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Earth Hour Tonight – 8:30pm Your Time

In one hour, you won’t change the world.  But you might change your perception of the world.  And that’s something.

I believe the world needs to redefine what normal is, and the way to do that is to start very small for some – one hour, one moment to think about the earth.  That one moment can have profound implications, or it can be one more step to redefining the way businesses, homes, and lives to think about the earth.

It’s only one hour.  Try it!  Don’t be disappointed if your neighbors don’t do it – they probably don’t know about it.  But know that across the world, millions of others are doing it.  Next year, maybe your neighbors will do it too.

Learn more here.

Are You Turning Off Your Lights?

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7 comments to Earth Hour Tonight, 8:30pm Your Time

  • We are! We did it last year, and it was so peaceful. I’ll be reading by candlelight. I can’t wait.

  • Will it be cheating if I’m asleep? :)

  • Yes, we participated this year & last year. My kids love it. We turn off everything, light a bunch of candles & play cards. My husband, systems analyst, had to work so his computer was on but he worked via candlelight.

  • We didn’t participate. We left our home at 2:45 pm and everything but the refridgerator was off (as it is when we leave the house). We went to my daughter’s school and we spent the entire rest of the day (until 9pm) working and enjoying a community event to build up the school. We discussed the garden and the plans for it, and everything that can be done. We had fun and enjoyed ourselves.

    The girls went to Gramma’s from the school and DH and I returned home from the event at 9pm and we turned on a light in the room we were in and I powered up my laptop in order to do my recap of the event for my records.

    I do think if we do an event that will eclipse earth hour I would like to have some sort of ceremony to go with it from 8:30-9:30 maybe gather outside on the feild with a candle for each person and light them while the school is powered down, of course that means clean up would last until 10:30ish.

  • Hi Melinda,

    We celebrated Earth Hour with all the power off except the fridge, and sat outside with beeswax candles and a nice bottle of wine. My wife then serenaded me by playing the guitar and singing a few romantic songs!

    Love Earth Hour, just wished more people would catch on.


  • Amy

    We celebrated Earth Hour with a barbecue/party. When the lights went off glow sticks, sparklers and fire poi came out. It was a wonderful night that will probably become a tradition for us.

  • While I love the idea, I’m staying with my in-laws and didn’t think I’d better act like the ‘green nazi.’

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