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Recommendations For an Emotional Cleanse?

Now that I’ve had such an amazing experience with the Clean cleanse, I’ve been thinking about doing an emotional cleanse of sorts.

There are a good deal of emotional toxins within me – I think we all have them to some degree, where we find ourselves returning to the same negative feelings, excuses, and inhibitions. Some are good, of course, but most of mine I’m sure I’d be better without!


I believe that physical health and well-being are tied very much to emotional health and well-being, and the overall self well-being that lies in balance between the two.  So the more I further my physical heath – with massages, acupuncture, naturopathy, and exercise – the more I wonder if I shouldn’t be furthering my emotional health.  Not that I’m a terribly mis-aligned person or anything, but I’m certainly not perfect!

I also believe that the answer to the next stage in my life will come forth more easily and more fruitfully if I can clear the air of some of those negative thoughts.  Allowing myself to focus on what I need and what I want, rather than past ailments and fleeting negativity.

What Do You Recommend?

Have you found any books or other things useful?

When I mentioned this idea the other day, Michael suggested The Option Institute and Mark suggested Bhudda’s Brain by Dr. Rick Hanson.  I have already picked up a copy of Bhudda’s Brain and am finding it very interesting.

What else?

  1. Do you know any good breathing or meditation books?
  2. Any good books about other peoples’ spiritual journeys?
  3. Any programs or thought processes or other things that have helped you?

Please Share!!

Thank you!

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