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Changes are coming!


After a long hiatus, I am coming back!

This past year (plus) has been about my own personal renewal, refocus, redirection. Physician heal thyself. It’s true that to give all of me, I needed to learn to regularly rejuvenate.

I have done that. Among other things, I have changed my lifestyle to leave room for yoga and – most importantly – meditation. It has benefited me in numerous ways I’ll unfold in later stories here.

In the past year I have created a new business I LOVE, I have healed several physical ailments, I have come back home to myself. It is wonderful.

You’ll see me back here soon. Until then, if you haven’t subscribed you might consider it. It’s free (of course), and that way you’ll receive word as soon as I’m back. You can subscribe via email, and via feed readers.

Thanks for waiting! And thanks to all of you who have sent encouraging emails and comments.

Wishing all my best to everyone who is a part of this community,


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