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I’m Walking More Than I Thought!

10,000 Steps Challenge

I have finally measured my steps to work with a pedometer.  And… who knew?  Looks like I have been walking more steps than I thought:  during my 2.5 mile round-trip daily walks to work, I’ve been walking about 8,000 steps each day!  And that doesn’t include walking around at work and at home, taking Ellis for a walk, or anything else I do.

So, those of you who are walking with me, if you are on the shorter side and take pretty small steps,  your current translation from miles to steps might not be right.  Matt can walk the same distance, but take only about 1/2-2/3 as many steps.  And for the cardiovascular workout, the most important thing is the steps.  If you’re using the Google maps link (thanks, Sadge!), you may not have to walk as far as we originally thought.

I do feel better, because I was having a difficult time adding more to my routine.  So I will continue to do my walks, maybe take the long way home from work, and be happy with my exercise for now.  I’ll wear the pedometer around all day this week just to make sure I’m at 10,000, but I’m pretty confident I’ll get there easily.

A couple of you have asked about what “counts”.  If you feel like gardening, playing sports, or other forms of exercise are getting you to a healthy body and keeping you from polluting the environment, then I have zero problem with it!  The goal of this is to get us to use our own free and environmentally sound form of transportation:  our own two feet.

Here Is Who Has Joined Me On This Challenge:

Please feel free to join anytime – sign up here. Did I miss anyone?

How Are You Doing With Your Walks?

Even if you’re not officially joining the challenge, feel free to write about your walking.  Do you enjoy it?

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6 comments to I’m Walking More Than I Thought!

  • So what you’re saying is ya got short legs? ;-) Me, too. My MIL is the same height as me but her inseam is FIVE INCHES longer than mine!

    I no longer have a step pedometer but I used to use one when training to walk a half-marathon. I discovered I was walking an average of 6 miles per day at work! Unfortunately, this often included the time when I was trying to eat my lunch.

    I don’t walk nearly as much anymore because biking is so much more efficient time-wise and preferable in the summer heat. Maybe when the temperatures drop a bit more, I’ll start walking to the places just a mile from home instead of hopping on the bike. A study I read several years ago in one of the bike mags mentioned that hard-core cyclists can have trouble maintaining bone density due to the lack of weight-bearing exercise. That’s motivation to get my feet on the ground!

  • katecontinued

    I ditched the robotic step counter thanks to your commenter’s wonderful recommendation for the Gmaps pedometer. My average is still only about 6K steps, but I have added an early morning bike ride to my life. My ultimate goal before this year ends is adding a few thousand steps each sunset – to take me to the ocean.

    I am also interested in making steps a regular feature each week. I have several different steep steps in my various walks – plus a very steep hill. Like Chile says, the weight bearing work is good for the bones and pushes me right up to the edge.

  • It’s funny, for me walking seems more soothing than bicycling and more free. Maybe because there are places a bike can’t go? Maybe because I’m still not as comfortable on a bike?

    I’ve been trying to lengthen the distance I can go under human power by biking, haven’t had much success. I keep falling back on a combination of walking and the bus.

  • Emilio

    I love this! I did a workshop last month just on walking at an intention re-retreat. I had them focus on various aspects of their body or various ways of controlling their body. Was such a great experience!!

    I did some quick calculations and over the course of my academic career (8 years) I’ve walked ~ 12 K km just getting to and from school! That doesn’t count daily activities or my running schedule! I love running and wish I could get everyone walking with me everyday.

    Thanks so much for this!

    A great resource can be found here:

  • Yes, Chile, I have short legs alright? Or maybe everyone else has long legs. ; ) And I’ve heard that, too, about swimmers. Interesting.

    Katecontinued, sounds like a wonderful metaphor, too – taking steps… adding until you reach the ocean – love it!

    Deb G, me too – I used to bike everywhere, but now I am MUCH happier walking. I think part of it is convenience: when I bike I sweat and have to take a shower, but walking I can wear my work clothes. Part of it is also safety – I feel safer walking than biking downtown. And part of it is being more a part of my surroundings. I can smile at others, notice tiny daily changes, and experience life more.

    Emilio, thank you for the link. I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog – please return and comment! I have a friend who incorporates walking into a class she does which also focuses on intention. Walking and taking deliberate steps, being unafraid to take a turn when it feels right. …

  • All right — looks like I’m signed up. I did awfully this summer, having a period of two or three weeks where I simply couldn’t breathe (asthma) and didn’t go really anywhere. And after that I had too many books from the library to go there. So I couldn’t do this.

    But now I’m back at school and walking everywhere, though “everywhere” is relative. Mostly campus. ;) I’m actually going to start biking around places too, because I feel bad about having my bike and not using it… And I found out that it’s fun, if I’m in residential areas! And faster.

    I’ve started taking the bus a mile to the big-box store avenue and then walking the half mile or so to Target from there, since I hate waiting 15 minutes for the bus when I can walk there in the same time. (Yeah, I’m not supposed to shop from Target… I do what I can.) Plus it’s a good way to calm down from a frustratingly long day of education, walking a bit. Wish I had more time for it…

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