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Back In Time: 3 Spring Gardening Posts

As I take a step away to rejuvenate at a retreat called “Media That Matters”, I thought I would revisit some old posts that some of you may have missed.

Since there are some brand new gardeners to The Growing Challenge, I thought I’d start with basic gardening.

Tomato Seedlings On WindowsillScarlet Runner Beans

My Top 12 Easy Vegetables To Grow From Seed

Learn what “in situ” vs. “ex situ” are, and why one might be easier to grow than the other!  Plus beautiful photos of my top 12 favorites to grow.  AND see a beet as big as my mother’s head – can’t beat that!   My Top 12 Easy Vegetables To Grow From Seed

Baby Lettuce

Gardening 101: Seed Starting For Beginners

I go over a few different ways you can start seeds, and try to make it as easy as possible for new gardeners.  Let me know if you have any questions via email or comment!  Seed Starting For Beginners

    The First 5 Steps To Growing a Vegetable Garden

    How I make choices about what to plant where, and when.  Planning Your Garden Your Own Way

      Please Share Gardening Resources for Those Of Us Just Beginning!

      Where did you first turn for gardening information?  What was most helpful for you?


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      8 comments to Back In Time: 3 Spring Gardening Posts

      • As a gardening resource, the Internet is helpful, books are grand, but find someone in your area growing what you want to grow in the way you want to grow it and then you’ve found a real resource.

        I first got into growing food while doing research for my masters thesis in England. As I was looking into the local food growing phenomenon I needed to find someone who had been doing it awhile, and could give me some history. The man I found is an organic grower and teacher of same, somewhat prickly and at times hard to get along with he became my first teacher.

        It wasn’t long before our garden began to benefit from his advice. My second teacher, my wife, played a big part in my education as well. Having grown food for most of her youth, as many in England do, she was well versed in the vagaries of local climate and horticultural lore.

        Now that we have moved to the sunny SE of America we have both jumped in at the deep end. Our first season, while successful, did suffer from a lack of local knowledge. Now that we find ourselves cocooned in the warmth of our local gardening community we are doing much better. But I sure do miss my first teacher.

        A gardening mentor is invaluable.

      • The greatest thing my first mentor ever taught me was how to properly plant a fruit tree. I’ve only planted 20 or so but they have all thrived, aside from the pecan tree which I suspect arrived dead.

      • Jorie

        Thank you soooooooooo much for this gardening info!!! PERFECT TIMING!!! I will post a link on the Life Is YUM Facebook page too!!! ;)

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