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What's Growing In Your Garden Right Now?

We just planted some new goodies in our community garden patch over the weekend.  From seed we planted beets, carrots, kale, nasturtiums, potatoes, and arugula.  It’s a wee bit early here, yet – it’s still pretty cold.  So this will be an experiment!

Doesn’t look like much now, but it will be flourishing soon enough!

We also planted 2 blueberry bushes, a lavender bush, and broccoli, kale, bok choi, onion, strawberry, asparagus, and cilantro starts.  Plus we planted two new types of herbs we haven’t tried before – Australian mint bush and purple shiso.

What’s growing in your garden?

Please share!

Also, if you haven’t signed up for the Growing Challenge this year, I welcome you to join us.  It’s easy and fun!

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39 comments to What’s Growing In Your Garden Right Now?

  • Cris via Facebook

    Nothing growing here. It’s snowing today!

  • Sometimes spring takes a while… :(

  • Cris via Facebook

    No kidding!

  • sigh… nothing is growing in my garden yet. Our April weather has been uncooperative with gardening. Snow, sleet and rain have kept me stuck inside. But, I do have lots of little plants ready to go. I’ve got lots of little brassicas (cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower), leeks and romaine ready to go in but it’s too wet. I’m also itching to get my peas and onions in the ground as well as some radishes. I did plant a red currant bush last week on our last ‘nice’ day.
    But soon….

  • A lot of the things I have growing right now are still suck in my greenhouse. There are 100 or so tomato plants, onion sets and cabbages along with some herbs and greens.
    In the garden are direct sown kohlrabi and cabbage, carrots and onions and in our new community garden plot for this year only potatoes so far, about 80ft of them. (we have two 20 x 20 garden plots.) Lots more will be coming this year but so far a pretty good stat.

  • Beetroot, onions, cabbage, strawberries, basil, cilantro, nasturtium, parsley, lettuce, chives

  • potatoes, tomato, basil, greek oregano, rosemary, onion, squash, peas, grapes, blueberries, asparagus, strawberries & cucumber so far ;-)

  • mine’s a bit boring, silverbeet, capsicum, zuchinni, but my snowpeas are flowering and i have got peas with 2 leaves . dealing with the wet is a problem.

  • carrots, turnips, garlic 3 types of potatoes, parsnips, peas, french beans, beetroot, radishes, broccoli cauliflower lettuce Brussels sprouts, onions, spring onions,tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, sweetcorn, and various herbs and wild flowers. All growing in tubs with a very good compost and doing very well . We’re having to give some seedlings away as there are too many.

  • Nothing yet! We’re struggling to get approval for a community garden in our neighbourhood. Even if we had it, though, it’s been hovering at freezing during the days and dropping well below it at night. The last couple of days we’ve had snow, and today we had freezing rain.

  • volunteer pumpkins, volunteer tomatoes + carrots so far.

  • Wow, Marion – where are you growing? Must be somewhere warm – I’m so jealous!!

  • durham england – it has and is very sunny here lately I hope it continues to do so.

  • it has and is very sunny here lately I hope it continues to do so.

  • where abouts in the world are you living one green generation

  • Marion – we’re in Seattle, Washington, US. It’s still a bit cold here at night, and has been known to snow in April…

  • durham is in the northeast of england

  • andrea

    Still have overwintered leeks and cilantro, but the big news is the asparagus is coming up!

  • Our 2011 Garden: 15 different Tomatoes, 5 different Lettuces, 6 different Carrots, Banana & Bell Peppers, 3 different Peas, 13 different Herbs, 7 different Potatoes, Golden Beats, Romanesco Broccoli, Golden Turnips, Spaghetti Squash, Purple String Beans, Leeks, Garlic, Spring Onions, Red & Golden Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Cantelope & Rhubarb…All I have to say is GROW FASTER!!

  • Laughing…we had snow last week in Bellingham! Still having frost. The pear and plum trees are blooming right now, I’m thinking this may be another year that I won’t have much of a crop if this cold weather keeps up.

    What’s coming up: Just found the first leaves of the potatoes, snap peas are up, spinach and shallots. Garlic is doing great. Tomatoes are still in the kitchen, but looking good. I have three baby peppers. First time I’ve tried growing them from seed myself.

    Planted: Nasturiums, calandula, onion seed, carrots, Swiss chard, shelling peas, radishes, lentils and a couple garbanzo seeds (also a first time crop-just to see). Added a peach tree and a couple loganberries to the fruit collection.

    • Deb G, I’m so sorry. :( It’s been cold here, but no snow (knock on wood). We’re just about past the last chance of snow.

      I’m impressed that potatoes are coming up despite the snow and frost! I will be interested in what happens to your garbanzos. I tried them a couple years ago – really awesome looking plants – but they didn’t last long nor produce any beans.

  • Nashville, Tennessee our safe planting date is tax day april 15th…took a chance and started a week early. Horse farm so plenty of compost here too

  • Peas (I should have my first crop in about a week); beets; carrots; lots of cabbage; many kinds of lettuce; mustard; onions; turnips; Swiss Chard; corn; a couple of tomatoes put out early as an experiment; potatoes; garlic. This weekend I will plant sunflowers; pole beans; snap beans; cantaloupe; honeydew; cucumbers; summer squash; winter squash; watermelon; and a few more tomatoes. My main crop of tomatoes will go in on May 7 along with a whole list of other things, including my very favorite – Butter Peas. Yum! I really do need to remember to get that new gasket for my pressure canner.

  • Startrelle via Facebook

    Zucchini, tomatoes, basil, daisies, avocados, lemons, carrots, spinach, bell peppers, cabbage, leeks & collards. Look forward to partake of them. Will need to re-plant the lettuce, kale & cilantro :(

  • Plaid Science

    In our patio we have one lime and two lemon trees, a cucumber plant, spinach, lettuce, parsley, carrots, radish, rosemary, two strawberry plants (one with blossoms) and mixed greens. The cilantro and basil plants were recently eaten by snails…I will plant more when I am certain they have been discouraged from entering the patio. Next we will add tomato and pepper plants. While it is warm enough to grow many things in San Diego, we will have a few months of fog and gloomy skies. Post June will be a little better.

  • Rob

    Lets see- last night (after 11PM!) I went out the green house and transplanted some tomato starts- If half my starts stay healthy and grow I should be up to my ears in tomatoes! Also, potted a pepper, and some chard. Mesclun mix growing in my “indoor garden”.Amaranth starts are showing a birth! Tomorrow I will be planting seeds at the Community Garden plot- Chard, Kale, Daikon, More peas, beans.

  • I have aparagus, onions, tomatoes, peppers, squash, potatoes, soybeans, asparagus beans, pinto beans, pole beans, chard, beets, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, and some herbs- dill, basil, epazote; planted in our 2 community garden plots. Spring comes early in my part of Texas, so the warm weather veggies are getting settled in now as the cool season veggies are finishing up :) .


  • here in western Kentucky, we’re harvesting asparagus, kale, parsley and radishes and eagerly watching little strawberries grow. Its been raining WAY TOO MUCH, which has prevented us from getting much of anything new planted. *sigh*

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  • Kirsten

    Hey Melinda I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks. I’ve been pretty successful in my container gardening but worms have been eating my broccoli up! It was growing so well and now most of the leaves are half eaten, I finally saw the little guys today. I read somewhere you can spray plants with soapy water for a safe pesticide and I’ve tried that but not sure how effective it would be. Any tips to scare the pests away safely? I also have a resident bunny who lives in my yard who I think might be nibbling.
    I’m also growing radishes, cherry tomatoes, dill, chives, and basil. All of which are doing great except the dill and radishes that are browning, most likely due to the extreme heat lately. I’m pretty new to gardening but I’m not giving up!

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