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Cleanse: Two Weeks Later

Our New Juicer!!

First off, I’d love to hear from everyone who decided to do the cleanse – how are you doing?  Are you feeling good??!  Are you learning about your body, and learning to nurture your body?  I’d love to know!

Ok, are you ready?


First off:  Weight.  You all want to know, don’t you?

I wasn’t sure how this would work, if I’d stabilize or gain it all back.  The verdict…

  • Last day of the cleanse: weight 126.2
  • Two weeks later: weight 124.8

Of course it’s not just about weight – I wrote about overall puffiness being the biggest change in me.  I dropped 2+ pants sizes. Crazy, isn’t it?  I think I’m an extreme case, so don’t expect all that from the cleanse if you try it.  But wow, right?


Menstruation is a woman’s reality for 1/4 of her life between puberty and menopause.  This a natural aspect of women’s daily lives and it’s something a lot of people don’t talk about, so I do talk about these things here on occasion.  However, if it offends you, skip it and read the next paragraph.

So – no cramps again.  Wow.  Just wow.  And really nothing in the way of PMS, either.  That’s huge, compared to my past.


Haven’t had any.  I did have one cup of mate over the weekend, after kind of a long night the night before.  But no coffee, no tea.  I’ve wanted it on occasion, but decided to see what would happen if I didn’t drink it.  Most of the time, I forgot I wanted it within a few minutes.

Reintroduction of Foods

We reintroduced the top food allergens slowly and methodically per my naturopath’s instructions.  Briefly, if you do this yourself you should eat each food in its purist form (not mixed with anything else if possible), preferably 3 distinct times in one day.  Then wait 2 days and record in a journal anything different physically or emotionally.  After 2 days, move to the next one.

Here are my results….

Dairy (Raw) – We broke up our dairy experiment into two parts: raw cheese and pasteurized cheese.  I have a friend who is terribly allergic to cheese but found recently that raw cheese provided enough digestive enzymes that she could actually eat a bit of it without feeling bad.

Result: Raw cheese is awesome, no reactions.

Dairy (Pasteurized) – We had some lovely blue cheese.  Since then I’ve tested other pasteurized cheeses as well.

Result: Quite stuffy nosed, with a puffy face the next morning.  Nothing that would keep me from it entirely, but I will try to limit my intake.  My naturopath suggests not eating it more than one every 4 days to let my body recover.

Wheat – Yep.  I was supposed to eat a piece of bread for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner.  But I didn’t make it past breakfast.  First I had an asthma attack for the first time in several weeks.  Then I became so depleted, I laid on the couch, barely able to lift my arms and legs.  And it was all topped off with a nice migraine for the first time in months.

Result: I have a wheat allergy.  It’s likely gluten.  I thought so, but now I know so.  My naturopath said, “well, you had the top two food allergy reactions – there’s no need to get tested.”  Strict avoidance is key.  Wah.

Corn – We had popcorn.  It’s our fun evening snack while watching a movie.  We buy organic, heirloom popping corn because it’s fun and a whole new level of taste.

Result: Just fine.  Whew!

Sugar – We splurged one night and had frozen yogurt at a yogurt bar.  It was fabulous and fun.

But it did hurt a bit later.  It was a lot of sugar.  I definitely sense the blood sugar spikes now, and am not thrilled with them -  I will not see sugar exactly the same again.  But I’d be kidding myself if I said I wouldn’t eat sugar again.  I’ll be cutting down, but not cutting out completely.

Result: Definitely spikes followed by lows.  The lows are the worst part.

Alcohol – Tested it a little too much this past weekend, if you know what I mean.  I don’t do that very often.  Fortunately, even hangovers are lighter after a cleanse!

Result: Some of it makes me stuffy, and all of it makes me feel puffy faced the next morning.

Eggs – I have yet to reintroduce eggs.

Soy – I have yet to reintroduce soy.

Tomatoes – After the reaction during the cleanse, I decided I do want to pay attention to this – but I haven’t tested tomatoes yet.

Overall Well Being

Both Matt and I still feel really good.  We adopted the morning smoothies into our lives for a while, and then recently bought a juicer.   We love our juicer!!  I will post recipes – we’ve had juice every morning for the last several.

I’ve kept the weight off and seem to be dropping slightly still.  I’ve also kept most of the energy, though reintroducing some of those foods has definitely taken a toll.  By keeping at least one meal a day a liquid meal and to remain for the most part on the Elimination Diet, it has helped recover from those foods faster.

And finally, I’m more excited than ever to heal and nurture my body (and mind) and to continue on with the Year About Me.  Please let me know of any suggestions you think I might try!

So, Have You Started The Cleanse or Are You Thinking About It?

I’d love to know!

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15 comments to Cleanse: Two Weeks Later

  • Ron Mendoza via Facebook

    Way to go!

  • andrea

    Still thinking about a cleanse. We will be traveling a bit in the next few weeks, so it isn’t a good time to start right now. I’m planning on giving it a real try when we get back. Had a massage last week which was great, but felt quite sore (but not really what I’d directly attribute to the massage itself) the next two days. It is really interesting when you pay attention to your body and see how it reacts to all sorts of different factors.

  • kathy

    I tried to do the cleanse and was ok for a couple of days – except i was so hungry that i was light-headed and couldn’t function. with 3 young children, i just couldn’t keep it up – and my smoothies were enormous compared to your tiny things. so i stopped. and now have gone back to my usual diet, although smaller meals and less alcohol.

    i might look at a less brain-altering version or wait until i have a couple of weeks during which i can focus on a cleanse.

    i’ve really enjoyed your posts. thanks.

    I’m surprised that you’re using a liner in your juicer, btw. what do you do with the pulp?


    • Kathy, I’m so sorry it didn’t work out as well for you. Every body is different, so maybe trying another cleanse – or even just the Elimination Diet – is the way to go for you.

      We compost the pulp. Our composter is, unfortunately, in the basement of our building (12 flights down). So we compost every few days – the liner keeps it from getting stinky and drawing any critters.

  • Amy

    Thinking about it for sure. I bought the book. Now I just need to read it. :-)

  • Isn’t that contraption wonderful (the juicer)? We just invested in one ourselves and are easing into the healthy side of eating. I’m thinking about a cleanse, but I’m so addicted to certain foods, I know I can’t go extreme or it’ll lay me out. Read Clean and Integrative Nutrition, and am educating myself and weaning off dairy and caffeine. Gotta start somewhere…and I’ll bet that pulp makes terrific compost! Can’t wait til we have our own pile…

    • Melanie, indeed – love, love, love the juicer. I had one in college and didn’t use it much – clearly I’m in a different point of my life now! I haven’t heard of Integrative Nutrition – was it good/useful?

  • Michael J. Church

    I think that I’m going to get the book from the library, see if it is something I can commit to. Having read the book, what’s the “official” stance on decaf coffee? I switched about 6 months ago and haven’t looked back (caffeine wise). I love the ritual of it, though… Not to mention the flavor of a fresh cup of joe. Any thoughts, or should I just read the book?

    • Michael, from what I remember Clean doesn’t address decaf vs non. He encourages you to cut out all caffeine, but no rules are totally hard and fast – you do what you can and any cleanse is better than no cleanse. I’m sure you could still have an absolutely amazing cleanse while drinking your decaf joe in the morning!!

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about your journey through this cleanse. I have been eating a gluten-free diet for about 4 years. (I don’t have celiac disease, just a significant sensitivity. If anyone does have celiac disease, the following suggestion is definitely not a good idea.) Recently someone suggested that I try spelt, which does contain gluten. I found that I can eat spelt with MUCH less of a problem than wheat. I’ve been making bread using spelt flour, following the recipe in Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. It’s wonderful! It’s much easier to avoid wheat only than gluten entirely, so do a little more experimentation before you go radically gluten-free.
    The second thing is that I’ve been reading a newish book called “Your Spacious Self: Clear Your Clutter and Discover Who You Are.”
    Your question in your recent post about doing an Emotional Cleanse sounded like the approach this book takes.
    Finally, thank you for the suggestion to try body-brushing! I’ve been doing it for several weeks and am loving it.

  • Angie

    Thanks so much for sharing all the details about your cleanse and reintroduction of foods. It makes me feel more comfortable trying a cleanse if I know what to expect. Keep up the great blogging!

  • [...] minimum time required to completely remove foods from your system), you will also have some the reintroduction benefits of a cleanse.  That means you can slowly – one by one – reintroduce the 7 potentially toxic foods [...]

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