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Great Reading

Welcome New Readers! Introduce Yourself!

Happy weekend, everyone!

I know we have a lot of new readers here, and I want to welcome you all.  And to let you know that I LOVE your comments.  Love them!

Please take a moment to peek in and say hello.

I would love to know (from new readers and old):  Where are you from?  What do you do for a living?  And what are your favorite moments of sustainable living?

Simple comments are fine – just take the plunge and write a few words.  It would really mean a lot to me!!

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49 comments to Welcome New Readers! Introduce Yourself!

  • Julie

    Hello- I am Julie from Colorado Spring, CO! Not so new- I read your blog off and on, when time allows. Love your posts!

  • TracyDK

    I’m Tracy from western Kentucky. My favorite moments of sustainable living, well I’m still in transition, but it’s that I genuinely FEEL good showing my son just how nice it is to recycle and to reuse. Plus I really enjoy knowing that I’m cutting down the chemical load in my house.

  • Hiya! Melissa from Santa Fe, NM. I work with girls in after school and summer camps. I love everything about the process of learning how to live more sustainably! The growing, the baking, even my aching back. Thanks for all you do! I love reading your blog!

  • Hello! I’m Emma from Brisbane, Australia. I’m currently a house wife, and my favourite thing about sustainable living is biting into a beautiful, organic, straight-from-the-farm mandarin! Along with knowing that our way of living is helping to heal the earth and prevent further damage :). I love to read your blog, it has given me lots of inspiration to continue on this “green” journey. Happy paths!

  • Hi,
    I’m Rashmie from India. I love your blog and thoughts and philosophy – they resonate with me so much! I am passionate about green living, natural health and pursuing my passions (photography, writing, art and craft and creative parenting). I write about all these on my two blogs: (green living, natural health etc) (creative and holistic parenting)

    I found you blog when I was looking for elaborate ideas to link back to my post on green cleaning solution for home.

    Thank you for the opportunity to introduce. :)

    • Hi Rashmie, I love that we come from all over the world here. I used to have a widget in the sidebar that showed where readers came from – it was such a joy to see. You have a lovely blog yourself – it’s wonderful!

  • Megan

    Hey there, I’m writing from NE Georgia. Every moment of sustainable living is great, but eating homemade yogurt with homemade strawberry jam and homemade granola was great this morning! I enjoy your blog!

  • Amy

    My name is Amy and I live in Southern IL. I am an Exercise Physiologist turned SAHM. My favorite moments are teaching my children to live a sustainable life as possible in various life situations just as my parents taught me.

  • Katie

    I’m not sure I count as new, exactly, but hi! I’m living in Baltimore, and trying to find ways to do better by myself and the planet. I love your posts– I am trying to make a wellness plan for myself! Did you start with a book or plan to make yours?

    • Katie, I have had a hard time finding a good book or template for a wellness plan, actually. So I just decided to create a list that I’ve been tweaking over the last few months.

      The general idea is to outline your longer term goals (1 year or 2 years), then find the smaller steps over the next weeks or months that are easily doable, and then go for those one at a time checking them off as you accomplish them.

  • Hello! My name is Karen, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am a writer, but I make my living as a journalist. I love your blog, and have really enjoyed your archives. It helped inspire me to start blogging, too. My fave thing about sustainable living? Repurposing! I love that satisfaction of making do, fixing, refurbishing, and making something old beautiful again. I’m heading out to fix the old fence now…

  • Jorie via Facebook

    Hi Melinda! We’ve emailed a few times… You introduced me to the Clean program which inspired my FB group, Life Is YUM!!! (Healthy Bodies, Happy Souls!)!!! Thanks again for your insight and inpsiration! I’m a numerologist, by the way, here is my numerology page: Jorie’s Numerology Chat ;)

  • I’m Heidi, and I’m a student of comparative religion from Norway. I’m into Gospel simplicity and I like knowing that I can make a positive difference through everyday chores.

  • Hello:) My name is Michelle. I’m a stay at home mommy of nine, for now. I have been reading your blogs and love them.

  • Hello :) I’m a law enforcement dispatcher from Louisville, KY who is also a budding fiction novelist – I’m hoping to independently publish several of my novels this year. My 5 year plan is to make a living from my writing and get away from a job that is making me unhappy.

    I’m only about six months new to the sustainable living lifestyle. My favorite moments are when I actually go through with my choices, and the resulting pleasure it gives me – buying my chickens and building my coop, watching my very first veggies begin to break the soil, and making wise decisions in my home. Thanks for giving us a place to share how rewarding it is :)

    • Heather, it sounds like a great plan – I wish you all the best on your journey. Loving what you do makes a big difference. And I’m jealous of your chicken coop! :)

  • Alexandra

    Hi! My name is Alexandra and I live on a farm outside of Waco Texas. I’ve been following your blog for at least 6 months now and have been experimenting with green smoothies and baking soda shampoo! My favorite part of sustainable living is being able to grow and harvest the organic vegetables that we all enjoy so much! And then eat them! I also love herbal tinctures, brewing kumbucha and playing with baby goats. I even like the compost toilets! Keep up the blog! It’s great!

  • Hi. My name is Jeanine and although I don’t get over here too often, when I do I feel comfortable and at home with all of your great information and inspiration. I live in california in the US on the Lost Coast. Although my three littles are keeping me busy these days, gardening, raising chickens for the first time, and blogging about green, simple, frugal family life are things I enjoy also. Cheers to you!

  • Sheetu

    Hi my name is Sheetu. Reading your blog for couple of years now.. never posted a message…

    This year, I finally found a community garden near my area in NJ.. very excited as I will be able to try some of the techniques I am reading in the blogosphere..

    Love your blog..

  • Hey — I’m in Somerville, MA and I’m currently the manager of an ice cream store. … can’t wait until THAT status changes!

    I think my favorite thing is scavenging. I found concord grapes and apples last year, and I’ve found wild chives this year!

    • Dea-chan, lol – I’ve certainly had jobs like that! I’ve never scavenged for food – so cool what you’ve found! What a great way to get out and eat well too.

  • I’m super new to your blog. Stumbled on it doing research for planting tomatoes & pepeprs in containers & wondering if they’d grow inside. My first season having a garden & learning a lot. From Newark, NJ.

  • Brandi Jo

    Hi I’m Brandi Jo from Mankato, Minnesota. I am a Chef and amateur writer with a partner who loves to garden. We are slowly but surely transitioning into a green lifestyle (getting rid of chemicals, cleaning up our diet, etc…) I love finding new (to me) ways to make cleaners and put up foods, just returning to a simpler way of life.

    • Brandi Jo, you and your partner seem to be where my husband and I were a couple years ago. You sound very centered along your transitioning path. Thanks for your comment, and please feel free to comment here on occasion – I’d love your perspective!

  • andrea

    Another not so new reader here (Cape Cod, MA). I loved reading the comments above – what a diverse group of readers – how fun! Sustainable living has become fairly second nature to me now and I enjoy so many aspects of it. Hanging out the washing is always a pleasure so laundry is not a chore. Making jelly out of foraged grapes is so yummy. Every time a seed sprouts it still feels like a miracle. I actually think life it much more fun as I slow down to enjoy it. Love the information you bring to us. Thank you!

    • Andrea, I love reading them as well – I also peek in on the stats every once in a while. We come from all over the world, from all walks of life! Makes me very happy.

      Making jelly out of foraged grapes… wow! Sounds really great. I’m glad you’re enjoying reading!

  • Hey there, I’m Amy from Portland, Oregon. I recently moved onto 2.5 acres and am attempting to be a modern homesteader. I read lots of blogs, including yours, and write a blog myself. Its all about the trials and tribulations of attempting to live this kind of lifestyle. Stop on by!

  • Tori

    Hi! I love this website. I’m not really the environmental type, but I am the economic type.
    I am a freshman in college and I’m majoring in agriculture. I love the recipes, tips, and gardening advice on this site. Although I am not really a go-green kinda girl… I’m into eating organic and saving money.
    Thank you so much for what you do!
    Tori :)

  • Jorie, I love it – that’s so great! :) Sorry, I missed your comment earlier.

  • Jorie, I love it – that’s so great! :) Sorry, I missed your comment earlier.

  • Alison

    Hi there! I’m Alison from Pittsburgh, PA and I’ve been following your blog for a few years now through the Simple, Green, Frugal forum. I think that many of us struggle to incorporate healthy and frugal living into our busy lives and reading your blog gives me continuing inspriation and motivation to stay on track. I especially loved following your cleanse! I am a registered nurse who composts and tends a small, urban garden in my free time. Thanks for all you do!

  • Hello! Our names are Don and Dee. I am originally from Vancouver, BC and am now living in the Charlotte area of North Carolina. I am an Etsy seller/artist and my love is a computer geek. We have just begun to transform our yard into a suburban farm. Our favourite new plantings this year are our Camellia Sinensis. I am so looking forward to pouring over your blog and wall. So happy we found you!

  • Hello, my name is Wesley and I am from Southwest Missouri. I just turned 26 and have had a summer garden (late april-aug) for about 3 years now. I found this site while looking for details on growing year round. I plan to have a taller hoop house (I’m a tall guy) and really look for to not going back to the grocery store at the end of my summer growing season. This site is absolutely wonderful, you have done a wonderful job. My real hold up is putting a planting schedule together for this fall. Since I know nothing of planting for the other half of the year, it’s got me a bit flustered. Anyways this place is wonderful and I look forward for what’s to come.

  • justmaryb

    Hi, Melinda, just stumbled onto your site while researching lentils and black beans. I live in Pensacola, FL, the NW panhandle part of the state, in zone 8b where we have a token sort of winter from December through January. I’m recently disabled with COPD/asthma (nope, never smoked), so am able to really indulge in gardening now. Actually, it’s more like therapy as you know! It’s hard for me to get around due to the lung issue, am on oxygen 24/7, but just don’t want to waste this great Florida climate. So, I like to experiment with different vegetables/fruits to see what can be grown in our average suburban yard. The sustainable lifestyle makes a lot of sense to me and I’m trying to educate myself as fast as possible. Your site is fantastic!

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