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Cleanse: Day 12 - Water

Water on Papaya Leaf by By Chad Podoski on Flickr


Don’t freak out, but in Clean, Dr. Junger writes that if you’re not urinating every hour, you’re not drinking enough water.

Every hour!!  Yeah, I freaked out, too.

The good news is that throughout the cleanse I have rarely had quite that much water.  It’s not super practical when you’re working with clients and the nearest bathroom is all the way on the other side of the pier (I work on the waterfront).  During the cleanse I think some of the weight loss I’m sure is due to the amount of long walks I’ve taken to the bathroom!

So on the weekends I try hard to drink that much water, and on weekdays I get as close as I can.

How Do You Remember to Drink That Much Water?

I found this fabulous free app called Time Out.  You can set it to time out your computer as often as you like.  While at work, I set it to go off for a few minutes every hour.  When it times out my computer, I look at my water glass.  It’s often totally full, I haven’t drunk a sip in an hour.  So I drink.

It’s also great for reminding you that you’ve been sitting in the same position for an hour.  I use the opportunity to stretch my shoulders and neck, and look around the room to rest my eyes.

And if you’re in the middle of something, you can either skip or postpone the break with one click.

I love it, and will continue to use it after the cleanse!

I would also recommend adding fresh lemon to your water. It is good for your cleanse, as it increases your body’s alkalinity (I know, that’s counter-intuitive but apparently true).  And it makes water taste more flavorful – which makes it easier for me to drink.

Why Drink So Much Water on the Cleanse?

Water is a huge element of any detox or cleanse.  I’ve written more about why in this post.  Essentially, it helps support every major part of your body’s detox system as it removes toxins in your body.  Without it, the detox doesn’t work so well.

Day 12 and 13

Blueberry smoothie for breakfast.

Scallops, brown rice, greens for lunch.

Tropical smoothie for dinner.

Blueberry smoothie for breakfast.

Lentils, brown rice, greens for lunch.

Green smoothie for dinner.

Well Being Meter

A good friend had a birthday party.  It was definitely difficult to not drink and eat together with friends!  I felt bad, but actually left a bit early because of it – after-partying at a bar all night seemed not as appealing without toasting a few drinks.

We went rollerskating, though, which was a blast – and quite a workout!  And, I was very pleased to see this photograph on Facebook the next morning:

Sarah and Melinda - 80s Rollerskating Night

What pleased me was that for the first time ever, I caught just a glimpse of my cheek bones!!

Note #1: don’t worry, it was 80s night – we don’t normally dress this way!

Note #2: I’m not wearing any makeup – the rosiness is from feeling good.

128.6 lbs – no change in weight.  But all my pants are too big!

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11 comments to Cleanse: Day 12 and 13 – Water

  • [...] of filtered water for your kidneys (as well as your skin, intestines, and [...]

  • Wow,
    That is one heck of a lot of water. Everyone I know looks at me strange when I go through at least 2L a day but that sure doesn’t have me looking for a bathroom every hour. I’ll have to try and actually see just how much water it takes to get there.

    Kind Regards

  • So I am drinking enough water, but it certainly is exhausting!

  • What a coincidence, I went roller skating for my birthday last week too. :) I drink about a liter of water a day, which probably isn’t as much as they’re suggesting. Alas. It sounds like this cleanse is doing great things for you. I’m glad you’re taking this time to take care of yourself!

  • I’m actually envious of what you get to have on your cleanse. All those fruit smoothies – sigh. I’m currently working on an anti-candida diet/cleanse that will in various ways be going on for the whole year. Fruit, since it has sugars is eliminated or very limited and I miss it terribly – thus my envy over your smoothies! With what I am doing the need for lots of water is there as well, and I hadn’t been doing so well on that part. This post was a nice gentle reminder for me.
    I also picked up a skin brush, finally, (something that was suggested to me years and years ago to help my body cope with toxins) and will be using it for the first time this evening. I look forward to seeing what all happens with its use. Reading your cleanse posts, though different than what I am working on now, has reminded me often to do the little things as well that help support the body – thanks!

    • Maurie, the whole year! Ooof, that sounds a bit brutal. I’m so sorry.

      Great to hear that my posts are helping you remember the little things that all add up. I wish you all the luck in your year-long journey.

      BTW, how was the skin brush?

  • Sarah

    I was wondering if the lemon water and the blueberry smoothies are staining your teeth? I struggle with this, and I am a dental hygienist!

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