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Cleanse: Day 6 - Massage

Elaia Spa at the Olive 8Elaia Spa at the Olive 8

I love my massage therapist.

I never thought I would have a massage therapist – so many ways I’ve changed over the last few years!

A few months ago, I had been working 80-120 hours/week.  I didn’t have much choice. We had gone too long without making any money from my old business venture, and finally I had good, paying clients… All at once, of course!

So I worked, and worked, and worked.  It was good work, but it was hard on my body.  The only way I could get through a few of those days was by scheduling a spa day to mark the end of it all:  one day, just for me, to begin to recuperate.

And it was AMAZING.  I had a market fresh body wrap (with local herbs), a 90 minute massage (with local olive oil), a manicure and a pedicure (eco-friendly, low toxins).  It was so unlike me – I’ve only had a few manicures and pedicures in my life, mostly for weddings.  And I’d never had a body wrap!

I emerged after that day felling nurtured.

Elaia Spa at the Olive 8

Why Get A Massage During A Cleanse?

Massage relax the body and the mind, reducing stress (a toxin of its own).  It also increases circulation, pumping more oxygen and nutrients through the body.  And, most importantly, massage stimulates the lymph nodes to encourage clearing of toxins.

I have been going to see Scott once a month, since that first day.  It has helped me be more clear headed and more relaxed.

But there’s something else, too, that I think is so important in our busy lives:  massage has helped me get back in touch with my own body.

Scott knows the ins and outs of my body.  On the first day he met me, he knew I’d been in a car accident, I’d had tendinitis in my arms, I’d done something really crazy to my shoulders when I was a kid (we finally figured out it was going around the bars when I was in elementary school!), and many many other things.

It’s amazing.  And it’s definitely one of the things that lead me to The Year About Me.

Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but it is essential for my well-being right now.  And I recommend it to you, both during a cleanse and after, when you can afford it.

A Few Notes: If you aren’t happy with your therapist the first time, don’t give up – some are much better than others.  It always helps to tell the person who schedules your appointment what you want in a therapist, or what your ailments are.  Also, many hotel spas will give a local discount so make sure to ask.  and of course, don’t forget to tell your therapist you’re doing a cleanse, so he or she can work on your lymph nodes!

Green Smoothie

The Cleanse Day 6

Blueberry Smoothie for breakfast.

Scallops, kale, and brown rice for lunch.

Green Smoothie for dinner.  The green smoothie was fabulous!  Kale, avocado, mangos, almond milk, and coconut water.  Surprisingly good.

Well-Being Meter

I came home from seeing Scott, my fabulous massage therapist, with a small list of additions for the cleanse.  He was so proud of me for doing it, and had lots of tips I’ll share in the coming days.

I weighed 130.6 lbs.  Also saw the doctor earlier this week, had a blood pressure of 110/70 (that’s good!) and all tests were good.

I had an amazing night’s sleep, as did Matt.  Very deep, very peaceful.  I awoke in the morning fully awake and ready to go.

And ladies, one update:  my flow is now off the charts, but still no cramps!

All in all, I can’t complain after an awesome, relaxing massage to end the day.

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