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Cleanse: Day 11 - Toxins and Inflammation

Cropduster spraying pesticides, leading to toxins in your body

Ok, so where were we?  Day 11… Getting a little behind here!  Well, onward through the journey…

What Does Inflammation Have To Do With a Detox?

I’m no expert, but here’s what I’ve learned…

When your body finds toxins in your system, it immediately goes to work protecting yourself from them.  It puts a layer of mucous around the toxins, and then waits until you have enough digestive energy to get rid of those toxins.

That process of getting rid of the toxins only starts to happen about eight hours after your last meal.  If you eat between meals, the process starts over again.  If you never give your body more than eight hours between meals, it begins to accumulate mucous, which looks like fat but is really puffiness – inflammation – throughout your body.

A cleanse helps rid your body of those toxins and mucous by jump-starting the detox process.  Because they are already in liquid form, juices and smoothies allow your body to take in nutrients and digest quickly.  That gives your body time to get to the detox process faster.

Once it does, the mucous separates from the toxins and you begin flushing them out of your system.

What Gets Rid of the Toxins?

You need to help your body flush out those newly released toxins asap.  That means you need:

  • Lots of filtered water for your kidneys (as well as your skin, intestines, and liver)
  • Skin brushing and sweating for your skin
  • Antioxidants and extra nutrients for your liver (this is why it’s important to drink carefully selected ingredients in smoothies and juices, or take a supplement)
  • Fiber and enzymes for your intestines (you get enzymes by eating raw food)
  • Clean air for your lungs

If you don’t flush them out, the toxins will re-enter your system.

And, of course, if you eliminate exposure to toxins as much as possible, your body will be able to focus on the old toxins.

Day 11

Blueberry smoothie for breakfast.

Aduki beans, kale, brown rice for lunch.

Green smoothie for dinner.

Well Being Meter

After the acupuncture, I feel I can breathe a bit deeper. The range of motion in my neck is incredible.  However, my neck is pretty sore, and I have a mild headache.  I believe it released a fair amount of toxins.  Drinking lots of water to flush it out.

Less nasal mucous in the morning. My body tends to release a lot of mucous in my lungs and through my nasal passages, but this is the clearest my lungs and nasal passages have been for as long as I can remember.

I needed a bit more sleep this morning. Maybe from the acupuncture?  Maybe just spending so much energy eliminating toxins?  Maybe just tired?

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