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Cleanse: Day 7 - Skin Brushing

Japanese Skin Brush

So many strange things I’m doing on this cleanse!  If you asked me a year ago if I’d ever see myself skin brushing, I would have laughed in horror….

But now I’m hooked!

I mentioned that my skin was really dry right at the beginning of the cleanse – I mean really dry and flaky.  I had never seen it that way and it was kind of icky.  I needed to do something.

In Clean, Dr. Junger mentions skin brushing as an optional element of the cleanse.  So I figured, why not try it?  My skin looks awful, can’t get much worse!

I went to the health store and bought a Japanese skin brush, made of sisal.  And before my next shower, I brushed my skin all over.

Fortunately, I had a sense of how to do it.  Back when I had my own spa day in the fall, I’d had a body wrap.  Before the body wrap, my skin was brushed.

How to Brush Your Skin

You can’t really go wrong – anything will help really.  And don’t worry if your skin is pretty sensitive – start lightly and gradually do it harder over a few days.  My skin is incredibly sensitive (I have atopic dermatitis), and I’ve been totally fine this way.

Start at your feet and brush upwards toward your body.  I use a similar motion to how I brush my hair, really.  Just brush toward your heart, taking just a few minutes to brush your whole body.

Crunchy is doing it too, with the same brush even.  She lists some videos to watch if you want to know more.

Why Brush Your Skin

  1. It’s invigorating.  I couldn’t believe it, but it really felt good afterward.
  2. It makes your skin softer.  I love that.
  3. It stimulates blood flow.
  4. Removes dead skin cells and stimulates cell regeneration.
  5. It stimulates lymph flow, helping eliminate toxins from your body.
  6. It helps remove cellulite – this hasn’t happened to me yet, but I am hopeful!

It has definitely made my skin softer and more taught.  I highly recommend it, and will likely continue to do this after the cleanse.

Green Smoothie in action

The Cleanse Day 7

Just wanted to add that photo above, so you can see the green smoothie in action.  Ingredients:  Kale, avocado, mangos, almond milk, and coconut water.  Crazy, isn’t it?  But we love it actually.  It is a really nice smoothie, perfect for dinner.

Blueberry smoothie for breakfast.

Azuki beans, brown rice, red kale for lunch.

Green smoothie for dinner.

Well-Being Meter

People who haven’t seen me in a while say I look really good.  People who know I’m on the cleanse are surprised by how good I look (feeling, as I had, that a cleanse would make me feel deprived and look depleted).

I forgot to take my asthma medication in the morning. Normally that would make me feel pretty groggy with a stuffy head, and an asthma attack by mid-day.  All I had was a brief, mild sore throat that came and went.  That’s it.

I’m not going to stop my medications tomorrow, or anything, but it was certainly food for thought.

I feel good.  And I’ve now lost 4 lbs, weighing in at 129.6 lbs.

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