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Recipe: How To Roast Vegetables Simply

Roasted Summer Veggies

We’re addicted. There is nothing like a bit of roasting to bring out the sweetness in summer and winter veggies.

And… um… I have a confession to make. Sigh. Sometimes… I do not love cooking. I’m not bad at it, but it’s just not my favorite thing. Fortunately Matt loves it, he is a fantastic and trained cook, and… well, this is one of the reasons why I’m the luckiest woman around!

But for those days when Matt works late and it’s my turn to cook, I use Matt’s oh-so-perfect and oh-so-easy recipe for roasting vegetables. It’s simple and it’s actually fun….

Raw Veggies

Matt’s Method For Roasting Vegetables


  • Seasonal Vegetables
  • Cooking Oil (we prefer olive oil)
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Raw Chopped Veggies in Bowl


  1. Preheat the oven to 400. Matt says, “Set it and forget it, don’t listen to recipes that give different temperatures for everything.”
  2. Chop the vegetables into large pieces (photos above).
  3. Put the vegetables in a large bowl and coat in oil (we prefer olive oil). For the amount of veggies above, we used 2-3 tablespoons. Don’t be afraid of over-oiling – the extra will just pool at the bottom of the bowl.
  4. Toss!
  5. Salt heavily. I throw in a small handful of salt.
  6. Toss!
  7. Pepper the vegetables well, but don’t over do it.
  8. Toss!
  9. Place the vegetables on baking sheet, without over-packing them. The vegetables should lightly touch, but not pile up on top of each other. If you’re roasting a lot of vegetables, put different vegetables on different baking sheets. If you’re roasting vegetables of very different cooking times (eg, potatoes and broccoli) you can put them on different baking sheets and stagger the timing – or just throw it all together like we often do.
  10. Give the veggies a good stir with a metal or wooden spatula about 15-20 minutes in.

In The Oven

Total roasting time is between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on what you’re cooking. Taste to see if it’s done – you may like it crispier or you may like it just barely soft. (Or if you like them a bit browned, you can switch to broil at the end for some quick extra color.)

That’s it! Serve as a snack, as a side dish, or as a main dish over couscous, rice, bulgar wheat, farrow wheat, or some other tasty whole grain.

Roasted Winter Veggies

Variations are plentiful. We often add fresh herbs. For example, rosemary and potatoes go well together, thyme and carrots go well together, sage and cauliflower go well together. You can also try different oils – canola oil has a lighter flavor. A little lemon juice or orange zest gives it a bit of zing. Matt likes to sneak in a few cayenne pepper flakes for a splash of heat.

Veggies That Are Good For Roasting

Our favorites are potatoes, corn, summer squash, winter squash, garlic, peppers (hot and sweet), eggplant, onions, scallions (put them in toward the end), carrots, beets, bulb fennel, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli.

Others we’ve successfully roasted include tomatoes, string beans (put them in toward the end), lemons, greens (right at the end, put them in for a minute or two), garlic scapes… We haven’t roasted anything we didn’t like, so have fun and experiment!

More Summer Veggies

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19 comments to Recipe: How To Roast Vegetables Simply

  • Looks fabulous! I’ll be looking for roasting-veggies at Saturday’s market!

  • Yum! This is one of my favorite ways to cook vegetables. When I tried cauliflower this way for the first time I was amazed.

    Another good vegetable to try is sliced button mushrooms. I like to sprinkle grated parmesan on top before putting it in the oven.

  • sounds yummy! I am definetely goona try this!

  • Thanks for the recipe! I found your website through the R4A. After reading this I chopped up a zucchini (yes! another way to use our ubiquitous zucchini), shallots, broccoli, and bell pepper, roasted them, and then tossed them with herbs, chevre, and pasta. Fantastic! Thanks again.

  • Great post! Thanks for the reminder about this easy, healthy, delicious dinner option — and the lovely photos really help inspire.

  • Heather, enjoy!

    Deb G, Yum. Mushrooms. I had a friend whose family used to gather mushrooms around here when we were little. Someday it would be fun to go on a mushroom hunt!

    Rob, Oh you will love it I’m sure. I wonder if you can roast dandelions….

    Gina, Welcome and thanks for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed it!!

    Susan, Thanks for visiting – I hope you return!

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  • sue

    great pics, i love this method of cooking veggies, trully is a “set it forget it” recipe!

    just for the record, I put all the veggies in a plastic bag, douse it plenty with olive oil, i never put salt as I was told this will extract the juices out, and I want as much flavour to remain inside the veggies:) – I salt it up upon serving.

    I also throw heaps of dired thyme, majoram, or whatever I have over the veggies, mix thoroughly ( hence the bag makes it easier and cleaner)

    I also put baking paper on the tray and bung it in the oven for an hour or so “set it and forget it” ;)

    Great for taking the stress out of what to put on the table or what to accompany it with! This goes with any main dish!

    Or just throw on some sliced halumi cheese on top and grill it abit more. This is a recipe I got from the one and only Nigella Lawson (but I twisted it alittle;)

  • Thank you for the *lovely* photographs!
    Woody Wodraska

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  • Sandy

    I love to use cabbage both green and red to roast with my other veggies. The roasting makes them sooo sweet. I also love to use the McCormick’s new Mediterranean Herb blend. It gives the veggies just the right kick!

  • Amy in Wisconsin Dells

    I always messed up any roasted veggies, especially the greens, like scallions. Adding at the end is a killer tip that I wouldn’t have figured out. I found a few posts online that cover this well and this is one of them. Sweet tips.

  • Hi Melinda,

    Love your site – just added it to my reader so I can keep up. We do lots of roasting for simple dinners. We’re (mostly) vegetarian, and I’m always amused when people talk about how boring ‘vegetarian’ food is – they’re missing out on some amazing flavors.

    We just roasted a bunch of our San Marzano tomatoes. They are so intensely flavored – adds a little burst of flavor to whatever we toss them into.

    Hope your neck situation is resolving,

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  • I love roasted vegetables so much, but I’ve never tried roasted greens before! I shall have to try that just as soon as mine are ready in my garden. :-)

  • Crystal

    Hi, I tried this with broccoli and it came out tasty! It brings out the sweetness.My picky 2 and 3 year old’s loved it!!!! It only took 20 minutes! Perfect! Simple! Thank you for sharing this. :-)

  • Roddy

    I spy roasted spring onion and roasted brussels, I’m inspired and I’m going to try roasting celery. Somebody has got to try.

  • I find adding garlic cloves to any other vegetables when roasting enhances the flavour…especially roast potatoes! Thyme with squash is wonderful too.

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