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What Is Your New Year's Resolution?

Happy New Year!!

I hope your long weekend was absolutely fabulous.  This year Matt and I did things a little differently, and we celebrated at home, bringing in the New Year together, deliberately and retrospectively.  Oh sure, we did walk down to the rooftop deck and watched the fireworks over the Space Needle with a group of neighbors as the clock struck midnight.  But then we came back home, and celebrated quietly and honestly.

And I must say I really do feel renewed and ready to move forward in 2010!

So whether you formally make a resolution, or you have resolved to do things a little differently in 2010, please share your new goals!  Let’s all help one another to reach those new goals in the coming months.

My Goals…

1. I have struggled to keep our community strong through 2009, as I moved and reoriented my life to a new city and new career.  But I love this community, and I believe we are creating a much-needed resource in the world:  a community where people can learn how to change their lifestyles, and find support through those changes.

So my goal this year is to bring One Green Generation to a whole lot more people!!! OH YEAH!! And you can help me by spreading the word, becoming a Facebook fan, leaving comments, asking questions, and in general visiting regularly.  Here’s what I will do:

    • Write more about my daily lifestyle changes.  It is clear from the comments and emails I receive that you all are looking for more about how to make those little but oh so important changes in your lives.  So in addition to working together to change via some key Challenges, my goal is to write more about the daily struggles and solutions I come upon.
    • I know I’ve been absent from the comments, and haven’t had the time to engage as much lately.  My goal is to work those interactions into my daily schedule so that this becomes a more interactive site again.

2. I started my own business a little over a year ago, in the bottom of the worst recession in my lifetime.  It has survived, and I love the work we are doing.  But it has been a struggle financially.  My goal is to make a good living doing what I love this year. What do I love?  Telling stories that change the world.

3. My third goal is to do whatever it takes to accomplish #1 and #2 together. They are both meaningful, important aspects of my life, and there are some things I can do to make them work better together without my sacrificing my amazing life with my family and friends.  So I will start to enact those this week.

THIS IS GOING TO BE AN AMAZING YEAR!!  I’m looking forward to it.  Are you??!

What Are Your Goals For 2010?

Please share your resolutions!!

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12 comments to What Is Your New Year’s Resolution?

  • I’d like to add another 50 square feet of garden space somewhere.

    I’d also like to finish writing my novel.

  • Buy Nothing New for 1 Whole Year!
    Significantly Reduce My Consumer Debt!
    Work Toward Doing What I Love to Do, Not What Pays the Bills!

  • I’ve posted my ‘wishes’ on my weblog. Simple, but very important to me. I am not going to call them resolutions or goals..just wishes and work to make my wishes come true…positively and enthusiastically.

    I love your site and would like to promote my own as well. It is family oriented…it will have essays I’ve written in years gone by, recipes, new baking ‘from scratch’ techniques and methods, photos to accompany the good and bad recipes so we can all learn from my successes and mistakes! : ) As for buying sustainable products (those grown locally and whopping at family owned businesses, that’s another effort I will make. I have a vintage collectibles shop, I’ve been online for over 5 years. It’s a great way to re-new precious piece of the past so they may continue to be appreciated in the present…a form of going green for sure wouldn’t you say?

    My New Year wishes are posted on
    Please follow along, I’d love to hear from you and your readers.

    I adore you site and look forward to proficiently going thru it’s content. I posted on your 10,000 steps challenge last nite. It seems it has been awhile since anyone has been there. I’ll bet with the New Year youll suddenly see a boost in visiotrs and those willing to commit. : ))) I am going to promote it on my facebook, twitter and blog.

    Nice metting you, virtually that is,
    God Bless

  • I do a focus word rather than specific resolutions. This year I chose resilience so I will be looking at this in all aspects of my life.

    Kind Regards

  • Rob

    I don’t make resolutions, I make goals. I didn’t get much done last year. This year My Goal list includes

    Replacing the exterior doors in the Laundry Room and My Bedroom. I want to put a door like the one I have in the hallway, with a window to provide light and air in the laundry room, and I would like to put a french door or a full plate glass door in the bedroom for light!, I also want to install a shower in my Bedroom Bath (right now it is a Powder room), And a few changes to the garage to make it work as my studio for my junk art projects. In addition to these goals from last year, I plan on planting Amaranth (wonder were that idea came from) Chamomile and Lamb’s Quarters- I know Lambs quarters are weeds here, but I can’t positively identify them, so instead of poisoning myself, I will grow from seed. Better safe than sorry! I also would like to find more info on foraging. I would starve with what I know right now, or get awful tired of living on Dandelions and Blackberries!

  • ok folks, I have to say I want to add all of your ideas to my wish list for 2010, although Rob I’ll downsize yours to ‘finishing my room’ so it isn’t the catch-all for the families stuff! Otherwise known as time to de-clutter I guess.

    And simply.belinda A FOCUS WORD …I adore that. The word my family (kids and I have) been focusing on for a few years now is BELIEVE (in yourself, in your faith, you can overcome insecurities, you can do anything you set your mind to….BELIEVE, just BELIEVE.

    And I know my 2010 word already COMPLETE. I wish to COMPLETE projects I’ve been dreaming of, COMPLETE tasks I’ve been avoiding, make my family life feel more COMPLETE by following thru on my 2010 Wish List. So there you have it.

    COMPLETE For 2010, Thanks Belinda.

    OK Tree, I’m with you too. I have NO DESIRE to buy anything new for myself. I like to buy vintage, don’t need clothes, you can always find a way to accessorize an outfit differently with a scarf, brooch, etc. And I will reuse pieces from around the house for a new purpose (teapot with no lid..a planter, etc.)Also with one in college and one in private school I am so with you in minimizing debt if at all possible as the tuition bills come in. I’m investing in our future though so it is worth it!

    Kory great idea, my space is limited, though in 2009 I did increase the size of my small plot to …don’t laugh…15′ x 20′ and grew lettuces and more herbs last year. But I am going to set up my rain barrel and commit to composting.

    ISN’T THIS FUN!!!!!

    And Melinda, THANK YOU ~ For bringing us and all of our ideas together. I will do my part in assiting you with spreading the word about One Green Generation. I’ll post it on my FB, Twitter, blogs and shop.

    Please All, follow my blog too. It’s nearly as exclusive as this one… but very similar in philiosphy, smaller scale just starting out.

    Trying a new recipe must get back to kitchen…Irish Vegetable Soup like I”ve had in Ireland…though I’m trying to make it from several recipes I have been given and make it taste the way I remember. I’ll keep you posted.

    ‘nite all

  • sounds wonderful! well, you’ve reached me + i’ll have to add you to my sidebar.

  • I’ve chosen a word for the year too. It’s direction. I really want to think about what direction (or directions) I’m moving in and whether they feel right. What are the consequences or results of my actions? I also have a project list. The big one is to clean out my cluttered spaces (the shed and my studio/other bedroom/storage room) so that they are more user friendly. Another is to set up a dye garden and to plant more herbs and shrubs.

  • I have posted my “resolutions” on my blog, but my biggest resolution is to eliminate (and no longer purchase) any items in our house that contain MSG, high fructose corn syrup, or any other ingredients I cannot pronounce. We’re taking baby steps, moving toward a healthier, more local diet including working most of our back yard into a vegetable garden.

  • Awesome. These are so fun to read – very inspiring!

    Kory, I had no idea you were writing a novel. Oooh, what is the topic?

    Tree, ambitious goals. I LOVE it.

    cathy, your excitement is catching – !! I appreciate so much your spreading the word about this blog! It sounds like you’re having so much fun with this lifestyle. With your focus word being COMPLETE, it sounds like my latest challenge is perfect for you!

    Rob, I also make goals rather than resolutions. I love how practical yours are! Mmmm amaranth. :) Hmm, I think I would also starve if I were to forage. I suppose I’d add chestnuts, acorns, oregon grapes, …. hmpf, that’s about it.

    Shona, I’m so glad – thank you!

    Deb G, I love that. I think cleaning out cluttered spaces goes hand in hand with deliberate direction…

    Wynter, I am so interested to see where this takes you. High fructose corn syrup seems to be the toughest here – I’ve mostly eliminated these foods, but that one seeps into the weirdest places! These sound like wonderful and significant steps!

  • I don’t know that I have specific goals in mind for this year, but I am hopeful to move toward getting my husband and I into a better financial situation before he gets out of the Army and returns to school. Getting a full time job on our Army post has been difficult, but in the last few months I’ve started subbing and tomorrow I start a new on-call position. I am hopeful that this new position will lead into a full time job. Within the next 12-15 months, regardless of a full time or 2 on-call jobs, my husband and I need to pay off several debts and we’d like to buy and pay-off a second used vehicle too. Even while being unemployed we have been able to make some strides forward, but I know that we’d both like to be in a better situation when we return to our home state.

    On my blog I also have a list of life time goals….2-3 of which have been achieved in the last 2-3 years. Yesterday, even before reading this, I was looking at that list and wondering if this year I might move toward obtaining one of those other goals. While it may not be obtainable directly in 2010…I’m sure there are steps I could take toward one of them.

    Thanks for sparking the thoughts about all of this! Hope you are well!

  • Susy Ting

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