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April: Food Garden Tending

In January I focused on a cleanse.  In February I focused on yoga. In March I focused on money management. In April I have focused on gardening.

On the 6th of April, I received a horrifying email from our community garden coordinator, that went something like this:

Hi Melinda,

I’m wondering if you are planning to garden this year?  According to the P Patch guidelines, all plots are supposed to be planted by April 1.

Please let me know if you have changed your mind about gardening this year, so that we can get someone off our waiting list and into the plot.


Gasp.  The Growing Challenge queen almost lost her garden plot! It’s true.

I could make excuses – I have plenty of them.  But truthfully?  I was a bit lazy.  Lazy. Yep, I take full responsibility for my laziness.

So needless to say, I jumped.  Matt and I planted all sorts of things, I went to the community garden meeting last weekend, and I’ll be doing a photo essay of some of the local garden patches for this season’s P-Patch Post (if you want to check out my past article, the issues are in PDF form in the right side bar of that link).

As it’s currently planted:

All in all, this has been fabulously fun and renewed our excitement about growing our own food.

In fact, it has been so fun that we took it a GIANT step further…


In June, it looks like we might be moving.  A result of March’s focus on money management and April’s focus on gardening, we’re likely going to move to a new apartment that is cheaper and across the street from our garden patch.

Assuming all goes well with our application, we’ll be attempting to grow more intensively in our little garden plot.  Something more like this (click to enlarge):

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5 comments to April: Food Garden Tending

  • Brandi Jo

    Hello Melinda! Your garden looks wonderful and I hope you get to expand it as you want to… Have you ever read or seen a book called “Square Foot Gardening”? It is the method my household and a few of our friends employ to maximize growing space and utilize seasonal crop rotation. I highly reccommend taking a look at it if you can find it. There is an updated version of this book, that we own, but our friend who turned us on to it recommends trying to find the older version. She says it has more information and seems to make the assumption that if you are reading the new one you already read the older version… Best of Luck!

  • OOhhhh, that all sounds so exciting.

    Best Wishes

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