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How To Plant, Grow, and Prune Blueberries

I just planted two blueberry bushes in my community garden plot. When I was researching how to care for them, I found this fabulous video I thought some of you all would enjoy.

More Blueberry Information

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, fabulously tasty, and the plants beautiful in summer and winter (look for varieties whose leaves and/or turn yellow or red wood in the winter). Here is a blueberry growing guide (PDF) for additional information, a great post on how to prune blueberries, and more detailed instructions for pruning (PDF).

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10 comments to How To Plant, Grow, & Prune Blueberries

  • When we bought our two blueberries, the nursery strongly recommended planting them in containers because of their love of acidic soil. We don’t have acidic soil here! We tried planting them in the ground anyway, digging the hole nice and big and adding plenty of nice acidic peat moss. They were doing just fine until ants stripped the leaves off them. Surprisingly, they recovered from that and had beautiful new growth. And then the ants came back and stripped them again. At that point, we dug them up and put them in containers. LOL

    • Chile, I’ve forgotten how bad ants can be in the warmth. It’s the equivalent of slugs here. They strip everything. Putting them in pots – I’ll have to remember that. I’m a tad worried at how close I planted my blueberries to other things that don’t like acid…

      I miss you old friend! Hope you’re doing well. :)

  • Lori

    Chile, sounds like our adventures with Coreopsis and rabbits – they like to let them get nice and big with lots of blooms, then come along and mow them down, then repeat the cycle all summer long…

    Unfortunately I’m not sure we could do blueberries at our house, since we don’t have full sun in many places, most of our available spots require plants that like having occasionally wet feet, and I suspect we don’t have enough airflow to counteract the Missouri humidity and prevent rotting. Sigh.

  • Toni via Facebook

    Thank you. I’ve just planted 6 on my balcony! Can’t wait until they crop.

  • I’m planning to take up balcony gardening in a big way! Thanks for the video and the links.

  • You’re welcome. And ooh – 6 on your balcony – sounds wonderful!!!

  • Jonathan

    Would like to plant two rows of bushes in the fall. Do you have know where I can find some organic plants? Blueberries do very well over here in Yakima.

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