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Cleanse: Day 16 - Wellness Plan

My Favorite Beach in Hawaii - A symbol of wellness

You can be the master of your own health.  While physicians and specialists went to school for several years and are experts in their medical fields, you are – more than anyone else – an expert on you.

I believe that there are great things about Western medicine and great things about Eastern medicine and healing.  Both have their place.  And the only one who knows whether or not something is truly good for you is you.

Wellness Plan

And so here I have embarked on my Year About Me to nurture myself – physically, spiritually, and mindfully.  Much of this nurturing will happen on my own, but for some of it I will consult specialists in their fields.  I have already seen a naturopath who does acupuncture (ND) and a physician (MD).  There will be others.

As I was researching naturopathy a bit, I found the suggestion – over and over – to create a Wellness Plan.  Dr. Jung mentions this in Clean as well.

That sounded like the exact right thing for me to do to set my goals for my Year About Me.  So here is my start.

By the End of the Year I Hope To…

  1. Lift my arms over my head! (My shoulders are stuck, due to some old car accidents and tendinitis.)
  2. Learn to live happily gluten free. (Yes, I’ll write about this soon.)
  3. Figure out my next career step.
  4. Reduce my meds for asthma to just the rescue inhaler. (I’ve been slowly weaning off my meds for a few years – but still take 4.)
  5. Exercise regularly (outside of walking) – yoga or some other form.
  6. Increase my number of social interactions. (I’m a bit of a hermit at times and want to be more social and a part of my community.)
  7. Decrease my number of negative thoughts, words, and actions.
  8. Have a healthy garden we regularly eat from. (I’ve been neglecting it lately.)
  9. Write more, and write about the things I want to write about.
  10. Spend more time outside of work with my family.
  11. Become more in touch with my physical and mental wants and needs.
  12. Reduce and maintain a lower weight that feels good. (~120-125 lbs?  I’ll know it when I feel it.)

In no particular order really – I want all of them!  I will be updating this throughout the year, to be sure – there will likely be things on my Plan 6 months ago that I don’t even know I need or want now.

Do You Have a Wellness Plan?

I’d love to know what you all put on your plans.  Have you put everything in one year, or do you space it out – not too many changes at once?  Are you more specific?  And how do you tackle your Plan??

Day 16

Blueberry smoothie for breakfast.

Lentils, brown rice, and greens for lunch.

Chia smoothie for dinner.

Well Being Meter

I have picked up an absolutely hyper sense of smell. (No, I’m not pregnant!)  I have a crazy sense of smell – I smell toxic smells like you wouldn’t believe.  I smell the ink in pens, the cleaning products used in stores, the body smell of each person I work with, shoes, food from every direction, … the list goes on and on.  My walk home is becoming a cacophony of different smells.  Interesting, to be sure.

I do feel a bit bloated today.  Weight 128 lbs (gained a lb. from yesterday).  And there was a moment when I felt really depleted and spacey, so I decided to eat lunch early for the first time.

I had a dream last night that I was enjoying eating something, and about 1/2 through eating it, I realized it had potatoes in it.  (Potatoes are not allowed on the diet!)

My skin looks a bit dull today (ie not as vibrant as it has been during the Cleanse) - it might be because I’m not sweating enough. That’s one thing I haven’t been doing much – who has regular access to a sauna??  I’m putting it on the list of things to do for sure during my next cleanse.

I went out for happy hour and had… lemon water. While it was not the most fun happy hour ever, it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  And I saved about $25 in drinks and food!

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13 comments to Cleanse: Day 16 – Wellness Plan

  • goGreenTriad

    @greengeneration looks like a lot of people, including myself, are focusing on health and balance this year

  • Michael J. Church

    Interesting, isn’t it, that you ND told you that so many of your symptoms were likely related? Reading today’s blog entry, it appears as though many of your wants are related as well… The weight, the exercise, and your breathing (asthma) are the easy ones to pick out.

    Killing three birds with one stone is gonna be awesome for you! And yoga could definitely help you towards being able to lift your arms above your head as well as being more in touch with your physical and mental wants and needs. Up that count to 5 birds, one stone! Oh, wait… Make that 6! If you join a yoga group, you’re almost assuredly going to meet some new people and increase your social interactions! (I think that if I tried hard enough, I could probably come up with concrete ways to achieve all of your goals with just that one change in lifestyle!)

    You’ve really inspired me to see how many of my “symptoms” (i.e., not getting what I want in life) are related. It just seems so obvious (to me, at least) when I see yours in writing. Perhaps my “one stone” will be just as obvious once I get my goals written down this evening. Thank you so much!

  • I’m enjoying reading about your journey through the cleanse and the Year About Me. Health and well-being are important to me, so I like to know what others have tried. Thanks for your honest assessment along the way.

    This year I have some specific health goals – details here – but I also have general rules of thumb: eat organic as much as possible, avoid processed foods, self-treat when it makes sense but know when to go to the doctor. Once a month I get a deep tissue massage (that might help your shoulders – so would yoga). I make regular use of a neti pot, which has helped alleviate my chronic sinus problems (and improved my hearing!) Otherwise, moderation in all things.

    • Abby, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying reading my journey. You’re welcome! I have been doing deep tissue massages once a month – it has definitely helped my shoulders, and in general helped my own body awareness. I love it!

      And yes, the neti pot has been recommended by several readers now – I should definitely look at doing that again – thanks. Great that it improved your hearing!

  • Julia

    I tried MAT (muscle activation therapy) for my shoulder injury … it is also a neck problem – where the shoulder muscles cross the neck muscles, if injured the result is you can’t lift your arms over your head. Although seemingly expensive it really helped and I have 99% mobility back.
    I try to keep in shape with yoga and biking … however working in a kitchen cooking for 100 people a day keeps me hopping!
    There are some really great gluten free breads – Queen street bakery makes the best fresh beans bread – however it’s mighty expensive 8$ A LOAF and it molds really quickly!

    Best of luck,
    stay positive<3

    • Julia, thanks for all the tips! I’ve never heard of muscle activation therapy, but just looked it up – very interesting. It sounds a bit like my massage therapist’s approach – so far it is helping quite a lot. 99% mobility is a goal to strive for!!

  • I don’t have a specific wellness plan but I do always have a few things I am working on. Right now they are

    Deal with the underlying condition that has me craving huge amounts refined carbs
    Get my BMI back within the healthy range (done at the rate it needs to be this will be at least a 2 year project)
    Add yoga and other activities to keep me in touch with my body as well as keep it moving.

    Kind Regards

  • Thank you so much for sharing this, it’s always so inspiring to see people making plans!
    I think my personal ‘wellness plan’ is integrated in my resolutions for this year, so it is scheduled over a year, together with some other goals, but since you have career in yours as well it might be the same. I have a general list of goals but for each goal i wrote down specific sub-goals and actions to reach that goal, so i get motivated to move on towards the big thing. it works pretty well so far. ;o)

    • yaga, you’re welcome. Thanks for reading! My general thought is that my work and my home life are so intricately intertwined, that I need to be happy in both areas in order to be truly well. I like the incremental approach to goals – I might adapt that!

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