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Cleanse: Day 3 - Menstruation

Dinner in Wine GlassesDinner in Wine Glasses

Cleansing While Menstruating

Alright, I warned all you men in the title.  Feel free to read on, but be forewarned!

So ladies… chances are 3 in 4 that you’ll be menstruating while cleansing.  (That is, the cleanse is 3 weeks long, so unless you menstruate in that fourth week of the month, you are going to do it on the cleanse!)

And oh boy I am soooo glad it happened on the 3rd day, just as I was starting to feel normal! (Can you feel my sarcasm?)

I was dreading the day ahead.

Here is how I normally feel on my first day of menstruating:

  1. extremely tired and sluggish
  2. severe cramps that need pain medication for me to function
  3. pain through my back and legs
  4. very bloated
  5. highly irritable and deeply doubting my life path a few days before through the first day

Fun, eh?  I couldn’t wait to feel all this while also going through all the changes the cleanse is taking me through.


Here is how I felt on my first day of menstruating while doing the cleanse:

  1. invigorated in the morning, though a little bit tired toward afternoon
  2. I can feel things happening in my uterus, but NO CRAMPS.  None.
  3. no pain in my back or legs
  4. still somewhat bloated
  5. I didn’t even know my cycle was coming – definitely didn’t feel crabby.  Maybe slightly more reflective, but not doubting my life path.   Actually quite happy with it.

When I start to think about it, I realize that menstruating is one of the body’s ways of cleansing as well.  Maybe without the need for spending so much energy on digestion, my body has the space and time to menstruate without resistance.  And without the salt, sugar, caffeine, and dairy that often make cramping worse…

Very interesting!

Lunch - salmon, brussels sprouts, brown rice

The Cleanse Day 3

Smoothie for breakfast.

Grilled salmon, brussels sprouts and brown rice for lunch.

Smoothie for dinner.

Well-Being Meter

My backpack feels lighter on my back. It feels almost like I’m carrying nothing – where it is actually full of a 15″ laptop, 2 notebooks, lunch, purse and a few other odds and ends.

My body feels more  limber. I’m walking with bigger strides, and I can pull my knee up to my chin for the first time in a long time.

My mental acuity is increasing without caffeine – still not like having caffeine flowing through my system all day, but closer.

I began to meditate, just a few minutes, but something.  I’m also trying to be more aware of myself and my surroundings on my 1.5 mile walk to work.  I love it.

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3 comments to Cleanse: Day 3 – Menstruation

  • What a wonderful side benefit! I wonder how it would do for what I call my “two weeks of hell”…

  • I have always found it amazing the way that if you find a way to take pressure off your body that a lot of seemingly unrelated things also seem to slot into place.

    I think you’ve goaded me into doing what my body has been telling me it needs.. Sweetener free and grain free for a month as of Monday. Sweetener free and wholegrain only for at least a fortnight after that, it might be a month but the two household birthdays fall in March and we are likely to be eating at other people’s places so we will see.

    Kind Regards

  • Dawn

    Everytime I cleanse my cycle starts early and is heavier than usual.
    I feel worse than when I’m not cleansing. What am I missing?

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