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Great Reading

Thank You!

Last week readership here tripled, as a couple of articles appeared in Energy Bulletin, and readers belonging to social networking and bookmarking sites shared posts to their readers.  Wow!

Thank you to all of you who are users of:

I am still learning about these sites, but I am growing to appreciate them very much. As I write words here to encourage us to learn more, grow, and save the planet with our lifestyles, I am very appreciative of your spreading our thoughts, of our ideas growing, and world change beginning to happen. So thank all so much for spreading the word and bringing new people to our community at One Green Generation!

Thank You All For Writing About What You Read Here

If you linked here and I didn’t mention you, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you – on the contrary! Either I have missed you or Technorati or Google didn’t pick it up – my apologies.  There are also several of you who place our feed on your blog, and link here in your sidebars, and I am honored – thank you.

I Also Want to Thank All of You Who Comment Here Regularly.

You know who you are – thank you.  Comments are an extremely important part of this site. We learn from one another – I certainly learn from you about new techniques and ideas I hadn’t thought about.  I also learn and grow as a writer when I find what you’re interested in reading, when you ask questions, and when you share your own stories. Thank you so much for contributing to this community with your own words!

Speaking of which, I know there are several emails and comments you all are waiting to have answered.  I have a bit of unexpected work combined with my grandfather needing some help after eye surgery, but I will get to them soon – I appreciate them very much.

This site is growing, and I am honored that you like what I’m writing, and that you enjoy spending time here.  Thank you all for reading.  And if you’re new here, do join us in conversation – please feel free to introduce yourself!

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3 comments to Thank You!

  • yay! So glad you are growing.. I am only new here but you’ve provided me with the motivation I needed just at the right time so it’s the least I can do to share a little linky love! :)

  • Just the thought of my baby boy on a pesticide covered carpet makes me sick.

    Yesterday when I was watering my fall garden I sat him on the lawn to play.

    He pulled up the grass and played with the moss. He had a fabulous time.

    I haven’t sprayed or fertilized (other than a compost sprinkle) in the entire 4 years that we have lived here.

    Your article reinforces WHY.

    I do have a container of Roundup that calls to me sometimes when the weeds get too thick. GRRR I just need to get rid of it!!

    Thanks for the inspiration and congrats on the readership.
    I’m one of the sidebar linkers!!

    I don’t know about trackbacks sadly! hehe


  • Thanks, Kate!

    Heather, Yeah, just take that Roundup to a hazardous wasted drop-off and be done with it. It’s just not worth it.

    Thanks for being one of the linkers!!!! : ) I appreciate it very much.

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