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Cleanse: Day 18 - Tea

Hibiscus growing in the botanical gardens of Hawaii

Particularly at the beginning of the cleanse, my saving grace was tea:

  • Green tea helped me slowly wean off coffee in the mornings during the pre-cleanse elimination week.
  • Hibiscus tea helps us keep the morning ritual of drinking something warm together at breakfast.  It also makes breakfast a little more substantial than just drinking a small smoothie.
  • Herbal tea of any kind gets me through coffee and drink dates throughout the week for work or fun.  They’re also great to have at the office for drinking with clients or colleagues.
  • Tulsi tea gets us over the hump in the evening, after dinner, when we want but don’t need a snack or dessert.  It helps even more during our winter cold spells, when we want to warm our tummies a bit.

Teas also helps the cleanse!

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus (pictured above) is full of antioxidants. It’s also natural diuretic, a source of vitamin C, and several studies have shown it to lower blood pressure.  It is also considered to have medicinal properties in the Ayurvedic medicine.

Hibiscus is an extremely flavorful and beautiful tea – the longer you steep it the richer the color and flavor (I steep it for at least 5 minutes).  It is also a great iced tea.  You can often find “Jamaica” in Mexican restaurants – it’s hibiscus iced tea with sugar.

Tulsi Tea

Tulsi - by Forest & Kim Starr

Tulsi is new to me – I discovered it on the tea shelves in our natural food store.  There were surprisingly few varieties of non-caffeinated herbal tea, so I picked it up to try it.  We’ve fallen in love with it!  Matt drinks it with a bit of almond milk and raw agave syrup; I drink it straight.

Tulsi is also an antioxidant.  It’s extracts are used in ayurvedic remedies for common colds, headaches, stomach disorders, inflammation, heart disease, various forms of poisoning, and malaria.  Tulsi is considered to be an adaptogen – it balances different processes in the body and helps in adapting to stress.

It may have other potential effects according to Wikipedia:  as a COX-2 inhibitor (painkiller), to alleviate menstrual cramps, to reduce blood glucose levels, to reduce cholesterol levels, and to protect from radiation poisonin and cataracts.

Day 18

Berry smoothie for breakfast.

Cheated for lunch (see below) – booooo!

Green smoothie for dinner.

Well Being Meter

Yep, I cheated again.  With our clients in town.  Breaking bread together is such an important part of business!!

I tried to be so, so good!  I had beans and rice (white rice).  But it came with some cabbage and lettuce, all smothered in a whole bunch of red salsa.

And that salsa hit my stomach HARD.  Oof.  A big acid bomb in my mid-section.

The client who’d told me the day before I was glowing – about half-way through the day, said I looked spent.

My pants were tighter today, too.  I gained some of the puffiness back.  I was a little off my game.

Not sure if those symptoms were from the meals the day before, or this day.  Also not sure what food triggered the symptoms – was it the tomatoes from the Mexican food?  The white rice both days?  The not drinking as much water?  The bits of dairy from the day before?….?

In retrospect, I probably would have done it differently, given the choice of breaking bread or being fully on my game.

Weight 128.4.

Sunset at work

Above: the sunset we saw at the end of the day – makes up for half the bad feelings at least!  The view is from my office.

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5 comments to Cleanse: Day 18 – Tea

  • I haven’t tried Tulsi Tea, and I have been drinking so much green tea, which I do love, but would love some diversity. Have you tried rooibas and honeybush teas? They are both good with a little almond milk as well.

    I used to compromise mt health for social/family reasons – the pressure was so there. But eventually I got so tired of being sick and ill all that much more that I finally committed to not doing so, and though it can be tough, usually people can understand. I’d rather be well and able to function and be around people than be too ill to leave my house. I hope you can find options for yourself that balance the needs of your body and the needs of clients and friends. Here in Seattle I have too places I can go where I can usually find something I can eat, even with the extreme aspects of my current diet. Those are Chaco Canyon and Thrive. You might like to check them out of you get a chance. At both you can see a list of every ingredient in the food. The food is also healthy, organic and delicious.

    I sure like that view from your office, which just happens to seem to be looking towards my neighborhood – Alki!

    • Maurie – I have tried rooibos tea, but not honeybush. I will check it out! I also like some kinds of mate, as well. I haven’t been drinking rooibos or mate on the cleanse, because both of those have caffeine-like qualities. But afterwards, I will! :)

      Thanks for the restaurant recommendations – I haven’t been to either place, though they’re both on my list! And yes – we are two piers up from the ferry terminal. Hello, neighbor!

    • PS I don’t know if your diet is gluten free or you have other restrictions you’re working with…. We also enjoy Boom Noodle and Blue C Sushi – both have gluten-free menu items. Blue C Sushi also has tamari (wheat-free soy sauce) in the back – you just have to ask for it.

  • My brother is also allergic to gluten. Whenever he has the smallest bit of contamination in his food, he’s cranky, fatigued, and ill for a week or more. Same thing goes for his wife (who is allergic to corn as well as other things). I would say your loss of vigor is from contaminated foods from your splurges – any restaurant that serves glutenous foods will have contaminated “safe foods”. Furthermore, you might want to mention your allergy as most people are understanding of such conditions.

    Maybe you should consider hosting at home. Though it means a lot of extra work, some basic prep work can make things really easy. The methods I often use to cook fish fillets, pork chops and steaks take only 5 min, vegetables in the microwave or steamer 4-5 min, and rice from scratch 30 mins (2 min if reheated in the microwave).

    Hope you can find a happy medium so you can stay on track with the cleanse.

    • Matthew – that’s very interesting. I’m totally new to paying attention to gluten ingredients. I’ve heard that contamination can be a problem, but haven’t really paid attention to it. I will definitely become more aware of that – thank you.

      I’ve been able to stay on the cleanse except for those two days, so I’m not too worried. I’m interested to see what happens when I try reintroducing certain foods. My naturopath has specifically suggested I try wheat to see what happens. I’m going to wait until a weekend, where I have time to get it back out of my system!!

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