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Cleanse: Day 8 and 9 - Probiotics


Incremental Changes

There are so many changes that the cleanse has instigated in my life, that I’m trying to gradually introduce new elements of the cleanse.  First I started with the food changes – the Elimination diet, followed by the Cleanse diet.  Then after a few days I added skin brushing.  Then a couple days later, I added olive oil, followed by a deep tissue massage.

I feel it’s personally necessary for me to take each day at a time, and to allow myself to try it and redefine normal with each new addition before moving onto the next.

The Next Incremental Change – Probiotics

One of the many things my massage therapist mentioned was that it would really help to take probiotics during the cleanse.  Dr. Junger writes about this in Clean, as well, listing it as one of the many things you can add to your cleanse to improve its effect.  So I asked him which brand he used, and stopped on the way home to pick some up.

I’m taking Jarrow’s Allergen-Free (ie dairy- and wheat-free) Probiotic Supplement.  I also decided to try the one particularly for ladies, to bring balance to other functions.

The Benefits of Probiotics

Your beneficial bacteria are essential to digestion – helping break down food so that you can synthesize it as nutrients, filtering out toxins, and protecting you from infections.

Some of the things that kill those essential beneficial bacteria are:  antibiotics, alcohol, caffeine, toxic chemicals, and some medications and preservatives.  If you are constantly exposed to any or all of these things, it’s highly possible that your inner bacteria are imbalanced.

That can lead to all sorts of complications, from bloating and gas, to lack of certain nutrients, overproduction of yeast, depression and irritation, to IBS, “leaky gut syndrome”, and autoimmune disorders, as well as potentially serious complications that can result from each of these.

During a cleanse, you are cutting out the things that feed the bad bacteria (starches and sugars) and the things that kill the good bacteria (alcohol, caffeine, preservatives, toxins).  As a result, your intestines begin to fall into balance.

You can help that balance along by taking probiotics.

Oh, and 2 little fascinating factoids:

  1. Your intestines make up 80% of your body’s total immune system.
  2. Healthy intestines apparently hold about two pounds of beneficial bacteria.

The Cleanse Day 8 and 9

Blueberry smoothie for breakfast.

Azuki beans, brown rice, red kale for lunch.

Green smoothie for dinner.

Blueberry smoothie for breakfast.

Lentils, brown rice, green kale for lunch.

Tropical smoothie for dinner.

Azuki Beans, brown rice, red kale

Well-Being Meter

My wedding ring almost fell off in the shower! It’s getting pretty lose on my finger.  As are my pants around my waist!

I’m beginning to tune into my emotional toxins, as well, and trying to retrain my mind to keep from repeating over and over the negative thoughts that run through it.  I think I may focus on this more during the coming months.

I’m not sore after my massage the way I usually am 2 days out.  This is probably due to all the water I’m drinking, the inflammation that is being reduced, and the new part of the recovery arc I’ve likely reached.  (In other words, I’ve been working out my shoulder and neck issues for a few months, so I may have hit a new level of mending.)

Weight 129.6 lbs (lost 4 lbs since I began).

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7 comments to Cleanse: Day 8 and 9 – Probiotics

  • [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Gretchen Glasscock, KimK. KimK said: Cleanse: Day 8 – Probiotics | One Green Generation: Incremental Changes There are so many changes that the clean… [...]

  • Michael J. Church

    Interesting that you talk about your emotional toxins… I’ve never quite thought about it in that way before, but I’ve been focusing on that sort of thing for years! If you’re interested in really focusing on that aspect of your “year of about me”, I’d suggest looking in to The Option Institute ( Their philosophy is focused on increasing the happiness in your life. I’ve been attending classes there for about about 14 years, and while I wish I could say that I’m happy 100% of the time, I am a much happier person, and feel that I have complete control when those negative thoughts and feelings do come to mind!

  • Mark Ruhl

    I love your blog, I have been following it for almost a year now. I missed your posts while you were “out”. For your negative thoughts, I would recommend reading “Bhudda’s Brain” by Dr. Rick Hanson; it digs deep into the workings of the mind and it is a great read regardless of your spiritual path.

  • Arturo

    Right were I’m at day 9. I got here just looking for natural ways to do stuff like toothpaste and out of curiosity started to read about the clean diet in your blog. I weighted myself this morning and 6.40 lbs less it’s really hard not to see the benefits of it. The only thing that I feel it’s a little bit of lack of energy, I do sports (soccer and jogging)and it’s really hard to maintain. But overall it’s very good, my wife it’s full of energy and really happy, she was really down for different thing that were going on in her life and from day one her face changed to a big smile.

    Keep it up I like a lot the information you are spreading
    Cheers from Barcelona, Spain

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