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Going Tech Free At School – Looking For Ideas!

by noticelj on Flickr

Hi everyone.  Hope you’re having a lovely start of the week, and that my “feeling sluggish” post helped a bit!

I just received an email asking for thoughts about going technology free at school.  I think it’s a FABULOUS idea, and thought you all might have some great suggestions for this young reader:

I am currently trying to organize an technology free day event here on my school, it would be a festival where we have fun with friends and family field day events and reading and storytelling. i was wondering if you had any ideas about games i can play or just ideas in general.

Please don’t be shy – I’m sure everything you suggest will be helpful!!!!

Also, come check out my post at the Co-op:  “Making Sustainable Purchases.”  And my post at The Lab:  “Best Practices in Storytelling:  What is a Story?“  I just redesigned The Lab – come visit - there are loads of good posts there about world-changing things!

Thanks For Sharing!

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8 comments to Going Tech Free At School – Looking For Ideas!

  • When you say technology free you mean no tv, no radio and no video games? But can still use electricity?

    At any rate I say go old school

    Three legged races
    Wheelbarrel Races
    Flour/Potatoe Sack Races

    Story telling in rounds, each person has 5 minutes to add to the story (or the length of an egg timer – sand kind)

    Juggling – get someone to offer juggling lessons

    Card Games – find multiplayer card games (old fashioned Uno, bridge, canasta, etc.)

    Eco Crafting – have people bring crafting materials and then have everyone make a craft using the supplies they are given.

    Eco fashion show. Have everyone bring in some crafting materials (not new) and then have teams shop the materials to make an eco outfit, then model it.

    Have fun!

  • Rebecca

    You can do volleyball, baseball, etc. and maybe do a mini-tournament or something to get maximum participation.

    Everyone will need snacks! Perhaps encourage that local ingredients be used. (Not mandatory or anything, you want this to be fun for all and for people to do what they can. Perhaps just send an email to parents with some local ideas and say that if they choose to go down this road there will be a separate prize for best local dish or something.)

  • Rebecca

    For the storytelling part, see if you can get a local naturalist to come in. We always loved that when we were in school–especially when they brought animals!

  • A big improvement to community-based volleyball, I’ve experienced, is the “three hit/no spike” variant. Testosterone displays are mitigated by the no-spike rule; and a team must touch the ball three times before it goes over the net, or it is a miss, promoting wider participation, relying upon one another, and more regular and benign exercise.

  • As a technology designer, I often have to remind people that a pencil is an example of technology. :) What is your definition of technology? What is the goal of the event? We used to do these all the time; they were just called “field days.” What is the no-tech angle supposed to achieve? You’ll want to be explicit about that, or participants might just have a bunch of fun and miss your point. :)

  • Tech free? Are you kidding me?! Was it really that long ago when we used books, paper, pencils, chaulk, etc.? This will be interesting to follow.

  • A treasure hunt is always fun! Leave clues to lead to hidden treasure.

  • Man, I thought you meant in college. I was going to be really impressed. Writing papers and researching without computers and the Internet? But a family tech free day? Just get some old card and board games out.

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