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Washington for Haiti Event - January 28th, 2010


I promised Rob and a few other local Seattleites that I would let you know when we’re having microfinance events.  I had no idea it would be so soon!

My company, Re-Vision Labs, is partnering with Seattle Greendrinks, SeaMo, and Global Washington to co-host “Washington for Haiti” in recognition of the urgent need for support.

Join Us

When: Thursday, 28 January 2010, 6pm-9pm

Where: Pike Brewery, 1415 First Ave Seattle WA

What: A Benefit to support the work of one of Haiti’s most well-established economic development organizations, as they play a key role in emergency relief and long term reconstruction efforts.

Who: Hear from speakers representing Fonkoze and other organizations working on the ground in Haiti, as well as live music from Sunday Evening Whiskey Club.

Cost: $20 suggested donation at the door, with all proceeds going directly to Fonkoze.

Learn More

  • Learn more about the event in the blog post I wrote here.
  • Learn more about microfinance in the blog post I wrote recently here.
  • Learn more about what you can do for the people of Haiti here.

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1 comment to Washington for Haiti Event – January 28th, 2010

  • Dr. Sophia Hudson

    Enough Is Enough.

    Ok, the United States has raised over 528 Million (Headline) “Help Haiti Exceed $528-Million, Chronicle Tally in Philly. “ Now we did more than any other country and it is time to collaborate right in the United States and help clean up our own backyard.
    There is a Reverend, named Trey Noran in the Denver area that has a desire to open two homeless hotels, his web site I read and heard of this man from face book and just last evening on WCAN Radio. My suggestion is that George Clooney followers and other Stars assist Reverend Noran right here in this country.

    Dr. Sophia Hudson

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