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Challenge Yourself To Accomplish Your Dreams

Accomplish Your Dreams Challenge

I thought about that title for quite a while, as I thought it might sound a little cheesy to some.  But then, I thought, why is that?  Why does working toward our dreams sound cheesy?

So I am owning my dreams.  And now I am going to live them.

How About You?

You made goals or resolutions for 2010.  You have life-long goals, ambitions, hopes, dreams… So DO IT.

We’re not getting any younger.  We’re full of excuses.  We never make time for the most important goals of our lives.  So now we will.

Join me.  Work hard to Accomplish Your Dreams.  This year, in 2010, I challenge you to set out to accomplish the dreams you have within you.

You don’t have to finish in 2010, but you have to take good, strong strides toward it.  Fair enough?

Sign Up

All you have to do is leave your name in the comments of this post.  And if you care to share, please also write what you are setting out to accomplish.  I think it will be really fun to see what each of us is going to accomplish.  Inspiring, I am sure.


If you have a blog, or a refrigerator, grab one of these doodads and put it somewhere where it will remind you to keep working toward your goals.  If you click on any of these, it will take you to a larger version.  So pick the one that will get you pumped, keep you reflective, or be the bee in your bonnet – whatever you need to get you going!!

Accomplish Your Dreams Challenge Accomplish Your Dreams Accomplish Your Dreams

Who Is Accomplishing Their Dreams This Year?

  1. Vanessa (Retro Age Vintage Fabrics)
  2. Tree (Frugal is Green A Journey)
  3. Melanie J. (Embers Lighthouse)
  4. Kasi S. (Raw Growth)
  5. Sheryl Gallant (Providence Acres Farm)
  6. Red Icculus (
  7. Ashley (Our Little Apartment)
  8. Amy (Ribbons and Twigs)
  9. Ayse
  10. Alice from Dallas
  11. Rebekah (101 in 1001 Days)
  12. EnviroKat (101 Things in 1001 Days)

Still thinking about it…

  • Belinda – Please feel free to encourage! :)

Please sign up in the comments section below!

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27 comments to Challenge Yourself To Accomplish Your Dreams

  • Oh – I love this idea! I am working towards so much at the moment – decluttering my environment and my life and becoming the person I know I can be. I hope I can work out how to put your doodad on my blog – thank you for the challenge – I am completely up for it!

  • I have a blog, but I don’t know how to add a button.
    Anyway my dream is financial freedom. To that end my goal is to Buy Nothing New For An Entire Year, and to reduce my debt in the process.
    I have lots of goals all toward sustainability, but this is my major one and the one I am posting here.

  • I’m in. I’ve talked for years of moving to the Carolinas, but this year I’m determined to make it happen (looking at Charlotte). It means simplifying our lives, a significant purging of our belongings, job and home hunting, and learning to save money. I want so much to live simpler. Tall order, but I think we’re finally ready; thanks for the nudge forward.

  • Kasi S.

    I’m in. I will have to get back to you on my goals, though, as I’m not sure exactly how to put them into writing. But I’m ready!

  • Nice Challenge, I expect I will probably be with you but I still have to really set with my goals a bit longer and make sure they ring true for the next year.

    Will Be Back,

  • This is a good idea. I will have to think about which dreams are actually attainable.

    - Sheryl

  • I am so excited to see you all joining me. Belinda, Kasi, and Sheryl, I look forward to hearing what you decide!

    For me, I will challenge myself to make money by: doing what I love to do and making a substantial impact on the world.

    I’ve done one, I’ve even done two together, but never all 3. This is the year.

  • My goal is twofold-

    1) I want to inspire someone to start their own business.

    2) I want them to be totally self-sufficient without requiring a government handout on the backs of others that actually create wealth in the economy. Too many people steal from other people’s work with subsidies and politically correct handouts.

    I am black and I want someone to earn a loan because they are willing to work hard rather than they deserve a handout because of their skin color. Political correctness is killing racial equality.

  • I am SO in.

    Simplify – declutter, reduce, and have less.

    Work for myself – I own an Etsy business that is a year old and getting off the ground and have some freelance graphic design business – I’d like to increase both of these. A lot.

    Oh, and I’m having my first child this year…so there’s that.

  • Amy

    Alright Melinda, here you go ;)

    This is the year that I take my experience, education, passion, interests and unique skills and roll them into a career that envelopes them all.

    good luck everyone

  • Awesome – Amy, Ashley, and Red Icculus, welcome!!

    Amy, beautiful dream – I’m so glad you’re working to accomplish it this year!

    Ashley, it sounds like it will be a busy but very productive year for you.

    Red Icculus, I love that one of your goals is to help someone else – really wonderful!

  • Ayse

    :) I’m in!!
    Applying to that university this time, if it doesn’t work out at least a job that makes me happy, maybe a volunteer one :)
    less clutter, less cruelty, more yoga and more patience :)

    with love and peace..

  • Alice from Dallas

    I just stumbled upon your website today for the first time. It’s great! Thank you! Some of the goals I am working toward are: investing in real estate, improving my health in various ways, being more frugal so I can be debt-free and add on to my house, and encouraging my four children to accomplish their dreams for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • I’m all for that! Even working on a website to help keep track of accomplishing my dreams. But in a nutshell it’s getting a job, getting healthy and staying happy.

  • My goal is a little on the vague side, but that’s because it’s big.
    I intend to reclaim my life, my health, my home, and my power.
    Too long I’ve left all of the blame – and the credit – for my poor health (genetics!), my clutter (not enough time!), etc., on others, or the world in general.
    I intend to reclaim my power over my health, my emotions, my environment, and my relationships. Anything that does not serve greater goals needs to be cut away. I have too much stuff, too much to do, an not enough time (or space, really). It’s time for big change. For me, it has already begun – with my health.

  • I am writing a post about this challenge at the end of each month – I have succeeded in many ways this past month and I am still very motivated to continue on my 2010 pathway! Thank you, Melinda :)

  • This is just what I need some extra motivation to keep me achieving my goals :)

  • What a great challenge. Hope you don’t mind that I’m joining a little late! I’m working on two sets of goals: one of those 101 in 1001 days lists and a list of priorities and core values. This is all part of my Giant Goal, which is: getting my life back on track after getting totally off-track because of work-related stress and health issues.

  • This is exactly what I thought about today. My goal will be to find out what my dreams are…oO
    But for 2010 I have four major things that I wanna acomplish:
    1.Get my bike license
    2.Pass my Cambridge Profisciency Exam
    3.Do a further education in nature paedagogics
    4.A very secret, creative project. ;o)

    I am keeping track of all these on my blog The Shiny Bubble.

  • I´ve decided to do what brings me joy! That is ceramics and Rei-ki. Thank you for your positive blog!

  • To put things in writing on a public page, somehow feels as though it will help me to convert my “whining and wishing” into commited goals and actions . . . this is wonderful – thank you! I just stumbled on this website tonight and can’t seen to leave it!
    I will express more gratitude to everyone I meet, even if it’s just in a very small way, or when it seems very hard.
    I will allow myself to express more joy, love and appreciation and not be concerned over whether it’s “appropriate” or “too much”. I believe we all need more of those qualities in our lives, especially these days!
    I’m an introvert – but: I will quit being afraid to speak up and say what I feel needs to be said, asking the extroverts to please hear me out rather than talking over top of me (don’t mean to offend any extroverts here – this is MY problem!)
    I will drink my lavender/chamomile/lemongrass tea in the evening, drink much less caffeine in the day, and remind myself that loosing sleep at night only makes me achy and cranky the next day – it doesn’t solve the problems.
    All of those I’ve been working on and I know I can do.
    The hardest goal for me is to not be SUCH a perfectionist, to let go of the little things (firstly recognizing that they are little things) and value what I do, as it is, without critiquing it relentlessly.
    The other hardest goal is to be more self-promoting with my home-based soap business. Ties in to the introvert issues! Become more self-promoting, sell more product, and accomplish my biggest goal which is to cut back on time spent at my day job, and spend more time at home making my soaps, my passion.
    Wow – this is really long … prefect timing though – thank you for giving everyone this opportunity to share and strengthen each other!

  • dancingfatcat

    Ok, I’m in! It’s been a very long time since I’ve been to this site and I sure have missed it.
    Dreams?? Oh my, I don’t know if there is enough space to write ALL of my dream down. Seems that everything I do is, 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. So with that said, for now I am focusing on family, health and simplicity! I WILL be adding more at a later date. Trust me, there are plenty more things to work on, just need to prioritize and not have too many balls in the air at once :)

  • Tiphanie Jones

    I’m going to let go of fear and take more chances. I have so many things I intend to accomplish, however fear holds me still. No More!!!! I am moving forward

  • Noel

    My goal is to leave NYC after culinary school and start my own compound butter company… I’m praying for guidance everyday!!! If things don’t change how can they ever get better?


  • Sarah

    A death in the family convinced me I need to do my dreams right away and not wait. But it’s hard to change my behavior, and I have so many dreams that it’s difficult to choose one at a time. I want to cook at home much more, ride my bike more, save $ and lose weight. I want to find my Mr. Right, and I want to keep in a good mood. Lately I have been very happy with my life and I want to keep it that way!

  • Hi, I know I am way too late to sign up for this, but I thought if I could write my goal down somewehere I mght actually start working towards it. I am a working mom. I love o craft and all things creative and believe that, given the chance, would be able to make a sufficient income frm a craft to be able to give up my job. Most of my time is taken up doing a job that I have no liking for. I also want to be a stay at home mom for my 2 year old son, who only yesterday told me, he feels lonely when I am away- it broke my heart.
    I feel I might b able to take up soap making as a small income generator. I have not tried it yet but have collected some info regarding this. By the end of this year, 2011,
    I mean to have made my first batch of home made soap.
    come up with a plan to build a small business on that.
    I also want to give home made soap and home made wine as Christmas gifts this year rather than buying expensive gifts from shops.
    Thank you for this opprtunity!

  • lahabtimanal

    hello all , u said accomplishing dreams for 2010 but here we are in 2013 i’m with a dream , i wanna gain some weight since i am skinny, i need to gain 14lbs , and i also must join medical school caz it’s my dream .. i really want a good and decent bf , caz all my relationships were such a failures ,that’s it .. :)

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