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May: High Time To Establish A Routine

I have a huge list of things I want to do this year, and I plan to make them all happen – why else would I do a Year About Me if not to successfully fulfill my dreams and ambitions??!

However, I’m finding that time is getting away from me. It has now occurred to me that the only way I will fulfill my dreams and ambitions is if I do them deliberately and carve out my time effectively.

Things I Want To Do Every Day

  1. Write (have you noticed I’m having a hard time establishing a routine here?)
  2. Exercise (I walk every day, but yoga will help even more)
  3. Meditate (yoga)
  4. Read the news (sometimes I go through a week without following up on the news!)
  5. Take 1 step to push my business forward (aside from work, what else will push it forward?)

Things I Want To Do Every Week

  1. Garden
  2. Socialize with friends
  3. Read a book for at least 2 hours
  4. Sleep 8 hours/day on average
  5. Say Yes more than No

What That Means

  1. Getting up when the alarm goes off.  No matter what.
  2. Less tv/movie watching.
  3. Less internet browsing.
  4. Going to bed early.
  5. Getting up early.
  6. Deliberately concentrating on one activity at a time.
  7. Making task lists and sticking to them.
  8. Opening my mind to change, love, and new ideas.
  9. Trying, failing, and trying again.  Sometimes all in one day.
  10. Building upon the day before.

Starting May 1, I will begin my routine.  Look for posts every day.  Look for a business moving forward quickly.  Look for me being on top of my game like I haven’t been in a long time.  Ready??  I am.

Feel free to join me, or just watch for now.

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