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I Bought A Juicer!! Breville Juicer Review

Oh yes, you’ve seen it.  I love it.  I love it.  I love it!

I’ve been asked by several of you all to write a bit about the juicer and why I purchased this one….

Quick Juicer Review

After spending hours researching online, I ended up buying the Breville 800 JEXL Juice Fountain Elite.  While it sounds like it’s from a sci-fi novel, it’s actually one of the least complicated juicers out there.  It’s a little pricey, but here’s why I bought it:

  1. The motor. It’s a hefty motor, and really that’s the most important part of the juicer!  When it gets a bit torqued, it should be just fine.
  2. The lack of bells and whistles. It’s the way I buy cars, appliances, and clothes – not too high maintenance, not too many bells and whistles – because it just adds to the number of things that can go wrong.  Just durable, reliable parts.
  3. It’s going to last for years. Plastic parts just break faster.  Time and time again we’ve proven this when we skimped on something.  And then it goes to a landfill and it’s stuck there forever.
  4. It can be recycled. Most of the parts are recyclable.
  5. It had excellent reviews. On Amazon, in the book I’ve been talking so much about, and by our friends.
  6. We trust Breville. We have other appliances from Breville that have lasted a long time and continue to work extremely reliably.
  7. It looks good on the counter. It sounds kind of superficial, but we want to have juice every day.  There is a barrier to doing that if we have to stow it away all the time.
  8. It’s dishwasher safe. Most juicers are dishwasher safe at this point, but these parts are much more durable than the crappy plastic one I had in college (the old one showed some dishwasher wear after a while).  Plus even though my old one could go in the dishwasher, it never got clean – carrots and tomatoes stained it for good.  This one sparkles.
  9. It’s sturdy and has high capacity. The feeder tube is big, centered, and holds a lot.  That means it’s easy to cut things in just a few pieces and feed it right in there.  And the cup holds a lot of liquid as well.  All these little things can become barriers to regular use if your juicer doesn’t have them.
  10. Martha loves it. Actually I didn’t find out until after I bought it, but apparently it’s often featured on her show as a “must have.”  Here’s a sample.

Do You Own A Juicer?

What kind?  Do you like it?

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8 comments to I Bought A Juicer!! Breville Juicer Review

  • I bought a Hamilton Beach juicer 10 years ago. It was cheap and makes juice, but is noisy, slow, and tough to cleanup. I love to make juice but often don’t because it is such a chore with this juicer. I can’t wait to read your review. Please post more pictures of the juicer.

    • Ken, you will definitely see more pictures of juice and juicer in the coming weeks. :) (There’s also a pic on my last post.)

      The last juicer I had was also a Hamilton Beach, and it was also noisy, slow, and annoying to clean. This one – completely different. It makes me want to juice!

  • Sarah

    I received a Jack LaLanne power juicer as a wedding gift. I’ve been using it for a year and a half now, and it still works great. It’s annoying to clean (I always hand wash it), but that’s the price I pay for awesome juice.

  • Erica

    can you put whole fruits/veggies in? For example, a whole apple?

    • Hi Erica, yes – according to the instructions for the juicer you can put full apples in, for example. I’m a bit wary of doing that because of the cyanide in the apple seeds, however. I prefer a few extra chops for greater safety. :)

  • Jen

    My husband wanted a juicer so badly, so we put it on our wedding registry. Lo and behold we got one! We have the Jack LaLanne juicer. It’s pretty sweet :)

  • Christina

    We inherited an old Acme juicer from older friends who were not ever using it, when we started doing our juice fasting and cleansing. I just saw the same juicer on an episode of The Cosby Show LOL What I like about your new one is that it offloads the fiber of the food, enabling you to juice more produce in one go. When we were juice fasting, I couldn’t make a two-person batch of juice without stopping to clear out the basket in the middle.

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