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Tell Me About You!

As I mentioned a couple days ago, I’m working extra this month – to help pay off some old debt and start a savings account.

That means for the next few days, I won’t have a lot of time for writing.  I’ll be working hard on making a video for a local community-building organization.

The hours are a bit brutal – I’ll be working 14-18 hours a day.  Wah.  BUT it’s for a good cause (my local government) and it’s good for my family in the long run.


Tell Me About You!

We haven’t shared with each other much lately and I’d really love to know more about you.  So, please take a moment to introduce yourself and say a few words!

    1. What’s your name?
    2. What brings you here?
    3. What are you most passionate about in your life??


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      14 comments to Tell Me About You!

      • I am most passionate about creativity! Creativity is one of the gifts we have that is all our own. We can use it to so many ends–all of which can be good and appreciated.

        • Sage Butterfly, what an interesting response. I think I sometimes take creativity for granted… as I create this video about deep-seeded societal issues, I will keep this in mind – so great!

      • After taking a break from blogging (at my own blog), I’m back again. These days, I’m most passionate about growing our own food, not wasting food and building networks in our own communities.

        I’m back here because it is so nice to find some of my favorite bloggers still blogging! Good luck with your project, Melinda!

      • Melinda,

        My husband and I have a similar mission as yours and would love to stay connected. Our blog and website is Change Your Life Today if you are interested in taking a look. We’ve just started a Family Sustainability Project that we are documenting, and we promote other environmental awareness topics too. Our larger mission is to provide resources for people who desire to improve their lives through better health, awareness and personal growth.

      • Just thinking…I’ve been reading your blog since we both tried the Riot for Austerity…. That’s been awhile!

        So thinking about what I feel passionate about right now: eating local and whole foods, growing as much of my own food as I can; buying local what I need, but making as much as I can or finding what I need used; finding creative ways to repurpose/recycle what I don’t need any more, mending.

        • Deb G, that has been a while! Wow. Gulp. Years. Green Bean was there at the same time! I feel like I’ve changed quite a bit, grown quite a bit… and my definitions for making a difference in the world have really expanded.

          Also, do you find it’s a million times easier to do some of the things that were so difficult a couple years ago?

      • Melinda, I found your site on accident when searching for stories about my favorite place–Seattle. We moved from Seattle to SoCal almost two years ago and miss Seattle terribly!! We cannot understand the “I must drive over you” car culture or the synthetic nature of well—SoCal’s nature. Why grow so many landscaping plants in a desert? At least I have a few lemon trees and plenty of potted strawberry and lettuce plants!

        I am passionate about understanding BIOLOGY. The biology of my 4 year old’s development. The biology of living, which includes our environment, our food, our activities, our health.

        I cannot wait to go though your archives to see what you have been up to in the Emerald City.

      • DM

        came across you via u-tube this AM as I was looking into how to polinate tomatoes that we’d grown indoors. Thank you for taking the time to upload that by the way! :-) we live in the midwest on an old farmstead. I am passionate about watching things grow. Just yesterday I was moving some black dirt off our pasture over to another spot where we want to start another garden bed and I was thinking..this whole place is like one giant labratory for me to experiment and putter.Anyway, that’s enough for now. I did want to leave you some type of comment after enjoying your short video clip. Sincerely, DM

      • My name is Jen and I go by both Jen and Emerald in the bloggy world.

        I visit here because I’ve been visiting for years now. I was one of the first people to sign up for the first growing challenge (under the name, later switched to I’m not sure how I found it at first, but I enjoy coming for the positive attitude. I really miss all the posts about living on the farm and city living green.

        My family inspires me and I am passionate about doing everything I can to help them, support them, and inspire them to even greater heights (particularly my kids). I also have personal passions (law enforcement, language, sociology, anthropology), but most of my life is focused on my family. Keep in mind, of course, that my family is not merely biological. I’m also a foster/adopt parent and my community is an extension of my family.

      • TracyDK

        I’m from Western Kentucky and it’s a fairly rural area. I guess I would say I’m most passionate about making sure my son has the best of what is best for him. So I’m wanting him to have the best possible food, prepared in the best way for him. I want him to have the best opportunities in education. But most of all, I want him to grow up respecting the world around him, not just the humans. I found your site through a search of “no poo”. I’m trying to eliminate as many chemicals as possible in my home, and so far, I’m doing well with it. :) (Now just trying to convince the Mr. to do it too!)

      • Mark Ruhl

        Hello Melinda!
        I cant even remember how I found out about your blog but I have been reading it for about 18 months. I always have an herb garden outside my kitchen window for easy access while cooking. Fresh food without artificial additives is the goal for each meal, a challenge in itself in our pre packaged society. thx

      • I found your blog while I was doing research for a school paper on conservation for my Environmental Geology class. I found some great information here so I signed up to receive your posts by email, and I love them! My name’s Heather, I live in Kentucky. I am passionate about so many things – gardening, my spirituality, reading, studying, traveling – but probably most in the world is my passion for writing.

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