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Welcome to the New Year and the New One Green Generation!

Hello and Happy New Year to all tenured and new readers!  Welcome!

I’ve spent many hours updating the back end of the blog so that it has the latest software, plugins, etc.  I’ve been able to fix some quirks that were irking me for a long time.  And thanks to those of you who offered your input – I hope I’ve addressed all of your concerns.

Tell Me What You Think!

Ok, quick poll:  please tell me what you think of the design and the new features listed below.

New Features

There are a few new features that you’ll discover here.

  1. “Question? Just Ask!” In the sidebar you’ll see a section for asking questions.  I often receive emails from people asking how to do this or that, or what product I use for so and so.  I love these emails, and want to make your questions more a part of the site.  So if you have a question about something I haven’t answered in the Archives, please ask them here!  I will either try to answer them in a post or I will ask them of our community.
  2. Rate This Post. Maybe you just want to say you like a post, but don’t have time to write a comment.  Now you can give it 5 stars to let me know you liked it!  That will help me considerably to know which posts are hitting home for you all, and which ones don’t help as much.  It will also help other readers find the posts that you all like most.  Please rate posts often!!  I will start using this to cater my writing to what you all respond to most – it will help me become a better writer.
  3. “Lifestyle Changes” Page. This new page (in the navigation at the top of every page here) will include many posts about how to make simple changes in your home, as well as bridging those changes into the rest of your life – including work, commute, recreation, and long-term choices.  It’s almost complete, and will be up shortly.
  4. Donate Button. I have realized over the years that a lot of readers think I make money writing here.  I don’t.  I turn down the many offers I receive to put ads on the site.  I write without pay, for the good of the world and for the good of all of us.  In fact, I pay to write!  I pay for the website hosting, domain, etc.  It works out to about $100/month.  As I’m also running a startup and Matt is in school, it’s actually a lot of money for us at the moment.  So I have put a donate button in the sidebar.  If you feel you have the money to help, and you feel this website is helping you in some way, please donate any amount here.  However, if you are in a similar situation to us where you don’t have money to help, please don’t worry about it and continue to add value in your comments, post ratings, and lifestyle changes!

New Quirks

Unfortunately, everything new has it’s own set of quirks.  There aren’t many, but there are a few…  Mainly, the new theme has made old posts look a bit wonky.  I will go through the most popular posts and correct them, but considering how many hundreds of pages there are here, I won’t ever have time to do that for all of them.  Apologies.  They’ll remain visually wonky but hopefully still full of good content.

Find a Bug?  Let Me Know!

If there are quirks and irks you discover as you peruse the new site, please let me know.  I’m only one person here, so while I’ve troubleshot and tried my best to fix everything, there are likely a few things I’ve missed, or things that only come up in certain browsers.  Please let me know.  Leave a comment here, or send me an email letting me know.  Please – I’ll be very grateful for your help!

Still Hoping For A Feature That Isn’t Here?

Maybe you were shy and didn’t tell me something you wanted, hoping that I’d fix it on my own.  Or maybe you were out of town and didn’t have the chance to tell me earlier.  Or a month from now, something comes to you that you wish was here.  Don’t be shy – I want to know!  Please leave a comment here, or send me an email.  You can always send me an email.  I won’t guarantee that I’ll be able to add the feature, but I’ll take it into serious consideration.

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8 comments to Welcome to the New Year and the New One Green Generation!

  • Looks better, my dear; gets right down to business.

  • Ooops Risa – I published this by mistake! Come back in a bit, and tell me if you still like it. :)

  • I like the way you have customized the Atahualpa theme. To me this blog would look FAR BETTER using Thesis theme. :D

  • Easy to find the content, seems easy to navigate in. Just a tad busy looking. Is there anyway to put a little space between info in the side bars. A place for the eye to rest a bit?

    As always, I’m so glad that you do this…

  • I’ve been working on my wordpress blog (moving from blogger) for over a year and you’ve inspired me to really get a move on. ;)

    My thoughts on advertising versus a donate button… do you spend money anywhere? Because you sound like a person who is very particular about what businesses she supports. If that’s the case, maybe you could contact just those businesses and promote them here. I know it seems like a conflict of interests (and it is), but I think people trust you enough to know that if you say someplace is a good place to spend money, then they would want to know about it to. That’s just my two cents.

  • Deb G, Thanks so much for saying so. I just looked at the site in my husband’s PC, and the spacing and font sizes are off – I designed it on a Mac. I’ll work on that!

    Shelly, I think you beat me to Thesis.

    Wendy, interesting suggestion. I will give it some thought. Hadn’t thought about it quite that way before. Every ad solicitation I’ve received has felt out of line with my feelings, but interesting idea to pursue them from the few places I shop. Hmmm.

  • Deb G, I’ve done some work on the spacing – can you tell me if it looks better to your eye on your computer? I’d appreciate your letting me know either way! Thank You again. :)

  • I have a Mac, so it’s probably me. :) Don’t different browsers make a difference too? For whatever reason, it does look better. Especially on the top.

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