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Thank You

I am deeply mired in finishing up a Report for a deadline this afternoon, but I wanted to pop in to say thank you to each of you.

I’ve really enjoyed reading all your comments over the last few days.  Thank you all for contributing so much to this community.  And thank you so much for the lovely things many of you have said about me and this website.

It’s your comments and emails – and the amazing sunsets I see from my office (above) – that keep me going on long days!

Please always feel free to discuss, comment, ask questions, follow the Facebook and Twitter conversations, or just listen if that’s where you are right now.  I’m glad you’re reading.

It’s sunny and beautiful in Seattle this morning.  I hope you’re having a lovely day!

What are You Up to This Weekend, btw?

I’m excited to do some good garden work – and to get outside and away from the computer!  I’ll be planting lots of seeds and seedlings – carrots, greens, peppers, beans, peas… can’t wait to sink my teeth into their fresh goodness in a couple months!

What about you?  Are you trying anything new?  Participating in any community activities?

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5 comments to Thank You

  • I’ll be working all weekend, but yesterday I got to ride my bike representing the produce exchange we do once a month in our city’s 125th anniversary parade! Here’s a link to the website for the exchange. It was a lot of fun! I wonder if any other readers have a produce exchange in their community?

  • 1. Cross town trip to the “big nursery” to look for lemon trees (and maybe a limequat) and a particular apple tree for my sweetie. He’s reading a lot about pruning, training, and propagation and wants to try growing his own root stock.

    2. Help dig holes to plant the last few grape vines.

    3. Defrost the chest freezer if I don’t get it done today.

    4. Sift the finished compost, after using some of it unsifted for the grapes.

    5. Decide where to dig new doggie dooley and let current one rest for a year or so before planting an apple tree there. (Fertilized soil that also keeps the pocket gophers away)

    6. Get to the gym at least once to walk at least 45 minutes on treadmill.

    7. Sit my tired butt down and watch a movie. Just picked up a used copy of “Blast from the Past” which is fun to watch for the self-contained system they created.

  • Alison

    I’ve been trying to plant my garden here in Pittsburgh, PA, but every time I have a day off from work, it rains! I have about 1/5 done and I’m trying to be patient, but it’s hard! The ground is just so wet – it’s hard to work with the soil. My next day off is Monday – fingers crossed for some cooperative weather.

  • andrea

    Cleaned out our chicken coop! Can’t wait to use that composted manure. Tomorrow I’ll be potting up tomato seedlings. Won’t get those in the ground for another two weeks here. Glad to be crossing things off the list.

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