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How To Find Your Way

For a week, I have been at a remote retreat on Cortes Island, British Columbia.  I was able to gather with a group of media makers who are all looking to create social change with their work.  I can’t tell you how rejuvenating and refocusing those moments were.

It was incredible to be among others on parallel journeys, each helping to catapult me to the next stage in my work.

I know some of you are in a similar life stage to me:  seeking a way to utilize your skills and passion together to create change – personally, locally or globally.  For those of you who are, I thought I’d share with you a few of my thoughts after this experience.

These are words that poured out of me over about 10 minutes as I rode the ferry home.  After those 10 minutes, I fell into a blissful nap in the sunshine.

How To Find Your Way

On Perfection

Don’t try so hard to find perfection.  It comes as it comes, when it comes, and how it comes.

Let perfection find you, and be open to new ways perfection reveals itself.

On Finding The Answer

What you think is the answer may just be the light that leads you to the answer.

If you are true to yourself and seek out what you want most, the answer will often appear on its own. Be true to yourself and your direction.

On Passion

If your passion is for the Earth, and you follow your passion, the Earth just might help you along your path.

On Being Humbled

Stand tall, even as a dwarf among giants.  Both dwarfs and giants are equally important to the ecosystem – and you need each other (as an ancient pine needs the ferns below).

On Endurance

Moments of nurturing the soul – and the intellect – are keys to continuing to follow your passion, and inciting change.

On Frustration

When you breathe in your surroundings, and root yourself there, suddenly it becomes clear that small frustrations just don’t matter.

If you live with small frustrations – rather than fight against them – you may find they lead to greater things.

On Discomfort

It’s not that everything happens for a reason necessarily, but if you let things happen – and open the space for new things to happen – you may find that there lies a perfect catalyzing thought or action.

Walking into discomfort often contributes the most to great growth and reward.

On Truth

If you speak the truth – and aren’t afraid of it – you will open yourself to a whole new universe of opportunity.

It’s ok to talk at length if you have an important or useful or emotionally-driven story.  People will listen.  And they will appreciate it greatly that you spent the time to communicate it to them.

On Finding The Answer, Part 2

Nuggets of knowledge can come from the least expected places.

Trying too hard to find the answer is often the worst method of searching.  It comes from a combination of place, openness, relationships, work, and going within yourself.

The answer lies deep within your self.

On Change

(Self) love sometimes means doing things that are very difficult in the short term for greater, long-term betterment.

(History and) cultures are meant to change.

On Frustration, Part 2

When you’re frustrated or irritated, sit with it.  Let it be without fighting it.

Allow yourself room for happy surprises.

On Encouragement

Follow your passion.

Don’t worry if you’re doing good – or enough good.  Deep within, you know you are.

Our work is not in vain.  If you think the world is bad now, imagine how bad it would be if none of us did anything, sacrificed anything, or dreamed anything.  The world needs us to be doing what we’re doing.


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