least going to have full bellys when we go to bed.

    We are still getting plans together for the chicken house–You would think that Jeff is trying to build the Taj Mahal. It will be cute when it is all finished, but the zoning board still doesn’t have the plans yet to approve them. I will be coercing him with the promise of pickled eggs and now red skin mashed taters. I had to up the ante a little to get him convinced that having them is going to be a good thing. I think all that he can see is the pooper scooper waiting for him.

    We finally got some rain with this last hurricane that came through Texas. But more wind than rain so it just beat everything around pretty bad.

  • Over the weekend, I planted more lettuce, carrots, spinach, broccoli and turnips. I probably got them in the ground too late, but it’s an experiment this year! I can’t wait to see how they do. At the very least, I can eat baby spinach and home grown microgreens. haha.

  • I just planted lettuce and beets. I’m thinking about ordering some garlic, but the prospect of an upcoming move is decreasing my ambitions for the season.

  • I’m just continuing with my indoor herb garden for now. ^_^

  • Let’s see: carrots, lettuce, beets, spinach, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, and garlic. I’m also ordering shallots this week to plant this fall. This is really my favorite time to plant cauliflower. I like having it ripen in the spring when there are less local food choices, rather than now when there are so many good things to eat.

    I have a little bit of info posted about an idea for unripe grapes (it might come to that!) on my blog:

  • I have seed trays and cups with eggplant, tomatoes, basil, capsicum, squash, cucumbers, leeks and more….

    Did I mention I am in SE Australia

    Also recently planted direct asian greens, rocket, daikon radish, okra, silverbeet, sunflowers, corn and beans. I need more space to garden…

    So I am building (well, my next door neighbour is building) a chicken tractor! Here come more garden beds.

    I have also been planting some flowers, to attract beneficial insects, and just because I like them.

  • I”m so excited just Saturday we got our very first garden planted. We have peas, carrots, green beans and cilantro. Hopefully in a week we’ll be having sprouts!

  • This year I tried
    Something New, Agretti

    Something New, Chayote
    Growing Chayote Update

    Okra this didn’t count in the end as I got sent Morning Glory seeds instead of Okra.
    Okra or What?

    Morelle De Balbis
    Something New, Morelle De Balbis
    A Vicious Plant

    Next Year I plan to try
    Okra (again but wityh Okra seeds this time)
    Karela or bitter Gourd

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