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Spring Is In The Air: Growing Challenge Check-In

The Growing Challenge New! The Growing Challenge Advanced Edition – From Seed To Seed! The Growing Challenge: Evangelist Edition

Can you feel it?  Can you smell the warm air on the horizon, see the little buds coming up, oooooh… Spring is almost here!

So all you Growing Challengers….

Come Check In, Say Hello, Talk About Your Plans!

I’m still laying low from a virus I’m fighting, and I would absolutely love to hear all about your spring garden plans.  Will you humor me?  Also would love to hear from all you new gardeners, whether officially joining the challenges or not!  Come say hello!!

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17 comments to Spring Is In The Air: Growing Challenge Check-In

  • Not here, we have a ways to go before spring. 18 inches of snow, but it was above freezing all day, I think according to my porcherator its just below freezing right now.

  • Lots of snow here too and above freezing temps. Another month or so to go! I have a lot of new gardening plans!


    Harvest is well under way over here and lots of little happy dances over the fact we have had a generally strong season overall.

    Kind Regards

  • Still lots of snow here as well. We had a low of 4 F this morning but it made it up to freezing today. We haven’t seen the ground since Christmas and I’m SO ready. The rabbits are desperate and are eating everything that sticks above the snow. I’ll probably be starting some seeds inside soon (although I have started some chives and parsley on the windowsill). I need to get my seed starting set up going. I need to figure out something different this year since we now have cats that I want to keep out of my seedlings I will be starting many more herbs this year as we are putting in new herb gardens for both culinary and medicinal herbs at our new home. I’ve got several new varieties of veggies that I’m trying this year so it should be fun.
    For the extreme part of the challenge- I’ve been talking to a friend who is planning to buy a house soon. He is a great cook so I’m trying to convince him to try his hand at gardening.

  • Spring is a long way off here. We just got slammed with another 30 inches of snow and it’s still coming. Earlier this month, I started leeks, lettuce and bok choy seeds in flats. I was really looking forward to March 1st, though. That was when I planned to move those seeds to cold frames, and start more seeds in the frames and under hoop houses. I’m definitely not going to make that date. With five feet of snow on the ground and temperatures well below normal, it looks like my gardening fun will be stuck indoors.

  • meg

    Hi! I’m in Seattle and I have peas, lettuce, radish, kale and broccoli in the ground. I’m starting my indoor seeds tomorrow. Awesome!

  • Still snow on the ground here, but I toured the yard yesterday and buds are swelling. One of my experiments this year is growing potatoes in potato grow bags. I also ordered a sampler of potatoes – they should arrive mid-April. I can’t wait!

  • Oh spring is in the air. “Achooo!” I’ll probably have rhubarb to harvest in a week or two at the rate it’s taking off. A bit of sorrel too. First bit of spinach and lettuce are up and doing well, planted peas last weekend and today I’ll start my tomatoes (some of it from seed I saved from last year!) and some more cauliflower and broccoli as the first batch got a little leggy. Moved the chicken coop yesterday. I’ll be planting my squash and corn where the run has been during the winter. Also planted an apricot tree,a bit of gamble in this area, and another pear tree yesterday. There is snow mixed with rain in the forecast for next week, I’ll believe it when I see it. :)

  • We’re moving into Autumn down here in New Zealand, but I’ll be as busy as a bumblebee, getting to know my very own three acres of south island heaven!

    We’re moving into our property next week, and first thing will be getting a veggie plot big enough to feed our family up and running! I have to learn how to manage the sheep and chickens we’ve inherited (baa! cluck!) and figure out just how many more trees I can plant on our property to make it into the organic permaculture food forest I intend it to be!

    Fancy coming down to visit? You’d be very welcome – and we have a guest room! :-)

  • Seattle, ground temps just about 60 degrees F. I’ve gone out twice to plant, but all I’ve managed to get in the ground are some shallots, as I am driven to plot and measure and really get organized this year about crop rotation and planning. I have 400 sq. ft. in one of Seattle’s community gardens (we call them p-patches) and with a pretty disastrous year financially I was so grateful for the great eats I grew that kept me happily fed through the winter and into the Spring, with overwintered kales, leeks, and broccoli waiting for me as I plan. Next up: dill, peas, lettuces, peas, beets, peas, broccoli raab, peas, fennel, peas, this year’s leeks and kales, peas, followed by heirloom ozette potatoes and my old standby yukon golds to go in the ground in a couple of weeks. Along with more peas.

  • In the house, I started onions from seed at the end of January, as well as lettuces. The lettuces have been transplanted into larger pots. There is a plastic tunnel over one of my 4X8 raised beds. Spinach is up and growing very slowly. Also planted radishes and mesclun. Scallions and one kale plant wintered over. Yesterday I planted peppers to put on the seedling heat mat. Tomatoes will be planted in a week or two. New for me this year will be tomatillos and pak choi–which almost make for the challenge, but I can’t think of a third crop to grow…Other chores include pruning fruit trees and berries, stirring the compost, and prowling the yard for flowers. A yellow crocus opened today, and I’ve been enjoying snowdrops and pussywillows.

  • Willamette Valley, Oregon.

    Currently we have in flats in the house:

    Amaish paste tomatoes, diamond eggplants, Aunt Ruby Green tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, celery, California Wonder bell peppers, Stupice tomatoes, Rutgers tomatoes, Pingtung Long eggplants, Bulgarian Carrot peppers, Beefsteak tomatoes.

    In flats in the potting shed:

    red cabbage, white cabbage, collards, cauliflower, spinach, Red Russian kale, 2 kinds of lettuce, chard, beets, Joi Choi bok choi, parsnips and leeks.

    In grow tunnel: onions, walking onions, dandelion, yellow peas, elephant garlic, favas.

    In garden: favas coming up, rhubarb, elephant garlic, garlic, walking onions, Jerusalem artichoke. 8 new blueberries, 2 early and 2 late, and three kinds of grapes. Corn, beans, pumpkins, squash and peas are waiting in their packets, and potatoes in their sacks.

    In orchard/poultry zone: one pie cherry, one van cherry, 2 bing cherries, 2 Black Tartarian cherries. Apples: one each Gravenstein, Granny Smith, Jonathan, McIntosh, Winesap, Transparent. Pears: 2 Bosc, 2 Anjou, 3 Bartlett. Plums: Santa Rosa, damson, Satsuma, Superior, two prunes. 4 nectarines of 2 kinds and 2 Elberta peaches. 4 pineapple quince. 2 figs (which may have died this winter). one filbert. Coming: 2 persimmons, 6 Cascadian hop vines. Under the trees, on grass: 7 Rhode Island Red hens with rooster, 7 Americauna chicks, 5 Ancona ducks, 6 Khaki Campbells, and a pair of White China geese.

    Current project, rehabbing the “barley field” across the creek. Can’t grow anything there right now as it is a highway for deer…

  • I would love some advice on bringing seedlings from indoors under growlights… to coldframes. I am just beginning this year but I purchased a cold frame that stands 6′ x 3′ and has a durable plastic clear, tent like, zip cover. I’m assuming the plastic keeps it warm during day and protects at nite? Usually I can plant outdoors on memorial day not before (Zone 6). But with cold frame I should hbe hardening off much sooner right? I’ve never used one & welcome advice. I’m being ambitious this year and want to do it right.
    Thanks so much hope to hear from you
    Cathy (gardenchef) in Boston

  • We haven’t really done anything yet this year. It’s still cold and dreary!

  • Finally placed our seed order, after deciding to take over an abandoned property near us to gain the sunlight we don’t have in our yard. Blogged here:

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