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Garden Update: Mid-Harvest Tour!

My mom has done an amazing job of keeping up the garden we planted.  It has been a long time since I gave you a tour!  I encourage you to look back at the initial garden tour for a comparison between then and now…


Side Garden

Side Garden:  tomatoes, currants, peppers, grapes, echinacea and other flowers, and sweet potatoes vining from the deck


Side Garden

Side Garden:  Tomatoes, tomatillos, and currants


Side Garden

Side Garden:  Strawberries and tea (camellia sinensis)


Main Backyard Garden From Above

Main Backyard Garden:  From Above


Main Backyard Garden

Main Backyard Garden:  Deep within – apple tree, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, peppers, artichokes, flowers


Sea of Potatoes

Sea of Potatoes – several types



Squash:  white pattypan, tromboncino, and acorn





Sea of Garbanzos

Sea of Garbanzos (Aren’t they beautiful?)


Close-up of Garbanzos

Close-up of a garbanzo bean


Sweetpotato Vines

Sweetpotato Vines (Anyone know how to harvest them?)


And in case you’re curious, here is a sample daily harvest…


Late August Daily Harvest

Late August Daily Harvest:  Lemon cucumbers, tromboncino squash, green zebra tomatoes, cherry tomatoes (white, orange, and black), san marzano and japanese black trifele tomatoes, white pattypan squash, broccoli di chico, collards, rainbow chard, green pepper, purple podded beans, and pasilla peppers.


Not bad, eh?

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9 comments to Garden Update: Mid-Harvest Tour!

  • Garden looks great!

    The sweet potatoes are dug up just like other potatoes. I harvested mine in late September/October last year.

    I love tromboncino squash, only was able to get it to grow well one year. I need to try again.

  • VERY impressive!!! And thanks Deb for the sweet potato response…I was also wondering about that :)

  • Very cool! I’d be thrilled to have that daily harvest! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a garbanzo bean, that was really neat and the foliage is very pretty.

  • Wow that looks amazing – something for me to aim at

  • Wow, that looks so lush. Nice looking harvest, too. Had no idea that’s what garbanzo plants looked like – thanks for sharing!

  • Deb, I’m so glad you chimed in – was hoping you would! Ok, so dig them up like potatoes… and how do you save the slips? If I remember right, you saved yours from last year – did you just plunk it in some water, or in soil… and did it work? So many questions!

    And I know, all, the garbanzos are totally intriguing. Love them. Haven’t eaten one yet, but I love the way they look! I’ll let you know how they taste…

  • I did try saving slips. I cut them when I harvested the potatoes and just plunked them in water. They rooted beautifully, but I lost them ’cause I got distracted and didn’t refill the water when it dried out during the cold weather and I had the heat up to keep pipes from freezing. I’m going to try again next year (didn’t grow any this year) and after they root I’ll try planting them and growing it like a houseplant for the winter. I think I’m going to have to try garbanzos next year too.

  • “Not bad, eh?”

    Not bad. ;)

    Terrific use of the space.

  • T

    Do you have animals that eat your fruits/veggies? I grew strawberries this summer on my deck. An animal got at them (probably a squirrel) so I ended up putting them on sawhorses in the middle of my deck. (I put a tarp over the sawhorses so nothing can climb up.)

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