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My Grandfather's 99th Birthday

The King and Queen of the Party: My Grandfather and Step-Grandmother

Amazing isn’t it?  Both my grandfather and his second wife turned 99 this February.  It is just incredible to think about how much has changed in our world since 1911.  The number of changes he has seen in his lifetime, the fads, the technology, the friendships and the family members!  It puts life in a bit of perspective when you think about it spanning over 99 years.

Whole Family

We had a wonderful feast together, the 30 of us, from four generations.  I just wanted to share a bit of it with you today.  The little tyke in the back, toward the center (just above my grandfather) is my grandfather’s great great grandson.  WOW, right?

You can do a great deal with your life.  Little moments of despair really don’t often matter in the scheme of things.  Life is bigger, longer, and more powerful.  To think of how many people he has affected in big and small ways during his lifetime…it’s incredible.

A Triumphant 99 Years

Live long, be healthy, do what you want to do, and do it well.  Live life to its fullest.

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13 comments to My Grandfather’s 99th Birthday

  • Happy Birthday,

    May all you descendants find the same happiness as you.

    Kind Regards

  • How wonderful! Happy Birthday! Is it just me or do they not look 99 AT ALL?!? Have your grandfather and his wife shared any secrets to longevity with you?

    What a great way to start my day, reading this. I’m feeling so much happier and hopeful right now than I was a few moments ago.

  • Patience

    That is such a blessing. They seem very sweet and patient. They don’t even look 99. They look about 70 something or younger! Wonderful post.

  • What a satisfied, happy looking couple. Older seniors often have that special outlook on life. I often pass a 90-100 year old uptown who makes a point to catch my eye so as to exchange smiles. I imagine many years with nice friends and family, problems that were handled in a kind and positive way.

    I was picking up a small bouquet of flowers at the supermarket last year at about 9am. As I walked to the store entrance a gent about 90-100 came out slowly. He was in sports coat and tie and carrying a small bouquet of flowers. I wondered if he was heading for some happy or sad moments. A birthday or anniversary I wished.

  • They do both look GREAT! We could only be so lucky. Thanks for sharing an incredible family milestone.

  • Absolutely wonderful–happy birthday to both of them! My granny turns 99 this summer and I feel absolutely the same way. They’ve seen so much and experienced so much—so much to share with all of us. They look amazing at their age and I hope for many more healthy birthdays ahead for them and years for all of you to enjoy! :-)

  • Wow! A very happy Birthday to them both. They look fantastic. I wouldn’t have pegged them as any older than in their 80′s. What is their secret?

  • Tree

    Wow, Happy Birthday! I would have placed him at 70 or 80 too! How wonderful that he has had such experiences.

    One thing someone did with my Nana that I thought was lovely and interesting and wonderful was to sit down and have a deep conversation about her life and adventures and taped it all on cassette!!! (talking about changes in technology!!!) it is a great record of her life and when I feel like asking her what she did (like using bi carb etc) she can still answer :)

    Her life was amazing and we have a record in her own voice of some of those tales that we can share with her great grandchildren and their children in turn!

  • Rob

    Happy Birthday, Melinda’s Grandpa!

  • Lemongrass

    Happy Birthday To Melinda’s Grandpapa and his wife. They both look much youger that 99. Melinda, enjoy them to the fullest. Thanks for inviting us to the party.

  • Kate M-C


    Thank you for sharing this. Grandparents are the most special people in the universe.

  • Wow! 99, the guy looks like he’s in his early 70′s! Cheers to a long life eh’~

  • I loved these pictures and the story that went with them :). I hope I’m that active and alert in 45 more years!

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