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Wellness Plan - Month 4 of 12

I set out on a Year About Me back in January.  I’ve been feeling a bit less deliberate this month, so I wanted to tune into my Wellness Plan again.  First, a recap of what I’ve done and a bit of an update for you all…


I started out with a bang:  a one-month cleanse.  It was FABULOUS – life-changing.


  • I continued to lose weight and feel great, until recently.  I haven’t been eating as well because of my March goal (below) – I’m working too hard.  So I just started getting sick with a terrible bug going around the office.
  • I was doing really well without caffeine, too – until about the same time I started feeling overworked… hmmm… there is a trend here!
  • Matt and I have both been working so hard and not eating as well as we’d like, so we’re going on another cleanse on May 1 to restart.  Join us if you like!


Then I signed up for Beginning Yoga classes.  And it was really great.  I believe it has helped my breathing, my energy, my mental clarity, my strength, and it’s nice to be a part of a local community.


  • I was doing well until a couple weeks ago, when work took over my world.  Working to get back into it – starting tomorrow (no really!).


Then I focused on making smart money decisions.  I began by taking a second contract and filling up more of my time with work.  I’ve loved that contract – creating a few videos for a community engagement program from the County.  We interviewed some amazing people across the county – focusing on equity and economic opportunity at the local level.  Fascinating.


  • We have been putting money into savings, and will soon be paying bigger chunks of my student loans.  I’m really excited about it!
  • I’m glad I did it, but I paid a price – my health has suffered for it and I haven’t been able to write much. Not a sustainable solution, to be sure.
  • I’ve also loved working with my husband – he and I are a really great team, and we don’t get to work together often.


Due to a wake-up call from the community garden coordinator, in April I focused on food garden tending.


  • The results were fabulous: due to March and April’s foci, it looks like we may move closer to our garden plot in a couple months!
  • This month we have carried over our March focus on money management by continuing to work a great deal.  At the end of the month we’ll be able to pay off a large chunk of my student loans.
  • Unfortunately, that has meant that I lost my focus on my physical well-being, built up in January and February.  I have a really terrible respiratory virus that has set me back quite a bit in terms of lung well-being – let alone lack of energy and ability to do much yoga.

So if I could only figure out how to tackle each wish on my list without sacrificing the positive headway I’ve made on other items on the list…  Maybe that will be May’s goal!

I think part of it has to do with a need for routine.

Refresher:  By the End of the Year I Hope To…

  1. Lift my arms over my head!
  2. Learn to live happily gluten free.
  3. Figure out my next career step.
  4. Reduce my medications for asthma to just the rescue inhaler.
  5. Exercise regularly.
  6. Increase my number of social interactions.
  7. Decrease my number of negative thoughts, words, and actions.
  8. Have a healthy garden we regularly eat from.
  9. Write more, and write about the things I want to write about.
  10. Spend more time outside of work with my family.
  11. Become more in touch with my physical and mental wants and needs.
  12. Reduce and maintain a lower weight that feels good.

Do You Have a Wellness Plan?

If so, how are you progressing?  Any tips for the rest of us?

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2 comments to Wellness Plan – Month 4 of 12

  • You have thought things through so carefully. I do not have an official wellness plan, but I hope to take more time for me and my husband, relax more, fill my garden with lots of vegetables, and remember to take it all in.

  • I’m giving myself a bit of time to get organized but by the beginning of June I’m going to try giving up wheat, dairy and sugar for three weeks. I want to see if they contribute to my allergies and I also figure it will jump start losing weight again.

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